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Topic & Conclusion Sentence Tutorial
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Topic & Conclusion Sentence Tutorial


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Essay it goes along with:

Essay it goes along with:

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Writing an Advanced Topic and Conclusion Sentence for an essay
  • 2. A topic sentence tells you who or what theparagraph it is introducing you to. It requires a:topicand amain point
  • 3. Normal Topic Sentence “Nathan Hale had a very normal young life.”Our topic is:Nathan HaleOur main point is:his normal young life
  • 4. An advanced topic sentence is a topic sentencethat gives you a idea of what the main point isabout, but doesn’t directly tell you.
  • 5. Advanced Topic SentenceNathan Hale was born in Coventry, Connecticut,1755.
  • 6. Nathan Haleis the topic was born in Coventry, Connecticut, 1755.Is the main point. This tells us that the essay isnot yet about his active service but about hisyounger life.
  • 7. A conclusion sentence is a “Big so what”It says this is “What I just told you” and this iswhy it is important.A even better conclusion sentence gives you the“Big so What,” but also tells transitions to thenext paragraph
  • 8. Conclusion SentenceGeorge Washington led his army to victory, andthis is what made our Country win the war.
  • 9. George Washington who this paragraph is aboutled his army to victorySays what we told them in the paragraphand this is what made our country win the war.Is the big so what, that is why it is important
  • 10. An advanced conclusion sentence would be asentence that says only what the next paragraphis about, but some how tells your brain, that theparagraph is over.It could even be multiple sentences
  • 11. In a paragraph that is about Nathan Hale going behind enemy lines and spying, a good conclusion would be:He was taken captive September 21, 1776.
  • 12. His captivity and death are the topics of the nextparagraph, in the context if gives a sense offinality but doesn’t say specifically “ThisParagraph is Over!”