The Nintendo Wii Boxing Games For Everyone


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The Nintendo Wii Boxing Games For Everyone

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  2. 2. The Nintendo Wii Boxing Games For Everyone Trying on a different personality is something that many would like to do and the gaming system the Nintendo Wii allows for people to become someone else for a gaming experience. The Nintendo Wii is an interactive home gaming system that incorporates physical motion into a game to make the play very involved and up close and personal.
  3. 3. Newest family members The Nintendo Wii is one of the newest family members in the Nintendo gaming system. The Nintendo Game Cube is a well known system that has a host of popular games another of the gaming systems by Nintendo is the very popular handheld gaming system the Nintendo DS which both children and adults enjoy.
  4. 4. Invention of the nintendo wii With the invention of the Nintendo Wii, the company has bridged the gap between the well versed gamer and the first time player, by using controllers that are easy to manipulate and change play on the screen.
  5. 5. Opportunity to become a boxer This type of play allows players to really become involved in the game and with the Nintendo Wii boxing games a player has the opportunity to become a boxer and get in the ring for some real challenging play.
  6. 6. Looking At Nintendo Wii Boxing Games One of the Nintendo Wii boxing games that is offered is the Showtime Championship Boxing. This Nintendo Wii boxing game allows for the player to play on different levels of skill such as Amateur Belt, Contender Belt, Showtime Belt and even King of the Ring. This gives the player several levels to play through and keeps the game exciting and changing.
  7. 7. Lightweight and heavy weight There are 14 boxers in the game, seven are lightweight and seven are heavy weight and the player can even choose what venue they want to fight in from Las Vegas to New York and also Chicago. The fights can be between four and twelve rounds and points are rewarded for things like knock outs and technical knock outs. The game play with this Nintendo Wii boxing game is fast paced and thrilling.
  8. 8. Wii sports package The other Nintendo Wii boxing game that is offered is included in the Wii sports package. This type of Nintendo Wii boxing involves using your own personal mini me character that you have created for the game. This character comes with a variety of choices including hair and eye color, shape of the face and style of hair.
  9. 9. Nintendo Wii boxing In this Nintendo Wii boxing the play involves using the Nunchuk controller and a player can box with other players. This game is a lot of fun and laughs and is geared more towards enjoyment as opposed to showing off boxing skill. The Nintendo Wii boxing games offer a variety of play for both the serious player and the one looking to have fun.
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