Zenar Mobility few case studies


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Zenar Mobility few case studies

  1. 1. Zensar Mobile Apps Use Cases
  2. 2. Zensar Mobile Apps Catalog Zensar Mobile Apps Catalog provides an overview of the innovative mobile apps that Zensar provides across a wide variety industries and practices. So get ready to outwit the competition at every turn, whatever be the size of your business, by leveraging a wide range of mobile apps. 2© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  3. 3. INDEX : Mobile Apps 3© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com Enterprise Apps Employee Customer Partner • Flight Load Management Solution •Flight Information Display System •Operational Safety & Company Advisory Reports •Click & Collect •Pharma Lab Reports Management •Field Force Solution •SCM Charts •Job Card •Purchase Order •Requisition Approval •Delivery Management System •Mobile POS •Sales App •Mobile Enterprise Application Platform • Online Store •Digital Receipts •Insurance Calculators •Vehicle Insurance •Knowledge Management Suite •Event App • Financial Calculators
  4. 4. Employee Centric Apps
  5. 5. Flight Load Management Solution •Existing handheld device app is not user friendly, requires complex installation procedure and risk of data loss if device shut downs due to low battery. •Complex user tasks leading to increase in task completion time •Device related issues in existing PDA •FAA approved device needed Business Challenges •iPad native application to calculate Weight & balance of aircraft. •Plots user friendly graph that explains the weight and balance of the aircraft •Allows pilots to submit final result to authorities. Zensar Solutions •Application provides user friendly UI, with sleek touch interface as per apple guidelines •Quick calculation of Weights & Balances •Auto-update of app before each run ensures accuracy of all data Customer Benefit •Industry: Aviation •Users: Pilot , Airline Crew •Platform: iOS Facts © Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com 5
  6. 6. 6© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com Flight Information Display System(FIDS) •Airport crew needs access to latest flight information while on the move •Need to update the flight delay details on the fly to the backend system Business Challenges •Allows the users to view schedule information and gain information about individual flights. •Live display of flight status by pulling data from the backend web services •Creation of reports in pdf and csv format on the device •Security : SSL(https) connection for retrieving data from the backend system Zensar Solutions •Airport crew can get all the details anywhere and anytime •Improves productivity and enables quick decision making for the Airport crew •Fast creation of Airport reports and emailing them from device Customer Benefit •Industry: Aviation •Users: Airline Crew •Platform: iOS Facts
  7. 7. 7© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com Operational Safety Reports •Aircraft Tech Crew on the move need a system to submit Operational Safety Reports Business Challenges •Offline filling of form and synchronizing the form with backend system whenever device gets network coverage •Security : SSL(https) connection for retrieving and sending data from the backend system over web-services. Zensar Solutions •Reduced time delay in form Creation, users can directly submit forms from iPad while on the move •Offline filling of from auto synchronization with backend system •Important images taken from iPad can be sent with forms on the fly Customer Benefit •Industry: Aviation •Users: Airline Crew •Platform: iOS Facts
  8. 8. Click & Collect •Quick delivery of products to customers through delivery centres. •Online order placement and collection of products at delivery centres to save customers’ time Business Challenges •App developed for Windows 8 tablets to ease the delivery process •Tracking of undelivered parcels •Returning of misdirected items to distribution centre Zensar Solutions •No need to wander around in the super market looking for desired products •Products will be delivered at the desired delivery centre, making it convenient for the customer to collect the parcel. Customer Benefit •Industry: Retail •Users: Sales staff •Platform: Windows 8 Tablets Facts 8© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  9. 9. Pharma Lab Reports •Develop the application to support the technicians working in Life Science Laboratory environment •Provide QM Testing, Approval for Chemist, QC Manager and QA Manager •App to make the quality management functionality from SAP ECC environment available over mobile phone Business Challenges •Mobile application developed using Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) •Communication with SAP backend by means of SUP Mobile Business Objects consuming the SAP BAPIs Zensar Solutions •Greatly reduces the effort of Lab Technicians by streamlining workflow with considerable improvements in productivity •Provides QM testing, approval and usage decision using mobile workflow •Results in Cost and time saving for the customer •Technician has the benefit of recording the result directly on the mobile application which in-turn gets reflected on the SAP ECC Customer Benefit •Industry: Pharmaceutical/Life science •Users: Chemists, QC Manager, QA Manager •Platform: iOS Facts 9© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  10. 10. Field Force Solution •Auditing and surveying of remote sites •Huge Audit forms leading to lot of paper work •No/Poor network connectivity are remote sites Business Challenges •iPad application that allows user to fill up dynamically generated forms. •The Admin module in the backend allows the user to design form templates which can then be pulled by the iPad •The details can be stored locally and uploaded to the server when connected to internet •Integration with camera to capture images on the go Zensar Solutions •Almost zero paper usage •Reduction in efforts; quick navigation between questions •Reduced the risk of data loss Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Users: Auditors, Inspectors •Platform : iOS (iPad) Facts 10© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  11. 11. SCM Charts •A single integrated platform can address application creation and device management – plus critical security needs Business Challenges •Native Android app that contains dashboards for Sales and Operations •Connects to a SAP Business Objects backend Zensar Solutions •The user can get the details in the form of charts and graphs anywhere Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Users: Analysts •Platform: Android Facts 11 11© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  12. 12. Mobile Job-card / Service Card •Reduce maintenance cycle time. •Real Time visibility. •Optimum utilization of resources Business Challenges •Native iOS App that works on both, iPhone and iPad •Resolve Tickets on the move. •Broker server that can interact with any incident management/ticketing system such as ManageEngine or SharePoint Zensar Solutions •Improves productivity •Access to incident/ticket on the device on the go Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Users: Maintenance engineers, Supervisors •Platform: iOS Facts 12© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  13. 13. Purchase Order Creation •Smart phone application needed to expedite purchasing process •ERP products needed to be capable of interacting with mobile devices •Buyers should be able to carry smart phones on buying trip and capture all the necessary data through mobile application Business Challenges •Hybrid application that runs on CIUS & other Android devices •A mobile server developed for interaction between mobile and Retail Merchandising System •iUI used for better usability on mobile device Zensar Solutions •Swift purchase order cycle •On the fly communication with Oracle Merchandising System Customer Benefit •Industry: Retail •Users: Buyers •Platform: Android, IOS & Blackberry Facts 13© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  14. 14. Purchase Requisition Approvals •Time Lag in approval of Purchase Requisitions •Access to Oracle R12 E-Business Suite from Anywhere Business Challenges •Hybrid application developed using Jquery Mobile, Spring, PhoneGap •A mobile server developed for interaction between mobile and Oracle EBS through access to database objects Zensar Solutions •Expedite Purchase Requisitions approvals through mobile phones •Anywhere and Anytime access to Oracle EBS Approval System •Approver can forward the request to his senior if he feels he does not have the authority to approve Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Users: Corporate employees •Platform : Android , IOS Facts 14© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  15. 15. Delivery Management Solution •Streamline the delivery process •Streamline the distribution process •Submission of new sales orders on the go Business Challenges •Android app integrated to JD Edwards backend, to deliver goods and book new orders •Automated generation of invoice •Offline support for the app Zensar Solutions •GPS tracking of the delivery vehicle •Proper production planning as the production units know how much to produce as soon as the order is booked •Control on loss and damage of goods Customer Benefit •Industry: Logistics/Packaged food •Users: Delivery boys •Platform : Android Facts 15© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  16. 16. Mobile POS •Queue busting solution at billing counter •Optimum usage of space in retail outlet •Better customer service within short time •Scanning of bulky products •Interfacing with various POS applications developed using various technologies through Web Services Business Challenges •A Mobile Point of Sale (POS) system developed to complement desktop POS during rush hours. •Services exposed by mobile broker server are utilized by handheld application for transactions. •The Broker Server communicates with the Central POS Server for data and business logic Zensar Solutions •Faster billing reduces the customer queues at bill counter •Portable devices which are easy to handle and configure •Better customer satisfaction in terms of time saved •Eases the scanning of bulky products Customer Benefit •Industry: Retail •Users: Sales staff •Platform: Windows Mobile Facts 16© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  17. 17. Mobile Sales App 17 •Develop the one-stop-app for all sales related processes •Provide access to non sales force data also from the same app •Enhance sales productivity and efficiency Business Challenges •Developed native application targeting iOS and Android •Provided access to Sales Force data as well as non Sales Force data like SharePoint repository •Customized UI Zensar Solutions •Customized app as per the Sales team requirements •Access Sales force data as well as the SharePoint repository •Access of Social Networking profiles of the contacts •Real time data update with server Customer Benefit •Industry: General •User: Field Sales •Platform: iOS, Android Facts 17© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  18. 18. Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) •To provide a standard Mobile Application development platform •To reduce the development time for Enterprise Mobile apps Business Challenges •Create reusable Native Components according to Industry Standards •Social and Enterprise authentication •Push Notification service •Device Detection System •Integrated IDE Zensar Solutions •Reusable Components •Accelerated Development •Induces Industry Standards Customer Benefit •Industry: IT •Users: Mobile Application Developers •Platform : iOS, Android Facts 18© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  19. 19. Customer centric Apps
  20. 20. Online Store •Customer satisfaction and creating new customer base. •Providing easy one click access with demanding technologies Business Challenges •Mobile Apps (i.e. Hybrid App and Mobi Site) developed using PhoneGap, .NET and JQueryMobile. •Mobile client developed to re-use functionality Zensar Solutions •Ease of use and maintainability. New functionality can be added with minimum effort •Through single cart, users can send products to different recipients •Third party payment options in addition to direct deposit and credit card payment •Order confirmation through email Customer Benefit •Industry: Retail •Platform: Web, Android , IOS and Blackberry Facts 20© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  21. 21. DigitalReceipts 21 •Receive receipts digitally (Lose the Paper initiative) •Centralized management of receipts Business Challenges •Application developed using PhoneGap, HTML5, JQueryMobile to cater to multiple device platforms •Access to receipts from anywhere & anytime Zensar Solutions •Categorization of receipts according to date, merchant and store •Promotions and Ads will generate revenue Customer Benefit •Industry: Retail •Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry Facts 21© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  22. 22. Insurance Calculators •Presently 40% of customers access the calculators through mobile phones •Present financial calculators are flash based and do not work on iOS devices Business Challenges •HTML 5 based financial calculators that can be accessed from all Smart phones & Tablets Zensar Solutions •Consumers can choose the policies that suit their requirements from the smart devices •Single solution for all mobile platforms Customer Benefit •Industry: Insurance •Platform : Web Facts 22© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  23. 23. Automobile Vehicle Insurance •Filing automobile claims on the move when vehicle is lost/damaged. •Need to check vehicle policy details on the fly Business Challenges •iPhone Native app •File a claim when the vehicle is lost or damaged. •Check the claim status. Zensar Solutions •File a claim giving the exact location of the incident using GPS. •Upload photos of the damaged vehicle on the backend server •Get to know the status of the claims on the go Customer Benefit •Industry: Insurance •Platform : iOS Facts 23© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  24. 24. Knowledge Management Suite •Knowledge enhancement anywhere and anytime •Search job on the go Business Challenges •Application developed using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile that pulls content from Drupal CMS. •Search articles through keyword •Offline browsing of articles •Job Search based on location and keyword Zensar Solutions •Access to content from anywhere & anytime •Articles separated by categories •Favourite articles can be saved or emailed. Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Platform: Android, iOS, Blackberry Facts 24© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  25. 25. Event Application •Need to access details about different events and speakers at an event •Need to exchange business cards. •Need to take audio notes during presentation. •Allow audience to post questions anonymous Business Challenges •QR Code reader and creator to exchange business cards. •Audio recorder for taking voice notes during presentation. •Fetching and showing schedule for Event. •Special view controller for viewing speaker details. •Showing event places on Map. •Accessing tweets and RSS feeds for latest updates. Zensar Solutions •Access to events and speakers information in one glance. •Quickly take voice notes and access them later. •Ease in exchanging business cards via QR codes. •No need to carry brochures as all the details can be fetched through the app. Customer Benefit •Industry: General •Platform: Android, IOS Facts 25© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  26. 26. Partner Centric Apps
  27. 27. Financial Calculators •Present financial calculators are flash & flex based and do not work on iOS and Android devices •In present calculators the UI layer and business logic are tightly coupled with one another Business Challenges •Fifteen HTML 5 based financial calculators that are customized separately for smartphones and tablets •UI layer and Business logic can be easily customized for different clients Zensar Solutions •Works on all kinds of smart devices as no flash is required •Calculators can be easily integrated into client’s existing website or native app •Customer can check borrowing capability, compare loans and plan budget Customer Benefit •Industry: Finance •User: End User •Platform : Web Facts 27© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  28. 28. Zensar Snapshot Mobile MEAP – Zensar has developed a low cost Mobile enterprise application Platform, built on robust open source technologies .Our MEAP can help with rapid deployments of mobility within an organization. Key features  Pre-built connectors for all major CRM and ERP systems  Device detection & Content Transcoding  Data security and encryption  Data synchronization- online & offline support  Over the air download & Push Notification Niraj Singh Regional Manager - Sales Email : niraj.singh@zensar.com Skills Technology Spread Industries Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Banking, Aviation, Utilities, Education, , Hospitality Technologies GPS, Bluetooth, MSR Reader, Barcode/QR Code, Bluetooth Printing, Camera, Maps, Security (AES256, HTTPS), Media Streaming, NFC, Device Detection, Synchronization Frameworks iOS SDK, Android SDK, PhoneGap, JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Charting Libraries (CorePlot, Acharts, Hi-Charts, Sencha charts), iUI, Wink Platforms iOS (iPhone/iPad) , Android (Phone/Tablets) , Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Blackberry Contact Details Experience Snapshot Objective C, C/C++, Android Java, Blackberry Java C# .NET CF, ASP .NET, Silverlight, Java, J2EE, Spring Struts JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch HTML5, CSS3, Java Script PhoneGap , SUP, Titanium, Syclo, AirWatch, Maas360 Integration Paypal, Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, Agile PLM, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In,Web Services (Restfull/SOAP) , Oracle Merchandising System, Siebel, SAP BO, Sales Force, Manage Engine, Drupal, PHPFox, SharePoint, CDN , Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, • Dedicated team of 60+ people • 4+ years in Windows Mobility Programming • 3+ years in IOS , Android and Blackberry • 200+ person years of development Zen MEAP Lite 28© Zensar Technologies 2013 | www.zensar.com
  29. 29. Thank You Niraj Singh Regional Manager – India Sales +91 99200 44 693