The Changing Face of Nintendo Wii Reviews


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The Changing Face of Nintendo Wii Reviews

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  2. 2. The Changing Face of Nintendo Wii Reviews The Nintendo Wii is something new to not just video gamers but to the rest of the world as well. If you are playing tennis on the Wii you have to actually move your controller like you are swinging a tennis racquet. For bowling you have to make the bowling motion of releasing the ball and for golf you better brush up on that swing.
  3. 3. Wii reviews were blasting the Wii on areas When the Wii first came out it appeared as though many people did not understand it as the Nintendo Wii reviews were blasting the Wii on areas that seemed to be significant at the time but now are not so significant. The original Nintendo Wii reviews mentioned the fact that not a lot of the day’s video game hits were part of the Wii library.
  4. 4. Just another game system Most Nintendo Wii reviews could not get past the notion that the Wii was just another game system and needed to have the same games as all the rest. Instead of being seen as anything revolutionary the Nintendo Wii reviews tore it apart for not being like the rest. Then, after a while, when the public got their hands on the Wii and started to understand what it was all about the Nintendo Wii reviews started to change and suddenly minds were opened.
  5. 5. Public response started Soon after the public response started to come in the Nintendo Wii reviews started to reflect the growing appreciation and understanding for the Wii. It was not just your average video game system and it was probably not capable of having the video game hits of the day as part of its offering.
  6. 6. Very different and potentially revolutionary The Nintendo Wii reviews started to actually look at the system for what it was instead of trying to fit it into the framework of what the video game world already knew and suddenly everyone realized that what they had was something very different and potentially revolutionary.
  7. 7. You Can Even Find it in Bars The two more popular games on the Wii are tennis and bowling. It seems so unlikely that in this day and age of shoot ‘em up video games that tennis and bowling would be so popular but they are. They are so popular that bars and night clubs all over the country are having Wii tennis and bowling tournaments and people are coming out by the thousands to play.
  8. 8. Actually get some exercise playing You can actually get some exercise playing the Wii and now Nintendo Wii reviews herald the beginning of an entirely new world that video games had never gone into. Suddenly video games were good for the body and the soul. It was a dramatic change and the Wii keeps on pioneering new ways for people to enjoy video games.
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