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  • 1. Seitan That! By Naomi Madiou
  • 2. What is Seitan That? Seitan That! is an app created for college students who are Vegans and have a struggle finding options they can eat The goal for this app is to show that the Vegan lifestyle can be fun and easy for the busy college student running off to class. Naomi Madiou Seitan • Mission Statement: o Being Vegan is Awesome!! Enjoy the wonderful options this App has to offer, making your busy schedule open to delicious recipes, inexpensive restaurants and new flavors to enjoy in your kitchen. o Disclaimer: Being Vegan does not provide you with super powers. Please refrain from trying to make people levate and knocking out people’s highlights. Use your Vegan Powers Wisely 2/03/2014
  • 3. Seitan That History What is with the name? • We chose to call it Seitan That! Because Seitan is a product used among many Vegans and it’s delicious! Because it is delicious, students will wonder and want to see what the app is about. Naomi Madiou Seitan Definition • Seitan is flavored wheat gluten used as a substitute for meat. 2/03/2014
  • 4. Why Seitan That? Being a Vegan can be difficult when going out to eat with friends or making recipes at home. I see it with my own cousins when they go out to dinner and there is nothing on the menu for them to eat and hear it when they can not find a simple recipe to make on the go with their busy class schedules. This app can help them plan ahead and figure out new recipes for the future. What is a Vegan? Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 5. Taking a Closer Look Seitan That is an app that focuses on helping the busy college student that decided to take on the lifestyle of being Vegan. The app host features that will help the student find places on the go, recipes that are easy to make and places to shop for those hard to find items that come with the Vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Lifestyle Documentary Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 6. Lets start! • You can find the App in the App Store or in Google Play • The app will show up on your home screen once you have downloaded it. • It is a free app! We decided to make the app free because the college budget for students is mainly geared towards buying supplies for school and books which can be expensive. Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 7. Features Links to stores in the area to help find products Can compare prices Coupons New products on the market Restaurants in the area Plug in recipes to convert into a vegan recipes Recipe of the day Randomize Shake What’s for Lunch today? Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 8. Features Finding a restaurant is easy!. After the home screen go to search and type in restaurants. The search engine will find the most local restaurants and the rating for it. It also leads you to Vegan Resource which can also help you find other options for restaurants. Vegan Resource Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 9. Features • Another Feature is the Recipes. When using this part of the App, you can search for recipes, type in a recipe to convert into a Vegan recipe or save the recipes you have found on your favorites . Most of the recipes come from Vegan Web. Vegan Web Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 10. Software • Seitan That! is available for the IPad, IPhone 5, 5S and 5C and Androids. • You need 2.2 MB of memory to store Seitan That! on your device. Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 11. Goals/ Area of Focus Goals Focus 120 100 80 2014 60 2016 40 2018 20 0 • We hope to focus on spreading this app across as many college campuses as possible. • In the future, we hope to customize the app to each campus’s needs. USA Europe Asia Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014
  • 12. Works Cited • thuser=0&ei=2LD5UsydEdKz0QHjmIGAAQ&ved=0CA QQqi4oAg • • Naomi Madiou Seitan 2/03/2014