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  1. 1. Avila 1 Have you ever stopped to think about designing a room, office, kitchen, or perhaps even aschool? Interior design is important because it helps to better materialistic surroundings. Themost important things about interior design include the history, the types of locations beingdesigned, the moods that colors make you feel and most important, the cost of designing. Interiordesign helps improve the quality of life for everyone. “Often we don’t realize that our interiorspaces can govern or moods, our outlook on life, even how happy we are to be alive” (Joyce). The most important things about interior design, are the 5 elements, Space, Line, Form,Color, and texture.when decorating a place the 5 elements guide you to look for the best andputting things together. When it comes to the space, you should know that you are just workingwith the existing space and not determining it. You should want to make the place bigger andwith more space. It set the limits to the functional and decorative thing that you can do to theplace. Lines, like color and form, can set the overall mood of the room. Vertical lines can be veryhelpful for adding height to a small room. It also gives the dignity and formal look. On the otherhand, horizontal lines add the informal and restful feeling. The diagonal lines are the one toattract your attention. Curved lines are for softening the place and making it from looking stiffand so feminine. The form of a room is produced by the lines or shapes of object in the room,which also affects the feeling of the room. The color is very helpful in determining the mood of aroom. Even with the simplest furnishing colors can make a room look smaller or larger, or it canmake it feel cooler or warmer. The possible smoothness or roughness of a room is determined asa texture of the room. Texture fulfills and amplifies the feeling of the casual feeling of the room.You should always avoid dramatic contrast in textures. (Articlesbase) “Interior design is just what the name implies, the decorating of the interiors of ourbuildings to make our rooms more attractive, confortable, and functional” (Joyce).
  2. 2. Avila 2 Thanks to the ancient Egyptians, interior design is now very popular. Ancient Egyptianswouldn’t decorate their mud huts with very simple furniture. They would make their furnitureout of animal skins and/or textiles. “Roman and Greeks built next to the Egyptians art interiordecorating and accessorizing.” Greeks wooden furniture would have ivory and silverornamentation. Home interiors reflected wealth and distinction. Colors were introduced by theEuropean after the dark ages. During the Dark ages the richest people went from decorativetouches and stone carvings to muted colors and simple textiles (IDS). Every location is designed differently. Offices are usually design to look professional.Most of the time all they do to an office is choose a nice desk, a comfortable chair, a small shelf,and a cabinet drawer. The best color for an office is white. It is simple, relaxing, and calmed.Small apartments should be designed and furnished with small furniture so that helps make morespace. Mirrors can also make the place look significally larger (Article). Designing a restaurant is totally different. You have to see what kind of restaurant it isgoing to be. For example if it is going to be Mexican restaurant, then you might want to havesome Mexican drawings on the wall to emphasis the type of restaurant. Some great colors wouldthe Mexican colors for representation. Also, if it is a nice fancy restaurant then you want to makesure that it makes the customers feel welcomed and comfortable enough to stay longer after theirmeal. You want everything to look very well organized and pretty looking. Designing a school isdifferent because you don’t any colors that will cause distractions. You want to keep on mindthat it is a place where concentration and relaxation is needed. For students to be able to payattention in class, the color beige is perfect in helping concentrate and gives a calm feeling. Interior design doesn’t necessary have to expensive. Little changes can make abig difference, for example, in your kitchen; you can try a bright, colorful appliance on the
  3. 3. Avila 3counter top. The color will add that “WOW” factor. If any of your appliance is scratched ormismatched, you can put a giant magnet that gives them an artful disguised. You can do thingsone by one so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money that you don’t have at thetime.(Bertand).“It is important that we pay attention to this aspect of our existence. Even whenwe live in poverty, we try to decorate our interiors to give our lives more meaning, to giveourselves a sense of hope. That is why interior decorating is so important” (Joyce). Extreme Makeover: Home Edition reality show is based on improving the life of thosefamilies who are in need and are going through rough times. Making their lifes better andhappy.By watching this show I realize that they also, think interior design is important forimproving the way people feel about their homes. The way it makes them feel, even when theyare in need but still have a beautiful surrounding. That is why the history, the locations, moods and cost of interior design are important.For someone that likes interior design, the history is a great thing to know. The moods that eachlocation makes you feel are some amazing things that you probably never thought about.Remember that designing something does not have to cost you much at all. If you really love interior design, then it is very interesting to know how and who itstarted it. And to know that this started centuries ago by ancient Egyptians. And why it becameso important in our lives. You would never have thought that colors and the way things arearranged would affect your mood. Having everything in your home arranged just the way youlike does not have to be expensive. Little things can make big difference. Small rooms can bemade to look bigger by arranging things a certain way. Like for small rooms it is better to furnishit with small furniture. The calming colors such as; white and beige are the most used for officesand school. Where most concentration is needed!
  4. 4. Avila 4Teresa Kirkwood from Kirkwood builders has so many responsibilities as an interior designer.Her and her husband, have to work together before breaking down on the house plans to makesure that they function efficiently. They make great use of the space, have a flow to them, andare aesthetically pleasing. It is a job to stay abreast of trends and new products to incorporate intheir homes. For their Parade of homes, homes and spec homes she has to choose everything thatis visual. That includes so many things for her to do, such as, what kind of bricks and stone touse, where to put it, the roof color, the front door, what color and style of cabinets, whichwrought iron picket to use, what interior doors we use, and door knobs. Plumbing fixtures,lighting and here to put it, what kind of trim to put where, wall colors, tile and tile layouts, itreally goes on and on. She also has to shop for and stage their homes. Mrs. Kirkwood does fauxfinishes on ceiling and home theaters. When she has pre-sells a home, she works with herhomebuyers and guides them through their selections of all the above things. She likes them tohave a true custom home. She loves what she does but what she most enjoys is their model andParade homes because she gets to do them exactly how she likes. The Kirkwood Builders team,which includes her, her husband, my father and uncles,have won five of the best Awards in theJohnston County Parade of Homes Competition. That just means that their homes got the highesttotal points of all homes in the competition. I have had the experience of seeing the wonderful homes that they create. I have been tothe competition, seen every detail of the homes that Kirkwood Builders make and also have beenin the Parade of Homes and have seen the many things that she has to do. I had never seen suchbeautiful real homes.