artificial intelligence


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artificial intelligence

  1. 1. What Is Artificial Intelligence???  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans.  A.I is the study of ideas that enable computers to be intelligent
  2. 2. Ways of thinking • Two Ways: • Conventional artificial intelligence • Computational Intelligence
  3. 3. Artificial Intelligence • AI is the study of how to make computers do things which, at the moment, people do better • AI is a branch of computer science concerned with teaching computers to think • The capability of a device to perform functions that are normally associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning and optimization through experience • AI is the branch of computer science concerned with the study and creation of computer systems that exhibits some form of intelligence- – Learn new concepts and tasks – Can reason and draw useful conclusion – Can understand a natural language
  4. 4. History • The evolution of A.I. Has come slowly over time with the progression of technology. • A.I. Was only a philosophy before a conference at Dartmouth College • John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Herbert Simon became the lead researchers
  5. 5. History • MAVEN was created in 1987 to play Scrabble. No person has been able to win. • 1992. Dr. Marion Tindley beat Chinook (A.I. Computer) in Checker’s 4-2 with 33 draws. • 1997 Deep Blue plays the world’s best Chess player and wins.
  6. 6. Artificial Intelligence Systems • There are four categories: • Systems that think like humans • Systems which act as humans • Systems that think rationally • Systems that act rationally (ideally)
  7. 7. How Does AI Works?? Artificial intelligence works with the help of 1> Artificial Neurons (Artificial Neural Network) And 2> Scientific theorems(If-Then Statements, Logics)
  8. 8. Artificial intelligence & Our society Why we need AI?? To supplement natural intelligence for e.g. we are building intelligence in an object so that it can do what we want it to do, as for example-- robots, thus reducing human labour and reducing human mistakes .
  9. 9. •MyPerspective For Humans Intelligence is no more than TAKING a right decision at right time And For Machines Artificial Intelligence is no more than CHOOSING a right decision at right time I think Artificial intelligence is the Second intelligence ever to exist
  10. 10. Comparisons between human and computer intelligence :-
  11. 11. Artificial Difference Vs Human Intelligence AI • AI, when given the information can be exact, every time with speed. • AI are digital • AI uses byte-addressable memory. • There is a appealing hardware/software distinction obscures in AI • Processing and memory are performed by the different components. • AI could do this if it was program to do so, but this would be counter- productive. HI • When HI is given the same information, it can not be as exact, and is slower. • HI are analogue • The HI uses content-addressable memory • No hardware/software distinction can be made with respect to the brain or mind • Processing and memory are performed by the same components in the brain • Human intelligence can forget and lose information
  12. 12. Programming language used in A.I.:- • Lisp • Python • Prolog • Java • C++
  13. 13. Methods used to create A.I. Top-down Approach Bottom-up Approach Types of A.I. Strong A.I. Non human like A.I. Human like A.I. Weak A.I.
  14. 14. Application of A.I. Heavy Industries:- Finance:- Computer Science:- Aviation:-
  15. 15. Application of A.I.
  16. 16. Advantages:- Don’t need sleep Easier copying Save the time
  17. 17. Disadvantages:- It will take long time to build Small amount of information Can’t provide a human feel No emotional understanding
  18. 18. Most relevant inventions • In 1964 Raphael Bertrand builds SIR. • In 1973 Alain Colmenauer creates PROLOG. • In 1997 Deep Blue beat Kasparov • In 2009 therapeutic intelligence is being developed.
  19. 19. Projects:- Deep Blue:- NASA System:- Mathematical PEGASUS language:- theorem proving:-
  20. 20. Running Projects/Future Scope:- Weather forecasting:- Military:- DARPA Van:- Green Brain Bee:-
  21. 21. Conclusion:- • A.I. is something that has been achieved only to a very limited degree and it remain a very difficult problem and a long term goal of computer science. • Since we are having some limitation or disadvantages of A.I. but still there is a bright future of Artificial Intelligence. Thank you