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Why English

  1. 1. Read Why English?!
  2. 2. Why English ?! If you know English well, an incredible amount of resources becomes accessible: books, courses, videos and of course, a great part of the Internet. Most of the blogs and websites are in English (second place is Chinese). 1. You can get more knowledge. Knowledge ?!
  3. 3. Knowledge is Power
  4. 4. Why English ?! 2. You may get a better job if you know English. Many positions require dealing with clients, service providers or colleagues from other countries. In those cases, your knowledge of English is a critical advantage. It can help you advance further in your career. Job ?!
  5. 5. Do you agree?
  6. 6. As a job workerseeker; It doesn’t matter the speed you go the most important thing is to Never Stop.
  7. 7. Why English ?! 3. You are able to manage better abroad. You can speak with confidence and get your message across clearly, instead of hesitating and stammering. Even in non English speaking countries, it can be very helpful for a tourist to know English. Abroad ?!
  8. 8. If you’re going to travel abroad, Which Country would you choose to be your destination & Why ?!
  9. 9. Why English ?! 4. You can meet many new people from around the world. You can do that while you travel to a different country or even from home using the Internet ! -------------- Culture & Communication ?!
  10. 10. Technology Talks Exchange your e-mails with your class-mates, Do you mind !
  11. 11. Why English ?! 5. You can enjoy English art in its original form. You can watch movies, read books and listen to music in its original and un-translated form, which is in most cases more authentic. And songs tend to be better when you can truly understand them. Art ?!
  12. 12. In your opinion, How can music change people?
  13. 13. But why learn English rather than another language? Well, it's a GLOBAL LANGUAGE. As an example, a German person and a Mexican person can communicate using English. They usually wouldn't communicate using Bulgarian. Global ?!
  14. 14. Task No.1 A. Why do you think English language is important? (Read the notes) B. Speaking about yourself, how far English would be beneficial for your career & your future? (Speaking) C. Write a paragraph of not less than 10 sentences entitled “The Importance of English”. (writing)
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