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  • 1. My target audience
  • 2. My chosen genre if a Psychological thriller, which is a sub-genre of thriller films.The Psychological side of Psychological thrillers usually revolve around conflicts of themind, making the enemy of the film something personal to the protagonist whether ornot it is their own mind or they are constantly questioning their own mind.Thrillers are usually plot driven, to build suspense and increase the speed of the film.There are usually twists and turns throughout it.For my research work on thriller or further research on psychological thrillers in particular
  • 3. Looking at the codes and convetions of Psychological thrillers (here), I can try topinpoint what my target audience would be.Because Psychological thrillers are usually conflicts of the mind, this attracts femaleaudiences a little more than male audiences, simple because they are more emotionalstruggles than physical, action struggles (eg. Black Swan (2010), Psycho (1960), JohnCarpenters The Ward (2010)). However male audiences are still attracted toPsychological Thrillers and not all of the protagonists are female (eg. Shutter Island(2010), Phone Booth (2002), Donnie Darko (2001)), so I will not rule out maleaudiences. Percentage wise, my audience gender will be 60% Female 40% Male. My gender target audience Female Male
  • 4. On the other hand, Psychological thrillers usually require audiences having to followthe story closely and work out plot twists and events that have happened or are goingto happen, therefore the age of the target audience should be around 16-18+. Thereisnt a limit on age for Psychological thrillers, as a lot of adults between the ages of 50-80 watch Psychological thrillers, however most ages for psychological thrillers are 16-50.Location isnt a big deal with psychological thrillers, as the mind is seen as a globalconflict, so my target audience is from all over the world.
  • 5. My target audienceMy main target audience is:Female and MalesAged between 16-50 (a big gap)No specific location