Project briefing May 2012: Interplay between health, wellbeing, education and employment


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Dr Sheree Cairney describes the Interplay project, which is part of the Investing in People program.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  • Title slide - include names of researchers involved with project and their affiliations (have partner logos of these people on title slide Research questions Methods (max 2 slides)Project outcomes Partnerships/stakeholders Achievements to date (max 2 slides)Final slide which has your contact details and partner logos of the partners involved in this project 
  • Project briefing May 2012: Interplay between health, wellbeing, education and employment

    1. 1. Interplay Between Health, Wellbeing,Education and Employment Dr Sheree Cairney Principal Research Leader Prof John Wakerman Chief Investigator Laurie Rivers Senior Project Officer Nicky Watson PhD Student Therese Tyacke Masters Student TBA Statistician
    2. 2. Research Questions 1. What are the relationships between health and wellbeing outcomes, and education and employment for individuals, families and communities living in remote Australia? 2. How effective are targeted interventions? 3. How can policy and practice be better informed by this knowledge to maximise desired health and wellbeing outcomes? 2
    3. 3. Methods Community &Advisory Board GovernmentTechnical Reference Groups Wellbeing FrameworkAboriginal ResearchersFocus Groups IndicatorsKey Informant Interviews Survey Tool • Individual, family and community levels • 6-10 remote communities • 2000-5000 people 3
    4. 4. Phases 1-3 ESTABLISH REVIEW DEVELOP Years 1-2 Team Literature Conceptual Framework Governance Frameworks Data Sources Stakeholders Indicators Survey Tools Methodology Concepts Community Engagement Risk Analysis Survey tools Communications Plan Ethics Data Sources Data Analysis Plan Phase 4 TEST Year 3 Conceptual Framework & Survey Tools Phase 5 IMPLEMENT Year 4 Collect Primary & Secondary Data Phase 6 EVALUATE Year 5 Data , Process & Impact Phase 7 TRANSFER Year 6 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities Policy Academic Literature Ninti One Documents 4
    5. 5. Project Outcomes • Identified education and employment strategies that have most positive health and wellbeing gains • Establish rich knowledge base to inform policy and community driven change • Improve quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote Australia through change driven by evidence of what works 5
    6. 6. Partnerships/Stakeholders • Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University • Charles Darwin University/Menzies School of Health Research • Northern Territory Government • Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education • FaHCSIA • DEEWR • University of New England • Southern Cross University • University of South Australia • Australian Bureau of Statistics • Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing • Lowitja Institute • Australian Community Indicators Network (ACIN) • The Poche Centre of Indigenous Health 6
    7. 7. Achievements to Date: Phase 2 (REVIEW) Ninti One Working papers: 1. Academic literature review (Oanh Nguyen & Sheree Cairney) 2. Review of Wellbeing Frameworks (Laurie Rivers) 3. Review of Indicators (Laurie Rivers) 4. Proposed model for analysis of Interplay data (David Campbell) 5. Validated survey tools in this group (Kylie Dingwall) Student proposals for community level input: 1. Effective education (Nicky Watson, PhD Student) 2. Concepts and measurement of wellbeing (Therese Tyacke, Masters student) 7
    8. 8. Achievements to Date: Phase 3 (DEVELOP) Primary data Secondary data• Kinship • Census• Culture • Community Housing and• Control Infrastructure Needs• Land Survey (CHINS)• Spirituality • Hospital• Resilience • Perinatal• Discrimination • Dental• Safety • Education• Self-governance • Law & Justice• Environment• Livelihood 8
    9. 9. Partners of Ninti One Dr Sheree Cairney, Principal Research Leader, Interplay Project Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University 0438 121 473