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Penguin power point for school or work
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Penguin power point for school or work


originaly made by @KaneBrooker

originaly made by @KaneBrooker

Published in Design , Technology
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  • 1. By. Raatma, Lucia
  • 2. Penguins Found: Southern Hemisphere Size: 40cm to 110 cm Species: 17 Status: 13 Not endangered 2 endangered 2 vulnerable Diet: Krill, Squid, Fish Penguins are a species of birds that lay eggs. They are warm blooded, at temperatures of around 40°. Unlike other birds, penguins cannot fly. They are thought to of evolved 40 million years ago. The outer part of the penguin’s feather is waterproof, to keep water away from the skin. The average penguin lives for 15-20 years, with a high mortality rate. Some penguins can live 75% of their live in the water. Many penguins can reach speeds of up to 10mph.
  • 3. The Species of Penguin Adelie Penguin African Penguin Blue Penguin Chinstrap Penguin Emperor Penguin Erect Crested Penguin Fiordland Penguin Galapagos Penguin Gentoo Penguin Humboldt Penguin King Penguin Macaroni Penguin Magellanic Penguin Rockhopper Penguin Royal Penguin Snares Penguin Yellow-Eyed Penguin
  • 4. Where Are They Found? Galapagos Penguin: Only penguins north of the equator
  • 5. Species Galapagos: • Found only on Galapagos Islands • 3rd smallest species • Status: ENDANGERED Emperor: • Trek 30-80 miles to breed in groups • 3rd smallest species • Status: LEAST CONCERN Humboldt: • Found in Peru and Chile • Named after water it swims in • Status: VULNERABLE
  • 6. Species Rockhopper: • 99% breed on Gough Island and Tristan da Cunha • Oil spill in March 2011 wiped out mass • Status: ENDANGERED Blue: • Found in Australia and New Zealand, maybe Chile • Smallest species, 30-33cm tall • Status: LEAST CONCERN Macaroni: • Adults weight on average 5.5kg and stand at 70cm • Hunted greatly by Leopard Seal • Status: VULNERABLE
  • 7. Penguin Hoax Florida 1940 Several people reported large, 3 toed animal tracks in Clearwater Beach, Florida. More found along Suwannee River – 40 miles away. Couple reported being harasses by penguin like creature from the sea. Later sighted at distance, described 4.5m tall, alligator like feet. At same time, boat off Florida Gulf Coast reported penguin like creature floating on water. Later seen on airplane over Suwannee River. Sighter, a zoologist, said creature was giant penguin out of normal habitat.
  • 8. Penguin Hoax This is in fact ‘Florida Three- Toes’. It is held by owner Ivan T. Sanderson in 1948.