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business communication Presentation Transcript

  • 2. CONTENT
  • 4. WHO WRITES BUSINESS LETTERS ? Letters are written from a person/group, known asthe sender to a person/group, known in business as therecipient. Some examples of senders and recipients:
  • 5. WHY WE WRITE BUSINESS LETTERS? To persuade To inform To request To express thanks To remind To recommend To apologize To congratulate To reject a proposal or offer To introduce a person or policy To invite or welcome To follow up To formalize decisions
  • 6. BUSINESS LETTER VOCABULARY Attachment - Extra document or image that is added to an email. Body - The content of the letter; between the salutation and signature. Bullets - Small dark dots used to set off items in an unnumbered list. Direct mail / Junk mail - Marketing letters addressed to a large audience. Enclosure - Extra document or image included with a letter Inside address - Recipients mailing information. Logo - Symbol or image that identifies a specific organization. Memorandum (memo) - Document sent within a company (internal), presented in short form. Punctuation - Marks used within or after sentences and phrases (e.g.periods, commas). Salutation - Greeting in a letter (e.g. Dear Mr. Vinay). Tone - The feeling of the language (e.g. serious, enthusiastic)
  • 8. INNER QUALITIES The inner qualities of a good business letter refer tothe quality of language, its presentation, etc. These facilitatequick processing of the request and that leads to promptaction  Simplicity  Clarity  Accuracy  Completeness  Relevance  Chronology  Courtesy  Neatness
  • 9. OUTER QUALITIES The outer qualities of a good business letterrefers to the appearance of the letter. It includes thequality of paper used, colour of the paper, size of thepaper etc. Good quality paper gives a favorableimpression in the mind of the reader. It also helps indocumenting the letters properly.Quality of paperColour of the PaperSize of the paperFolding of letterEnvelope - ordinary envelope, window envelope,laminated envelope
  • 10. FORMAT OF BUSINESS LETTERSABC Co. Ltd22 Saket Nagar, << Sender’s Address>>Kanpur – 208014.21st August, 2012 << Date>>CDE Co. LtdFish market, << Recipient’s Address>>Belgaum – 590001.Your ref: 3408 << Recipient’s Reference – if any>>Our ref: drc/2309 << Sender’s Reference – if any>>Dear Mr. XYZ, <<Salutation>>Seminar <<Subject>>First Paragraph Second Paragraph <<Body of Letter>>Third ParagraphSincerely , <<Closing>>abc Signature ( Hand Written )ABC, President Name, Title ( Typed ) <<Enclosure>>
  • 11. WRITING A BUSINESS LETTER An effective letter in business uses short simplesentences and straight forward vocabulary. The easier a letter is to read, the better. You will need to use smooth transitions sothat your sentences do not appear too choppy. Proof read quot ; means to read a text carefully tocheck it for errors and general tone. You should alwaysproof read a business letter before sending it.
  • 12. SALUTATION First and foremost, make sure that you spell the recipientsname correctly. You should also confirm the gender and proper title. Use Ms. for women and Mr. for men. Use Mrs. if you are 100% sure that a woman is married. Under less formal circumstances, or after a long period ofcorrespondence it may be acceptable to address a person by hisor her first name. When you dont know the name of a person and cannot findthis information out you may write, quot; To Whom It May Concern It is standard to use a comma after the salutation.
  • 13. Some common ways to address the recipient: Dear Mr. Powell, Dear Ms. Mackenzie, Dear Frederick Hanson, Dear Editor-in-Chief, Dear Valued Customer, Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
  • 14. FIRST PARAGRAPH In most types of business letter it is common to usea friendly greeting in the first sentence of the letter. Here are some examples: – I hope you are enjoyinga fine summer. – Thank you for your kind letter of January5th. – I came across an ad for your company in The TARUNBAHARAT. – It was a pleasure meeting you at theconference this month. – I appreciate your patience inwaiting for a response. After your short opening, state the main point ofyour letter in one or two sentences: - Im writing to enquire about... - Im interested in the job opening posted on your company website
  • 15. SECOND AND THIRD PARAGRAPHS Use a few short paragraphs to go into greater detail aboutyour main point. If one paragraph is all you need, dont write an extraparagraph just to make your letter look longer. If you are including sensitive material, such as rejecting anoffer or informing an employee of a layoff period, embed thissentence in the second paragraph rather than opening with it. Here are some common ways to express unpleasant facts: – We regret to inform you... – It is with great sadness that we... – After careful consideration we have decided...
  • 16. FINAL PARAGRAPH Your last paragraph should include requests, reminders, andnotes on enclosures. If necessary, your contact information should also be in thisparagraph.Here are some common phrases used when closing a businessletter: – I look forward to... – Please respond at your earliest convenience. – For further details... – If you require more information... – Thank you for taking this into consideration. – I appreciate any feedback you may have. – Enclosed you will find... – Feel free to contact me by phone or email
  • 17. CLOSING Here are some common ways to close a letter. Use a comma between the closing and your handwrittenname (or typed in an email). If you do not use a comma or colon in your salutation, leaveout the comma after the closing phrase: – Yours truly, – Yours sincerely, – Sincerely, – Thank you, – Best wishes – All the best, – Best of luck, – Warm regards,
  • 18. WRITING TIPS Use a conversational tone. Ask direct questions. Double-check gender and spelling of names. Use active voice whenever possible. Use polite modals (would in favor of will). Always refer to yourself as quot; Dont use quot; unless it is clear exactly who thepronoun refers to. Rewrite any sentence or request that sounds vague. Dont forget to include the date. Day-Month-Year isconventional, however, to avoid confusion, write out themonth instead of using numbers (e.g. July 5th, 2007)
  • 20. INQUIRY LETTER You can obtain answers to specific questionsthrough an inquiry letter. Keep questions clear, concise,and at a minimum, and outline questions in a list ifpossible. Offer some incentive for the recipient of theletter to respond to your inquiry, and provide thenecessary information for that response, such as yourcontact information.
  • 21. POINTS FOR INQUIRY LETTER State clearly and specifically what is wanted. If there are more than three queries, use a numbered list. Your inquiry should be specific and brief. Give the reason for the inquiry. Include an expression of appreciation. A simple "Thank you" is enough. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the letter of inquiry sent to an individual who has to pay for the postage when giving his own reply.
  • 22. Mrs. Roma vernekar#123, 2 main,Gandhi nagar, belgaum.August 17,2012.Ancor ltd#132 Bogarvas,belgaum 590001.Gentlemen: The august 12th issue of the being human Digest contained an advertisement ofyour lightning Fixtures. The article said that further information will be given uponrequest. In this connection, will you please furnish me with more information regardingits manufacture, cost and other features.Hoping for your immediate reply.Thank you.Yours truly.Roma.VMrs Roma Vernekar
  • 23. REPLY LETTER A reply letter is usually a response to thecommunication that you have received from a person orbusiness. When replying to a letter or inquiry fromclients, associates, customers or colleagues, it isimportant that it is in a formal format
  • 25. Ancor. ltd#132 Bogarvas,Belgaum 590001.August 25,2012.Mrs. Roma Vernekar#123, 2 main,Gandhi Nagar, Belgaum.Madam: Thank you for your letter inquiring about the manufacture, cost and otherfeatures of our lighting fixtures. Our lighting features are of different designs and styles which may suit yourhome or office needs. However, we may take pride in our mirrorized aluminum whereinyou can save electricity by 50%. Our Fixtures are of powder-cooted frame finish. They arecorrosion and high temperature resistant.Attached is a price list of our lighting fixtures.We hope to hear from you soon.Thank you.Respectfully yours,Ancor ltd.Rahul gandhiManager
  • 26. ORDER LETTER Letters dealing with orders and payments formerchandise form a bulk of business activity. As aresult, serious thinking and care should be exercisedin drafting these letters. A little carelessness mayresult in loss of the customers or good will. Thereforeorder letters should be exact cordial and tactful.
  • 27. POINTS FOR ORDER LETTER State clearly, accurately and completely thedescription of the item being purchased (exact name ofthe item, quantity desired, size, color, weight, finish, priceand model). Give the address where the goods will be delivered. Give the price and the mode of payment, (check ormoney order, credit card, cash on delivery or charge toaccount). Mention desired method of shipment (air express,truck freight parcel post)
  • 28. Praveen.R#abc Chinch pockli,Banglore.August 14,2012Paragon ltd#121 Tilakwadi,Belgaum.Gentlemen:Please send me through VRL Express one unit of Paragon flip-flops, with ModelNo. kx-T3921 B.Enclosed is a cheque amounting to Rupees two hundred fifty only (Rs 250/-) asfull payment of the unit plus parcel charge.Thank you.Yours truly,Praveen.REnclosure-I.cheque
  • 29. SALES LETTER A sales letter is written to convince a recipient topurchase a specific product, service or business. Taketime to inspire the readers interest in and appeal totheir need for the product or service, and then ask themto follow through with a suggested course of action.
  • 30. POINTS FOR SALES LETTER The beginning paragraph should attract the readers interest and attention. It should state clearly the benefits of the product orservice offered to the buyer. It should lead the reader to wish to see or try theproduct. It should explain how much the product or servicescosts and how it may be paid. It should include a request that the reader place theorder.
  • 31. Sir:Our company Marketing manager, is proud to announce the availability of the newBUNK STUDY DESK CHIAR manufactured by the first and original quality plywoodmanufacture, COFTA MOULDINGS CORPORATION.The BUNK STUDY DESK CHIAR is the most affordable study desk in the market today,with all the benefits of high quality plywood : durable and beautiful, comfortable forits armrest, rust-proof and maintenance-free, dual purpose and stockable. Itdefinitely cost much less than wood or metal school chairs. Also the BUNK STUDYDESK CHIAR is highly recommended for schools, office (exams and interview rooms,conference and seminar rooms and private rooms).If you need more information about this latest practical innovation, please do nothesitate to call us at the the following: 9741833531.We guarantee total satisfaction for your moneys worth!Thank you.Very truly yours,
  • 32. ADJUSTMENT LETTER An adjustment letter is a response to a writtencomplaint. The objective is to inform the reader that theircomplaint has been received. It is also a legal documentrecording what decisions were made and what actionshave or will be taken.
  • 33. POINTS FOR ADJUSTMENT LETTER Keep in mind that your reader has beeninconvenienced Respond to the claim letter promptly andcourteously. Refer to the claim letter, identifying the transaction. State clearly what action will be taken. Remember to be fair, friendly and firm.
  • 34. Famous Bookstore Inc.San Jose St.Balanga City, BataanJune 24, 2008Mrs. AshaCentral School of BataanRocky RoadBalanga City, BataanDear Mrs. Asha Your letter of September 10, 2004 concerning the missing novel(love inair) has been directed to my attention. The novel is being sent to you todaythrough the VRL Express.We regret the omission of the novel when the other novels were packed whenbeing shipped.We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and appreciate yourunderstanding in this matter.Very truly yours,Aamir khanStore manager
  • 35. ACCEPTANCE LETTER An acceptance letter is a positive response toeither an invitation or a job offer. Its objective is tonotify the reader of an affirmative decision. The lettershould be kept fairly short. Its scope need only includeinformation that relates to the logistical details ofaccepting the offer.
  • 36. POINTS FOR ACCEPTANCE LETTER Begin your acceptance letter by thanking whoeversends you Briefly identify what it is that you are accepting. Restate the terms as you understand them. Keep the tone of your letter positive.Thank the person for the invitation
  • 37. Mohan.R#420, Rahu Chouk,Hubli.July 24, 2012Mr. Kalam .AliCentral School of Dharwad,Rocky Road,Dharwad.Dear Kalam I am pleased to accept your invitation to speak during your Seminar oncorruption on August 15, 2012 at 2: 00 p.m. “Dirty Politics" is an interestingtopic. I shall discuss it for one hour.I am looking forward to meet you and the school staff.Yours truly,Mohan