INCAP In Depth Catalytic Crystallization Waterproofing Compound


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Crystallization Concrete Protection and Waterproofing Product, INCAP works on the principle of catalytic in depth crystallization.
At TECHNOKOTES, our products are created with one goal in mind: To vastly improve the performance of concrete across a broad range of applications. TECHNOKOTES’s most widely used products were developed to help solve reoccurring concrete maintenance problems, where conventional products had repeatedly failed. “Pro-Active Protection”

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  • Not an admixture though we have an admixture, integral send out he wrong message.
    Similar to Xypex, Vandex, Penetron and Aquafin.
  • When coating is mentioned it seems similar to epoxy or polyurethane or acrylic, but is not.
  • When coating is mentioned it seems similar to epoxy or polyurethane or acrylic, but is not.
  • INCAP In Depth Catalytic Crystallization Waterproofing Compound

    1. 1. Introducing INCAP Crystallisation Waterproofing System. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    2. 2. Green facts about INCAP: • • • • Approved by GREEN BUILDING ORG. One of the lowest embedded energy in protecting products Since inorganic is transparent to UV radiation Non toxic, largely used for portable water structure Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    3. 3. Project with INCAP: RBI BUILDING, MUMBAI Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    4. 4. Projects with CRYSTALLIZATION: PETRONAS TOWERS, KUALALAMPUR Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    5. 5. Drawbacks in conventional systems: • Forms a layer or membrane e.g. tar or bitumen based sheets; polyurethane, epoxy or acrylic coatings. • Forms a buffer layer e.g. brick bat coba. • Fails where access mode is unknown. • Cannot stand negative pressure. • Complex method of application. • Solution is not permanent. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    6. 6. INCAP system:  Simple method of application, no costly primers required.  Application from both positive and negative sides.  Withstands negative pressure upto 6 bars.  A proven Russian method of protection and waterproofing.  Permanently stops leakages and dampness.  Increases longevity of the concrete structure by protecting the reinforcement.  Withstands chemical attacks from (pH range 3-11). Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    7. 7. How INCAP works:  Saturated water forms the medium of access.  Active chemicals dissolve in water.  Penetrate deep into the capillary tracts.  Penetration is by the process of reverse osmosis.  Active chemicals start a catalytic reaction with byproducts of concrete gelling.  Combines to form non-soluble complex salt crystals with active ends.  Active ends remain dormant as long as there no further contact with water. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    8. 8. How INCAP works: (cont.)  Further access with water starts catalytic reaction again.  Process continues as long as structure lasts.  Crystals growth reduces the capillary size making water access impossible.  Reduced capillary allows only moisture vapour movement.  Action continues nearly three feet from point of application. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    9. 9. Working:  Positive side Application:  Negative side Application: (Colours indicate blue water, red INCAP crystal growth) Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    10. 10. Working of INCAP: Stages of INCAP working. 1 1. 2. 3. 2 Untreated Concrete INCAP treated concrete after one week INCAP treated concrete after 8 weeks. Copyright 2004 Technokotes 3
    11. 11. Economic comparison: Systems T felt/ ar B itumen Rate/SqM Rs.240/ tr Chemical/ M embrane B rickbat coba Capillary crystallization Rs. 250/- Rs.300/- Rs.170/- W arrantee 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years 10 Years Cost/ year/ SqM tr Rs.80/- Rs.50/- Rs.30/- Rs.17/- Repairs / Restoratio n Costly Costly Difficult and costly Simple and economical Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    12. 12. Properties comparison: Systems M embrane/ coatings Deteriorates B rickbat coba UV radiation T felt/ ar B itumen Emits carcinogenic gases No effect Capillary crystallization No effect F reeze taw cycle Adhesion loss 1 year Adhesion loss 3 years No effect No effect Coating/ application damage Leaks Leaks Leaks No effect W substrate et No application possible No application possible No application possible Application possible W ater ponding No effect upto 1 year No effect Leaks No effect Cold climate Film breaks Becomes brittle No effect No effect Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    13. 13. Salient features of INCAP:  System becomes integral part of concrete.  Seals and reseals cracks and capillaries of the concrete, increases life of the concrete.  Application from both sides of the structure.  Coating damage does not affect working of the system.  Ease of application gives 100% results.  Application can be on wet as well as green concrete.  Non-toxic, can be used for potable drinking water.  Not a polymer based product, no UV radiation problem. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    14. 14. Areas of INCAP application:  Drinking water reservoirs.  Sewage and treatment tanks.  Aquariums, diaphragm walls and concrete roofs.  Terrace gardens, bathrooms and swimming pools.  Tunnels and basements.  Foundations and elevator shafts.  Underground vaults and basements. Or any concrete structure requiring to keep water in or out and protection from chemical attack. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    15. 15. Consumption of INCAP:  1 Kg of INCAP covers 0.75 SqMtr.  1 Kg of INCAP CONC. covers 0.50 SqMtr of negative surface.  Atleast two coats are recommended for severe seepages.  1% of total cement consumption during concreting.  INCAP as dry shake to be broadcasted during initial cure of fresh concrete. (Approximate consumption) Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    16. 16. INCAP products:  INCAP GP, CONC., MD, (All slurry coating)  INCRETE (For filling cracks)  INCAP GROUT (For pressure grouting)  INCAP PLUG (For active leakage)  INCAP MICROCONCRETE  INCAP PATCH (For patching spalled mortar)  INCAP Accelerator. (Accelerates curing process)  INCAP MX Admixture. (Added to batch while concreting) Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    17. 17. Working with INCAP: Crack filling using INCAP products. Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    18. 18. Application videos and literature:  Brush application of INCAP (video)  Trowel application of INCAP (video)  Comparison of other waterproofing with INCAP (literature)  Crystallization waterproofing summary (literature)  INCAP system (literature)  INCAP plug (literature)  INCAP admixture (literature) Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    19. 19. Contact Details: TECHNOKOTES B-26 Goodwill Sanskruthi, Bairavnagar, Dhanori, Pune – 411015. Maharashtra, India. Phone: +91-20-27171412 Telefax: +91-20-27172043 Web: Mail: Copyright 2004 Technokotes
    20. 20. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon. TECHNOKOTE S Copyright 2004 Technokotes