Let Me Introduce Myself 2


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Let Me Introduce Myself 2

  1. 1. Let Me Introduce Myself By Alex Oh
  2. 2. Tab l e o f Co n t e n t s • A Few of My Favorite Things • A Vacation Story • My Family • My Favorite Movies • My Talents
  3. 3. A Few of My Favorite Things • Watching PIXAR movies • Playing video games on Nintendo • Reading books • Going to school • Riding bikes • My family went to grandma’s time-share in New Jersey.
  4. 4. A Vacation Story • My mom and I swam in a pool inside the building. • My cousin Brandon was there and went swimming.
  5. 5. My Family • My mom rests with me when I go to sleep. • My dad plays Super Mario 64 on DS. • My brother Justin plays XBOX.
  6. 6. Favorite Movies 1. Toy Story 2. A Bug’s Life 3. Toy Story 2 4. Monsters, Incorporated 5. The Sandlot 6. Night at the Museum
  7. 7. Movie Review By: Alex Oh Toy Story • This movie is about toys that come to life in Andy’s house and Sid’s house. Andy is six years old. His favorite toy is Sheriff Woody. Woody has a pull string that makes him talk. When the toys become alive, they walk and talk in Andy’s house. • I like this movie because it’s fun and I like to watch the toys come to life.
  8. 8. Movie Review By: Alex Oh A Bug’s Life • This movie is about bugs that get food for the grasshoppers because they are hungry. Flik, the ant, accidentally spilled all the food into the water. • My favorite character is the bird because they eat grasshoppers. • I like this movie because bugs talk.
  9. 9. Movie Review By: Alex Oh Toy Story 2 • Toy Story 2 is different than Toy Story. The difference is that Al stole Woody from Andy’s house and Buzz Lightyear needs to rescue him. All the toys walk to different places to help save Woody. Finally, Buzz saved Woody at the airport. • My favorite part of the movie is when the toys crossed the road. I like that part because they had problems crossing the road.
  10. 10. Second Time in Imax Movies For the second time, my dad took me to IMAX. I haven’t been to IMAX for a long time. My dad told me to put the tickets inside my pocket so I won’t lose them. My dad gave me food for the movie. I ate all the popcorn and I wasn’t trying to eat too much popcorn. If I don’t stop eating so much popcorn, I will get sick. I have to save the popcorn for after lunch. The movie was long and I took a short nap. My dad loves taking me to IMAX during the weekend. The movie was fun, yes it was! The movie was called Night at the Museum.
  11. 11. Movie Review By: Alex Oh Night at the Museum • The movie was about the animals coming alive when the museum closes. After the museum was closed, they came alive. There were dinosaurs and wild animals. The main character was a security guard. He took care of the animals and the museum at night. My favorite scene was the animals having a stampede. My other favorite scene was when the children went to the museum as a field trip. This movie was like Jumanji in 1995. I loved the movie and I would recommend to others to watch.
  12. 12. My Talents • I take swimming lessons. I swim all the way to the deep end. I swim like a frog. • I have been playing piano since 1999. I play songs for John. I play the Wishing Well song. • Are you good at the computer? I am. I’m good at typing, learning about words, and searching for pictures on GOOGLE.
  13. 13. Git Along, Little Dogies This is an American cowboy song. Dogies are motherless year-old calves. Cowboys would sing songs to the frightened young dogies as they herded them from place to place
  14. 14. My Favorite Place • My favorite place is the roller-skating rink. • I like to go with my mom. • I skate around the circles. • I’m good at this!