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Young girl journal
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By Wafa Matar …

By Wafa Matar
1st Year-1st Term 1431/32

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    my world is wonderful
  • 2. Someday ,a Boy walked from his apartment to the supermarket to buy some things that he needs. He is wearing trousers ,t-shirt , jacket,cap,watch,ring and trainers .the street was crowded .he couldn't pass it easily .in the middle of crowded when he felt bored and became nervous .something happened change his mod .what happened to him that change his mod?
  • 3. he found a book which fall from someone. he looked left and right to find who drop it but He couldn't see who is drop it?. he hold it and continuo walked while he walked he thought to open it but he did not open it because he arrived to supermarket . After that, he went home .he brought a drink and sat on the sofa. The curious was killing him, so He hold it and open it then he read from thefirst page there are what he read
  • 4. I start writing this word to become my key in the hard ,difficult points in my life (belief)
    I believe like birds when they looking for food in the morning and back their home at night with it
    Be believing that always give me hope . I never look down .believing is wonderful feeling
  • 5. By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it.
    Nikos Kazantzakis
  • 6. Alas, the fearful unbelief is unbelief in your self
    Thomas Carlyle
  • 7. 8/1/1990
    I am so exciting today is a big day for me .I am going inventive compotation. I will win it.
  • 8. “An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things
    Bryant H.McGill
  • 9. I never have thought I will be drawing in any points of my life but it happened when I think about what happened I see the opportunity that life give us to discover our selves is wonderful also that always make me strong and believing
  • 10. “we are here to add what we can to life , not to get what we can from life”
    William Osler
  • 11. 22/9/1989
    Today, I had fought with my brother . Then I
    went to the park and sat on the seat and read
  • 12. This month, I had a good time because I went to wonderful places in the world . I have gone to
    Taje mahal ,pyramids ,karaitr lake in north America,
    Niagara falls, western pond burke, Great Barrier Reef and many wonerful places in the world
    That make me say what wonderful world
  • 13.
  • 14. I met my friends and I am very happy. we hah a good time . we play, talked and read together
    Friends are one from the wonderful things in the world . They like flowers because they have influence in me
  • 15. Life is what you make of it . Always has been,always will be.
    Granma Moses
  • 16. Every day I learn something new from every thing from people and things that I never think I will learn from them. Learning is in my mind , heart and my blood . The world give me every thing I want to learn from and lead me to observe it and how I can learn from it . the world is wonderful. It is really wonderful
  • 17. “You must learn from the mistakes of others, you cannot possibly live long enough to make them all your self
    Sam levenson
  • 18. I have many dreams and goals to make it.
    I always put them in front of me to never forget it .people who has goals in life they make the world wonderful
  • 19. “Without some goal and some effort to reach it,no one can live”
  • 20. This is my final page .I finished with this words
    (passion, patient) in every step in my life I need to have patient to skip all fences in my way
    Passion help me to hold every step in my way make me always stronger than ever
    What a wonderful world that we can have all these feelings
  • 21. The journal take him away .he read and read until he finished .he did not leave the house
    for any thing just for his work .he forgot to looking for its owner. He remember after he finished he couldn't hold him self from reading because the journal so interesting. He asking about the girl in the round but he did not find her . he took the journal with him when he went out to any where. After two weeks , he riding the train and the journal was with him. He sat in the seats and he start thinking about the girl name it is in his head he couldn't remove it from his head .he tried to relax . Suddenly, he heard the girl name .he looked around and saw the girl that said it in the mobile. He talked to the girl next to him and said
  • 22. Excuse me. I heard you say the name of the girl are you know her?
    She said: yes, why?
    He said: I found her journal and I am looking for her for two weeks but I couldn't find her. where is she?
    She said: she is in her house. I will take you to her to give it to her by your self if you want.
    He said: yes , I want to see her
    Then they went out of the train and go to the girl house and he give it to her .
  • 23. Name of writer: wafaa nabil matar
    Group : 8