C1 Topic 10 The Planet Earth
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C1 Topic 10 The Planet Earth



The tenth topic of the C1 English Course at EOI Huelva

The tenth topic of the C1 English Course at EOI Huelva



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C1 Topic 10 The Planet Earth C1 Topic 10 The Planet Earth Presentation Transcript

  • Geography, Climate & The Environment Nina Dearle My blog By PresenterMedia.com Topic 10
  • Vocabulary Work Vocabulary in Use (Upper Intermediate) 35 Countries, nationalities and languages 36 The weather 42 Global problems 49 The environment 51 The natural world Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) 33 Describing the world 34 Weather and climate 36 Trees, plants and metaphors 37 Animals and birds 38 Environment and conservatism
  • World Geography Quizzes Earth and Universe Quiz Green Quizzes but you will have to register.
  • Weather Event Factors Present thunderstorm rain, clouds, lightning, thunder, wind tornado clouds, strong wind, rain, hail hurricane or cyclone strong wind, heavy rain blizzard heavy snow, ice, cold temperatures dust storm strong winds, arid conditions flood heavy rainfall hail storm cold or warm temperatures, rain, ice ice storm freezing rain Weather Investigation
  • 1. You are going to hear: a) a lecture (it will rain, but there has been a drought) b) a movie c) a radio programme X 2. The weather is a) getting worse b) getting better X c) will continue the same Listening Worksheet 4. Elizabeth Kolbert is: a) a prominent writer on global climate change X b) a former staff reporter at the New Yorker c) writes for the New York Times d) author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe X e) recipient of an AAAS magazine writing award X 5. What is Elizabeth Kolbert’s assessment of the Obama administration on the climate and environmental issue? It’s good they’ve put it at the top of the agenda but still doesn’t know where it will go. 3. What has happened recently to continue the debate about the science of global climate change? An Antarctic ice-shelf the size of new York city has broken into icebergs as the result of a collapse of an ice-bridge.
  • 6. According to Elizabeth Kolbert, to what extent can scientists and climatologists influence public concern for climate change? She thinks it’s unclear because climate change is not something that is immediate. People are more concerned with the ‘here and now’. 6. According to the meteorologist, what percentage of meteorologists believe in climate change? 60% 6. What point does Elizabeth Kolbert make about meteorologists and climatologists? Meteorologists can tell you about the weather over the weekend. Climatologists can tell you about long-term weather. 6. What does she say policy making depends on? Economics. 6. What holds up people voting in favour of climate legislation? Debating the best economically sound conclusions – what can we gain or lose.
  • Climate and the Environment Do you agree with the following statements. Say why / why not. Politicians are not doing enough to protect the environment. Multinational companies not doing enough to protect the environment. People are not doing enough to protect the environment.
  • Notable seconds 1. English 2. Canada 3. Islam 4. Buzz Aldrin 5. Frankfurt 6. t 7. Sweden 8. flying 9. Amazon 10. I 11. France 12. Spain 13. 3rd Street 14. Mumbai 15. Japanese 16. John 1. Mandarin Chinese 2. Russia 3. Christianity 4. Neil Armstrong 5. London, Heathrow 6. e 7. Finland 8. spiders 9. Nile 10. the 11. Ukraine 12. France 13. 2nd Street 14. Tokyo 15. English 16. Mohammed Inside Out (Macmillan Heinemann)
  • Plastic bags 1. An environmental group or a local recycling group or supermarkets. To encourage people to reuse plastic bags and avoid unnecessary waste.
  • What are the main environmental concerns in your country? Climate change Conservation: ecosystems / fishing / forests / natural resources / species Energy Genetic engineering Nuclear issues Overpopulation Ozone depletion Pollution Waste 1C 2E 3B 4D 5G 6G 7B 8E 9C 10F
  • How to be eco-friendly
  • A Changing World Question 1 C Question 2 1E 2D 3B/C 4B/C 5B 6C 7A 8C 9A/E 10A7E 11D 12B CAE Result (Oxford)
  • Writing skills a proposal an email
  • Writing an email recommending places to visit •It’s definitely worth spending/visiting … •There’s lots to see and do … •It’s a great place to wander round/soak up the atmosphere / meet people … •The best way to get around is … •If you’re interested in …, then … •Whatever you do, you must … •The best way to get there is … •Make sure you … •Don’t be temptd to … •If you have time, … •For a change of scene, you could …