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Grand finale which was keenly contested till the last question

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  • really enjoys. Got first in State level Aksharamuttam Quiz and got a laptop. Questions from your quizzes were repeated. Thank you........
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  • Thanks Abdul Vahid..Nice to connect with you..Yes..LAser answer was a typing mistake from my end..Thanks for pinting it out..Hope u are enjoying studies
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  • Good Questions sir...........L in Laser is Light.

    Light Amplification and Stimulated Emission of Radiation
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Inter school Quiz at Alleppey

  3. 3. Question 1 “On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 70th birthday he said "Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.” Who said this
  4. 4. Question 2 What reasons is the freedom Fighter Pingalli Venkayya famous for
  5. 5. Question 3 Who is credited with designing of New Delhi and also its several monuments in India such as the India gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan? We keep keep hearing it as Mr. X's delhi in media reports
  6. 6. Question 4 Which state has the Hazaribhag wildlife sanctuary and Santhal , Oraon (Kurukh), Munda , Kharia , and Ho groups as the majority of the total tribal population
  7. 7. Question 5 In India it officially denotes the end of the Republic day festivities and is conducted on January 29th.The three bands of Army,Navy and Airforce in a ceremony at Raisina hills perform and march in front of the President? What is the ceremony called
  8. 8. Question 6 In 1591 which monument was constructed in Hyderbad to commemorate the end of the Plague
  10. 10. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 1) What is the name of India's first Super computer developed in 1991 which in Sanskrit means supreme?
  11. 11. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 2) Unity and discipline is the Motto of which organization in India
  12. 12. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 3) The leakage of which gas from Union Carbide caused the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984
  13. 13. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 4) Who became the youngest to enter the current 15th Loksabha as MP from Mandya in Karnataka
  14. 14. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 5) Name the school for which Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli created the world record partnership of 664 run in 1988?
  15. 15. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST QUESTION 6) In newspapers you keep hearing the KYOTO Protocol ? What is the KYOTO Protocol ?
  16. 16. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 7) Indrani Rehman,Kelucharan Mahapatra,Priyambada Mohanty are famous dancers of which dance form?
  17. 17. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 8) The deficiency of what causes Marasmus and Kwashiorkar in Infants?
  18. 18. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 9) In the mid 1930s who invented the principle of Analytical engine,the forerunner of the modern electronic computer?
  19. 19. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 10) Who has won more Oscars than anyone else
  20. 20. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 11) Who is the latest in the list Sean Connery,Roger Moore,Timothy Dalton,Pierce brosnan
  21. 21. ROUND 2-FASTEST FINGER FIRST Additional question 12) Who was the first Communist to become Lok Sabha Speaker
  22. 22. ROUND 3
  23. 23. ROUND 3 Question1 Who said these famous words recently One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.Let us pick up our books and pens," "They are our most powerful weapons
  24. 24. ROUND 3 Question 2 What is Sapphire in Thai language called?
  25. 25. ROUND 3 Question 3 Who is the head of the AAM AADMI PARTY?
  26. 26. ROUND 3 Question 4 Who won the Nobel prize for Literature this year?
  27. 27. ROUND 3 Question 5 In which country did The Westgate Mall massacare take place recently in which 72 people died in September?
  28. 28. ROUND 3 Question 6 Queens Baton Relay came to India in October first week before the commonwealth games? Where is the next Commonwealth games going to be held?
  29. 29. ROUND 3 Question 7 What does OPCW stand for ? It was in News last week
  30. 30. ROUND 3 Question 8 According to the census which state in India has the maximum number of Languages?
  31. 31. ROUND 3 Question 9) Whose Autobiography Race of my life released recently
  32. 32. ROUND 3 Question 10 Who won the Dadasaheb phalke award in 2013?
  33. 33. ROUND 3 Additional question Who has won this years Booker Prize for her Book “The Luminaries"
  34. 34. ROUND 3 Additional question Name the RUBCO chairman and the brain behind establishment of State Rubber cooperative who died last week
  35. 35. ROUND 4-Select your Favorite SPORTS SCIENCE AWARDS AND HONOURS BOOKS AND AUTHORS KERALA GEOGRAPHY Questions will not appear on Slide
  36. 36.  a) Who will be the opponent of Viswanathan Anand in next months World championship   b) Which team has won the Ranji trophy the maximum number of times? SPORTS section 4/17/12
  37. 37.   Question 25 ) Who shared the Nobel prize in Physics with  WA fowler in 1983 for research on the evolution of stars  b) What is a chemical substance produced by a living  organism, generally a microorganism, that inhibits the  growth of other microorganisms known as?  Audience   b) Name the New Zealand born British Physict who won the  Nobel prize in Chemistry for the concept of Nuclear atom  and who proved that the positive electric charge in every  atom is concentrated in a nucleus at the heart of the atom   Answer: Ernest Rutherford    Litmus test- Science questions 4/17/12
  38. 38.  ) Name the uncle and nephew from India to win the  Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 and 1983?    Answer CV Raman and S Chandrasekhar    b) Name the British prime minsiter who also  won the  Nobel prize for Literature?    Answer: Winston Churchill Awards and Honours 4/17/12
  39. 39.     a) Who wrote book “The Slumdog Millionaire”  Answer: Vikas Swarup   b) What is the collection of Oriental stories known in Arabic  as Alf Laylah wa laylah which is of uncertain date and  authorship whose tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad  the Sailor have almost become part of Western folklore?  What is the collection called    Answer Thousand and one nights  BOOKS and Authors 4/17/12
  40. 40.   1) Who became the president of India after being the  governor of kerala?  Answer; VV Giri   2) National award for best film is called Swarna Kamal  which was instituted in 1953 and currently carries a  cash award of Rs. 2,50,000/- .Which was the first  Malayalam film to win the award?   Answer Chemmen in 1965   Audience question  Who was the first Malayali to get the Rajat Kamal for   the best actor  Answer P J Antony for Nirmalyam in 1973 KERALA 4/17/12
  41. 41.    What are shock waves which spread through  rocks during earthquake called    Answer Seismic waves      2) Which national park in Gujarat is the only  protected area in Asia where Asiatic lions are  found?            Answer: Gir Forest National park GEOGRAPHY 4/17/12
  43. 43. 1)Lets start with sitter Identif y
  44. 44. 2) Explain the connection
  45. 45. 3) Explain the connection
  46. 46. 4 Identify
  47. 47. 5) Which is the award being shown here
  48. 48. 6 Identify the Memorial
  49. 49. • 7) Which party has the above symbol
  50. 50. 8) Identify
  51. 51. 9) IDENTIFY
  52. 52. 10) IDENTIFY THE LOGO
  53. 53. Identify the person 11
  54. 54. Additional  question Identify the writer
  55. 55. ROUND 5
  56. 56.   CLUE 1 : Scientist of German origin,he settled in US after being driven out by Nazis .After the war he was hailed by the London paper the Times as the successor to Issac Newton after an important experiments conducted in connection with Theory of Gravitation   Clue 2 In 1867–68; as a child after reading Popular Books on Physical Science), in which the author imagined riding alongside electricity that was traveling inside a telegraph wire he asked himself the question that would dominate his thinking for the next 10 years: What would a light beam look like if you could run alongside it?   Clue 3 He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect   ANSWER: Albert Einstein 4/17/12
  57. 57.  Question 2   Clue 1: Indian national leader who led the Bardoli peasents agitation in gujrat and was referred to as the IRON Man of India   Clue 2 : He was the first Home minister and Deputy prime minister of India   Clue 3 He was responsible to forge an united india from British colonial provinces and was given the title of Sardar by women of Bardoli taluka   Answer : Sardar Vallabhai patel 4/17/12
  58. 58.   Clue 1 : He was born in 1940 in fort kochi into Latin catholic family to Musician father Augustine Joseph and and mother Alicekutty   Clue 2 :In 1980 he established the Tarangini studio in Trivandrum which later moved to chennai   Clue 3: His nick name when translated into English would mean Celestial singer and his initials is Katasssery Joseph   Answer : KJ Yesudas Question 3 4/17/12
  59. 59.  Question 4   Clue 1 He was born to Gurmukh singh and Amrit kaur on September 26,1932 in Gah,Punjab which is now in Pakistan   Clue 2 :he is the only Indian prime minister to have signed on the currency note   Clue 3 The only priminister after Jawaharlal nehru to return to power after completing a five year term   Answer Manmohan singh  4/17/12
  60. 60.  Question 5   Clue 1 : this london born ethnic Indian author who also goes by the by the name Nilanjan Sudheshna was raised in the USA by bengali parents   Clue 2: Her works illuminate the immigrant experiences and she won Pulitzer Prize for her debut collection of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies (1999).   Clue 3 : her first novel Namesake was adopted into a film by the same name and later won many awards for her second collection of Short stories,the Unaccustomed earth.Her latest work The LOWLAND is in the shortlist for the BOOKER prize   Answer : Jhumpa Lahiri 4/17/12
  61. 61.  Question 6   Clue 1 :This writer,critic and orator was born in Kannur to Vidvan Dhamodran and Koloth Madaviyamma   Clue 2 :He courted controversy by refusing Padma shri in 2007 stating that such Honours are against Constitution and it discriminates people   Clue 3: His most famous work Tatvamasi won 12 major awards including Kendra Sahitya Akademi awrd,Vayalar award and Kerala Sahitya Academy in 1985    Answer: Sukumar Azhikode 4/17/12
  62. 62. ROUND 7- 6 questions in 60 seconds
  63. 63.            Name the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Asnwer: Akhilesh Yadav With Which sport will you associate Mithali Raj Answer: Womens cricket On which high river is Aswan high dam built Asnwer: Nile What prize does the International Olympic association award for Fair play in sport Asnwer: Pierre de coubertin Whose Samadhi is Vijay ghat in Delhi? Answer; Lal Bahadur shastri Which organization website is Answer : Worldwildlife fund for Nature  TEAM A 4/17/12
  64. 64.             a) Which union territory's capital is Silvassa Asnwer Dadra and Nagar haveli b) With which sport will you assocate Pankaj Advani Answer: Billiards and snooker By what name is Bahai temple in Delhi better known as Ans: Lotus temple Between 1992 and 2012 which club has won the englsh premier league football the most number of time Answer: Manchester united e) Name the 2 national languages of Srilanka Answer :Sinhalese and tamil f) Which NASA Astronaut graduated from haryana? Answer: Kalpana Chawla TEAM B 4/17/12
  65. 65.            1) Hemant Soren is the chief minister of which Indian state? Ans Jharkhand 2) In which country did the Accupuncture therapy originate Asnwer: China 3) Where was the first Asian games held in 1951? Asnwer ;New Delhi,India 4) What does L in Laser stand for Answer LASER 5) Which country has tricoloured flag with white,Blue and red band Ans: RUSSIA 6) What does S in UNESCO stand for :Ans: S stands for Science: United nations educational scientific and research organization Team C
  66. 66.             What is the middle name of Charlie Chaplin Asnwer: Spencer With which intrument will you associate Zakir Hussein and Alla Rakha khan Answer Tabla Which countrys capital is LA PAZ the highest capital in the world Ans : Bolivia Name the place in Himachal pradesh where Dalai Lama gives his public sermons? Asnwer Dharmasala Who was known as the Punjab kesri Answer: Lala Lajpat RAI What is euthanasia Asnwer : Mercy killing TEAM D 4/17/12
  67. 67.              team E) What was the first Artificial satellite to orbit earth called Answer: Sputnik Who is well known for his tratise on Geometry called the Elements Answer Euclid Who was the famous father of Amitabh Bhachan Asnwer Harivansrai Bachan Who was described as the IRON LADy Asnwer : Margaret Thatcher Who was the first ASIAN to get the Noble Prize Answer Tagore In which country is the Baikonoaur cosmodrome Asnwer Kazakhsthan 4/17/12
  68. 68.  Team F)              1) In which country did the Battle of waterloo take place Answer :belgium Who played the role of Gandhi in Richard Attenbourgh film Gandhi Ans Ben Kingsley In which field is Anjali Ela Menon famous Ans Painting Over 70% of one horned rhinos are found in which national park? Ans Kaziranga 5 ) Who is known as the METRO Man Ans: Sreedharan Who is the first woman speaker of Loksabha Meira Kumar 4/17/12
  69. 69. THANK YOU