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Idma nivea india

  1. 1. NIVEA INDIA100 Years of Skin Care for Life
  2. 2. CHALLANGESNIVEAImagery of cold cream: NIVEA is synonymous to blue cold cream tinAwareness : Create awareness about the different products in the portfolio tothe TGShift: A shift from beauty care product to skin careExpertise: NIVEA 100 years of skin care expertiseAppeal: Since NIVEA has been around for a long time, people remember theirmothers using it & introducing it to us. We need to make sure that NIVEAremains popular among the youth.
  3. 3. STRATEGYNIVEA SMO Presence: NIVEA to showcase its presence on Connect to users not only on social platforms like Facebook ground but online as well & Twitter Position the brand as a Skin Spread awareness about its Care Expert rich 100 year old history Connect to the Young TG as well
  4. 4. We created a tab to give our fans a glimpse of NIVEA’s rich 100YRS OF HISTORY.
  5. 5. FACEBOOK ’POSTS’Posts about NIVEA’s 100 years rich history, skin care tips, brandactivities etc were share with the fans
  6. 6. FACEBOOK’CONTEST’ Contest on Facebook aimed at young women Members submitted their story where a moment of touch evoked strong emotions Friends from Facebook were invited to vote for their entries Participant with the highest votes wins a trip to see Rihanna live.
  7. 7. CONTEST ANALYSIS‘MY SKIN MOMENT CONTEST’’ The contest drew large participation & engaged an audience of 5000+ users Week 1 - 25 400+ votes Week 2 - 26 650+ votes 700+ votes Week 3 – 23 Week 4 - 25 600+ votes 600+ votes Week 5 - 20 Week 6 – 23 550+ votes 650+ votes Week 7 - 22 There was constant increase in both participation & votes each week as awareness about the contest multiplies.
  8. 8. INTEGRATION‘MY SKIN MOMENT CONTEST’ NIVEA was the only brand inTo amplify online participation for the NIVEA My Skin Moment Contest its space to feature a LIVE the LIVE wall application was created (Live wall app was used to web- UPADATES of its contest cast all the entries on the Facebook page to the On Ground Activation). featuring entries from its ‘My Skin Moments Contest’ Offline in Mumbai, Gurgaon & Bangalore.
  9. 9. SKIN PERSONALITY Application‘Objective & Idea’ Idea •NIVEA India had a fan base of over 1 lakh fans on Facebook. •The most simple way to share the study Objective- NIVEA decodes the with the fans was using an Facebook language of the skin Application. •The study was converted into an easy to •NIVEA’s Study on the skin personality use Interactive application for social of people need to be showcased to the media. world in a simple and interactive way. •By answering a few simple questions an Infographic of the Skin Personality of the user was created.
  10. 10. SKIN PERSONALITY‘APPLICATION’ Promotional Tab Application
  11. 11. Questions Infographic
  12. 12. ResultsMore than over 200+ people used the application inthe first week and over 850 in the first month In addition to the Skin personality of the person the Infographic included Skin tips for the skin type of the user and also product recommendations from NIVEA’s product portfolio The Infographic also shared how many of the users friends shared the same skin personality.
  13. 13. MAKE YOUR OWN SANTA‘Objective & Idea’ Idea •NIVEA India created an application Make Your Santa With NIVEA. •The application allowed the users to upload a picture or click one on the spot. Objective •Ones the image was uploaded the user •NIVEA wanted to engage with the could add a beard, moustache and other users online during the holiday season Christmas elements to the picture through Christmas, and enable them to spread the cheer. •Once the images was edited the user could either add a custom message and send it as a Christmas card or he could make the same his profile picture
  14. 14. MAKE YOUR OWN SANTA‘APPLICATION’ Application Promotional Tab
  15. 15. Final ImagesEditor
  16. 16. ResultsMore than over 1200 people used theapplication in the Christmas week Users shared over 800 E-cards on Facebook and over 350 profile pictures were changed The Fan page receive high amount of interactions during the period the application was live
  17. 17. Application Links My Skin Personality Make your own Santa with NIVEA
  18. 18. TWITTER’CONTEST’ Objective • To spread awareness about NIVEA’s presence on Twitter and Lip Care Range promotion Execution • Twitter followers will be asked to make there friends laugh by sharing a joke/funny video or picture to spread smiles and happiness with #lipitup and @NIVEA_India • Winners were announced weekly • Tab on Facebook and Twitter background were used for the promotion of the same
  20. 20. #LipItUp More than 200+ entries Each week’PARTICIPATION’
  21. 21. To celebrate 100 years of Delhi More that 250 and NIVEA and also to people promote the launch of the participated inNIVEA Mega tin Online, Meet one dayAnushka Sharma contest was launched
  22. 22. User posts’FACEBOOK’
  23. 23. FANS & FOLLOWERSNIVEA ON SOCIAL MEDIA Current Current fans We have achieved this number in Followers onon FB 2,16,000 less that 5 months and we are one twitter 292 of the fastest growing Skincare brand in India in Facebook Active users Tweet on the our reach of page over 10,000 25,000+
  24. 24. Thank You