2012 Nissan Altima For Sale CT | Nissan Dealer In Darien


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2012 Nissan Altima brochure provided by Nissan Darien in Darien, CT. Find the 2012 Nissan Altima for sale in Connecticut. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (203) 655-7452. http://www.nissandarien.com

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2012 Nissan Altima For Sale CT | Nissan Dealer In Darien

  1. 1. 2012 ALTIMANissan Darien1335 Post RoadDarien, CT 06820(203) 655-7452http://www.nissandarien.com
  2. 2. INNOVATION ThAT lAsTs.Are you looking for excellent fuel efficiency or spirited performance? Say yes to both, in a NissanAltima® Sedan or Coupe. And enjoy every exhilarating mile knowing your Altima is built to last.Start the engine with a push of a button. Then make a quick getaway with the outstanding responseand smoothness of a virtually gearless CVT transmission or a sporty 6-speed manual. Whetheryou choose the exciting 4-cylinder or potent V6, you can always count on Altima going out of itsway to deliver an invigorating ride. Innovation that lasts. Innovation for all.
  3. 3. my gift to the carpooL. ChOOSe yOur COlOr Brilliant Winter Ocean Saharan Tuscan Navy Dark Super SIlver Frost Gray Stone Sun Blue Slate* BlackNissan Altima Sedan 2.5 S  shown with optional equipment. *Late availability
  4. 4. Some curveS make you want to know their Story. Nissan Altima Sedan 3.5 SR  shown in Brilliant Silver.
  5. 5. everything. right here. 360° Take a LOOk. Nissan Altima Sedan 3.5 SR  shown in Charcoal Leather with optional equipment.Center Console Smart Storage Climate Control
  6. 6. Nissan Altima Sedan 3.5 SR  shown in Brilliant Silver with optional equipment.
  7. 7. even the details give YOU the gOOsebUmps.
  8. 8. so much to share going solo feels almost selfish. Choose your CoLor Blond Charcoal Frost Blond Charcoal Leather Leather Cloth Cloth ClothNissan Altima Sedan
  9. 9. this is where you fall in love with driving again. To create the Altima Coupe, we didn’t just subtract two doors, we started with a clean sheet. The result is stunning. And more. With a shorter wheelbase for agility and a lower ride height for a sporty ride, the Coupe goes beyond a styling statement. You’ll see it’s a completely different driving experience.Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S  shown in red alert with optional equipment.
  10. 10. a true coupe. in every coLor. ChOOSe Red Winter Brilliant Ocean Crimson Navy Dark Super yOur COlOrAlert Frost SIlver Gray Black Blue Slate* Black *Late availability Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR  shown with optional equipment.
  11. 11. Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR  shown in Winter Frost.
  12. 12. MY spot in the universe. From perfectly placed controls to body-hugging buckets, your Altima Coupe’s interior combines style with purpose. unique to coupe, red sport bucket front seats with large bolsters give you lateral support through the turns, while a special pouch in the lower seat cushion lets you keep important items out of sight. Choose your CoLor Red Blond Charcoal Blond Charcoal Leather Leather Leather Cloth ClothNissan Altima Coupe
  13. 13. Better ideas from every angle. 360° Take a LOOk.Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR  shown in Blond leather with optional equipment.
  14. 14. We look at things differently. noW you can too.The next few pages will help fill you in on what it’s like to have an Altima Sedan orCoupe in your life. From an available 270-hp V6 that is sure to spice up your dailycommute to an advanced navigation system that not only gets you to your destinationwith ease, but recommends places to eat along the way. As you get to know NissanAltima a little better, we hope you find what you’re looking for – plus a few surprises.
  15. 15. ChooSE your EnginE. ThEn PuT fun Through iTS PACES. Tap into nissan’s performance DnA. Altima’s rev-happy engines are paired with an advanced transmission to react instantly to your input. While the suspension and steering are tuned to keep you directly in touch with the whole experience.Legendary Efficient Transmission Performance Adaptable V6 4-cylinder Choices Suspension Steering
  16. 16. Vehicle Dynamic Control Advanced Braking Traction Control SystemTAke CoNTrol. DriVe wiTh poiSe.want an extra boost in confidence? Done. Your Altima comes standard withadvanced braking and control systems. Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR  shown in Navy Blue.
  17. 17. Comfort and teChnology –a perfeCt pair.no matter what climate you’re travelling through, theavailable dual Zone automatic temperature Controllets you and your front passenger dial in perfecttemperatures. find it hard to get comfortable on longdrives? an available power driver’s seat makesfinding that perfect position an easy task.and of course, you can always count on the advancednissan navigation System to get you to your destina-tion with ease, while available Xm navtraffic® helpsyou avoid gridlock along the way.1,2disclaimer
  18. 18. A B C A. Nissan Intelligent Key® and Push Button Ignition – Forget fumbling to find your keys. Just leave the keys in your pocket or purse, walk up to your Altima and tap a button on the door to unlock it, then just push a button and go with standard Push Button Ignition. B. RearView Monitor – Backing up in a crowded parking lot? Get a clearer picture of what’s directly behind you with the available RearView Monitor.1 C. iPod®/USB Interface – Would you like to be able to connect your iPod® or other portable MP3 player and listen to your own playlists or podcasts? D Now you can. You can even control your iPod® E through Altima’s stereo controls.2 D. Bose® Audio System – With the available 9-speaker Bose® audio system at your disposal, ADVANCED FEATURES To MAKE you’ll actually feel like you’re at the concert. The YoUR lIFE EASIER. 4.3" display shows what song is up next on your MP3 CDs and even lets you browse through your looking to ratchet up your technology game? folders at the touch of a button. Your Altima has just what you need. Whether it’s entertaining or convenient, if it’s advanced E. Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System – Your and useful, you can bet it’s available on Altima. Altima keeps you connected. Make or receive calls with a touch of a button on the steering wheel. All while your phone stays tucked away.3 disclaimer
  19. 19. Made to drive. Built to last.over 5,000 quality and durability tests make sure road tests – at our proving grounds in arizona, we Weather tests – locked in a special chamber, then baked under 266 bulbs burning at 375 watts each toyour altima will keep performing mile after mile. replicate some of the worst roads a vehicle could ever reach extreme temperatures. add in 95% humidity for good measure and then make sure each altima passes travel over. detroit-sized potholes, New York City with flying colors. Now that’s a durability test. manhole covers, Belgian cobblestones, and truck- scarred la freeway are all part of the rigorous testing. We’re pretty sure you’ll go a little easier on your altima.
  20. 20. Of cOurse, safety is at the tOp Of yOurlist. GOOd thinG altima has yOur back.nissan advanced air bag system (aabs) – includesdual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat beltsensors and an occupant-classification sensor. builtinto the front seats, two supplemental air bags alsooffer side-impact protection and move with you asyou adjust your seating position. plus, roof-mountedcurtain side-impact supplemental air bags help providehead protection for both rows of outboard occupants.1front-seat active head restraints – designed to moveup and forward in certain rear-end collisions to helpcushion the blow if one should occur. – nissan safety engineers have dedicatedthousands of hours to evaluating hundreds of childrestraints in nissans. the result: an industry first, the 1 Inch Usagesnug kids child safety seat fit Guide. this guidelists child seats that fit the rear seats of nissanvehicles, as well as offers tips on correct installation.look for the latest fit Guide at NissanUSA.com/SnugKidslatch system – the altima latch system (loweranchors and tethers for children) lets you securelatch-compatible child restraints in the rear seatswithout having to use seat belts or a locking clip.brake Override technology – like every nissan since2005, altima comes standard with brake Overridetechnology. it’s designed to help slow down yourvehicle and bring it to a safe stop in an emergencyby overriding accelerator input and reducing enginepower when the accelerator and brake pedals areapplied simultaneously. disclaimer
  21. 21. AccEssorizE Every Genuine Nissan Accessory is: 1. In-mirror RearView Monitor – A rearview mirror • Custom-fit, custom-designed and durability-tested. that does a little more. Features a built-in monitor to help give you an improved view of what’s • Backed by Nissan’s 3-year/36,000-mile directly behind you.1 limited warranty. • Easy to finance with vehicle purchase, for just a few dollars a month. 1 Parking aid/convenience feature. Cannot completely eliminate blind spots or warn of moving objects. May not detect every object. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle. Not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn to check what is behind you before backing up.1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 Click on an image to see a larger view. 1 of 11 see more Accessories at NissanUsA.com
  22. 22. aLtima SedanCoLoRS and 360S ChOOSe yOur COlOrBrilliantBrilliant Winter Ocean Saharan Tuscan Navy Dark SuperSilverSilver Frost Gray Stone Sun Blue Slate1 Black 1 Late availabilityBrIllIANT SIlVer INTerIOrSFrost Charcoal CharcoalCloth Cloth leatherAVAIlABle COmBINATIONS Brilliant Silver 2.5 2.5 S 3.5 Sr Frost Cloth Charcoal Cloth Sl P4 Charcoal Leather Standard Sl Part of 2.5 SL Package (Sedan) P4 Part of 3.5 SR Premium Package (Sedan) Click arrows to spin
  23. 23. aLtima CouPeCoLoRS and 360S ChOOSe yOuR COLORWinterWinter Brilliant Ocean Crimson Red Navy Dark SuperFrostFrost Silver Gray Black Alert Blue Slate1 Black 1 Late availabilityWiNteR FROSt iNteRiORSBlond Charcoal Blond Charcoal RedCloth Cloth Leather Leather LeatherAvAiLABLe COmBiNAtiONS Winter Frost 2.5 S 3.5 SR Blond Cloth L L Blond Leather Charcoal Cloth L L Charcoal Leather L L Red Leather Standard L Part of Leather Package Leather is standard on manual transmission models. Click arrows to spin
  24. 24. INNoVATIoN ThAT lASTS. INNoVATIoN FoR All. NiSSaN altiMa® SEdaN aNd coupE At Nissan, innovation is at the core of everything we do. It’s about turning our ideas and dreams into something that makes a difference in your life, every time you get behind the wheel. So imagine driving an Altima, with all of this at your fingertips:Keyless getaway. The Smooth power. More on-time arrivals. Easier parking. Enduring quality. FromNissan Intelligent Key® Unique “gearless” Thanks to the available Available RearView Moni- searing temperatures tolets you get in your Altima CVT transmission touch-screen navigation tor helps you see what’s epic potholes, a battery ofand drive off without ever provides a seamless with weather and real- directly behind you. Great over 5,000 tests ensurestouching your keys. wave of power. time traffic updates.1,2 for tight parking spots.3 your Altima will last.