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Why do learning?
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Why do learning?


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This is a on why I do eLearning

This is a on why I do eLearning

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • The project will offer teachers across Europe and the UK the opportunity to get free training and experience in developing e-learning through a virtual teacher training island, live training courses and workshops, an e-learning course and interactive community web 2.0 site.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A time for change
    • 2. Anyone who stops learning is old, whether attwenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learningstays young. The greatest thing in life is tokeep your mind young.Henry Ford
    • 3. 1. eLearning Today2. New Communications3. Changing Learning Ways4. What We Offer
    • 4. What and Why
    • 5. Developing eLearning solutionsincluding:Interactive eLearning Courses3D educational gamesVirtual Learning Environments –web camsE-Portfolios-assignmentsDeveloping Training in VirtualWorlds-2nd LifeMobile Learning- LearningAppsTechnology for learning forpeople with disabilities
    • 6.  Failed at school and college I wanted to learning! I did eLearning: own pace and my own time- enjoyed it! Structured education-Degree and MBA-not as challengingI am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill
    • 7.  Face to Face Training is expensive ◦ Trainer and Materials ◦ Travel costs and Staff time ◦ Resources (room, overheads, etc)
    • 8.  Impact of learning and change is low Low long term retention of learning
    • 9. Begin With The End In Mind Steve Covey Increase productivity and efficiencies Change behaviour and learning Provide stronger evidence of compliance Learning at the learner pace Current learning provision does not work How a learner learns ≠ learning provided
    • 10. New Technology
    • 11.  More access to learning then before
    • 12. What and How you learn more important “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” Albert Einstein
    • 13.  Technology is challenging the learning provision Liberating learning-the learner is in control Greater constructivists- meaning from learning and relating to the mind‟s experiences and drawing connections Learning from peers are brings greater room for debate, discussion, explo ration and kindred
    • 14. Instructor Led-pushing Learner Led-pullingCentralised DecentralisedInstructions FacilitationStandard Personalised Learning1 time Learning Anytime learningLearning at 1 place Anywhere learning
    • 15.  Provide the tools and technologies Control the subject Facilitate change through structure debate and discussion Breed curiosity in using technology Seek attention “It is a miracle that Make eLearning Work! curiosity survives formal education.” Enistien
    • 16. eLearning Studios
    • 17. 1. Provide Tools and Technology: KnowledgePresenter2. We train your staff on using KnowledgePresenter authoring tool – so your team can update and maintain your e-learning portfolio as and when you require3. We develop the eLearning courses. Material can be yours4. We provide maintenance and support as required
    • 18.  European partners Training on:  Elearning  Using KnowledgePresenter  Learner Management System Email, Telephone and Online support Service Level Agreement KP University Interactive Tutorials White Papers Hands On Guides Detailed, Searchable Help Examples and Source Code Access to the Support Forums
    • 19. Bespoke ServicesUnderstand the learner and custommade courses according to need-LearnerFirsteLearning Course Development (a greatway to transfer innovation andinformation)Creating eLearning Solutions to supportthe delivery and dissemination ofinformation and training courses andmaterialsMobile Learning-Learning AppsDevelopment of Internet training radios3D educational games, virtualenvironments
    • 20. Course Selling Opportunities to sell courses to NHS and providers Only LMS with PayPal Integration Run reports on those purchased courses Sell bulk users through generating redemption codes Integration of courses through connection strings (
    • 21. EU ProjectsiEducate“EDUCATING THE EDUCATORS”Helping to overcome technology barriers in educators and improving theability to interact with the „connected‟ generation The purpose of the project is to educate vocational teachers in technologies andinnovations for learning and prepare them to get better connected with a newgeneration of learners.
    • 22. Summary eLearning cost effective, time saving and Provides Learning End to End solution on eLearning: Authoring-LMS-Hosting and support Training and Support using KP and developing effective eLearning Help develop elearning courses Strong reporting tool for compliance and CPD
    • 23.  Learn how the learner is learning The learner is in a different place to where the learning provider is Technologies is a big enabler Provision of infrastructure to change the way we deliver training Get started with eLearning Become a Learning Agent using technology
    • 24. Contact Details Nitin ThakrarAddress: 2 Innovation Village, Cheetah Road, Coventry. CV1 2TL. UK Email: Telephone: ++44 24 76 52 5550