The Nintendo Wii Price: The Price of Dreams


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The Nintendo Wii Price: The Price of Dreams

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  2. 2. The Nintendo Wii Price: The Price of Dreams In the world of technology, the latest and greatest will always cost more than the older and lesser, that is the law of supply and demand. And video game systems are no different. In the past, when video game systems evolved from cartridges to compact discs, price tags in the range of three hundred was considered to be high.
  3. 3. Seven generations later Now, seven generations later in the video game world, it is not unheard of to see some of the newest systems selling for over six hundred dollars, almost double that of the newest systems of five years ago.
  4. 4. Such a hot seller However, this same law is one of the reasons the Nintendo Wii is such a hot seller - the Nintendo Wii price is not so outrageous. A new system, while the graphics are not as stellar as some of its counterparts, its originality, and its use of motion sensitive controllers, should technically make it worth the hefty price tag.
  5. 5. Population usually ignored by other consoles But at around two hundred and fifty dollars, the Nintendo Wii is very affordable. In fact, the Nintendo Wii price is one of the many reasons it is so popular among families specifically, family-friendly in both price and game content, it is revolutionizing the video game world by targeting non-gamers, a population usually ignored by other consoles.
  6. 6. The Woes of Money Like computers, video game systems are often obsolete the moment they are released. True gamers will have to put down a lot of money to stay up-to-date on the video game front, and as prices skyrocket, this dilemma gets more and more complicated.
  7. 7. Non-gamers and families The Nintendo Wii price, however, is not reflective of its capabilities and ingenuity. While many hardcore gamers will not be attracted to the console, it prefers traditional sporting games over role playing games or first-person shooters. Non-gamers and families will love the system because it is affordable.
  8. 8. Unique video gaming experience However, even hardcore gamers should reconsider the system. The Nintendo Wii price is affordable, yes, but that does not mean it is a weak system. What it lacks in violence and action it makes up in a unique video gaming experience. How often are gamers able to literally act out the movements of their characters?
  9. 9. Console’s unique array of controllers With the console’s unique array of controllers, video gaming is now putting the active back in activity. The Nintendo Wii price of accessories is also reasonable. New controllers are released periodically to help video game developers be creative. These new controllers help emulate even more actions, from running to jumping and everything in-between. Even the games are better priced than any other console on the market.
  10. 10. Advantage of technology And once again, while this helps attract families and other non-gamers who, for a long time, have been unable to afford the video game market, it should not deter long-time gamers from giving the Nintendo Wii a shot. It is a unique experience that truly takes advantage of technology, and helps video gaming transcend mere gaming to the realm of virtual reality.
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