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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Dreaming: are youpresent at relevantinspirationpointsResearching: do youunderstandcustumerspath to purchaseBooking: canyourcustumerseasilyfindandbookyourservicesManypeoplesearchforrestaurants, placesduringtheirtravel, experienceIs yourcompany a part oftheconversation?Forthatweneedeffectivesearchengine marketing strategy
  • Everythingstartswihtusersintent…userwilltransformhisintent to keyword term. More thevaluechainwilfollowsusersintent (keyword) more successfullourcampaignwillbeFurthermore, our ad need to fulfillusersneed… weneed to showthemthatwehavetherightoffer…Andwhenusersclick on our ad, theyneed to beredirected to thewebpagewiththecontenttheywerelookingforDiduserbookourrooms? Why not?
  • Typicaltravelclickstream!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Effective searchengine marketingstrategy in tourismBled 23/3/2012
    • 2. 1999 Web communication strategy specialists Technical development and solutions driveniPROM Ad Server™ & iPROM Video AdServer™ Direct clients and agencies SLO and abroad
    • 3. 62% of personal travelers use search engines as the 1# source for travel information Search is #1 planning tool for leisure travelers 22 site visits across 9.5 sessions before bookingsource:
    • 4. Lenght of purchase cycle in tourism?source:
    • 5. Strategic roles of search engine marketing1 Existing enquiry driven by other promotional activities 2 Existing generic enquiry
    • 6. Strategic roles of search engine marketing3 Creating new customers 4 Protection from the competition
    • 7. Strategic roles of search engine marketing 5 Brand building
    • 8. Travel purchase cycle… and your search engine marketing activities Sharing Dreaming Experiencing Researching Bookingsource: Google
    • 9. Search engine marketing value chain…Foundation for successful search enginecampaignsUsers intent Keyword AD Landing Conversion
    • 10. Search engine marketing value chain…Users intent Keyword ADI need a room Hotel Bled in Bled
    • 11. Landing
    • 12. Search engine marketing value chain…Its easy! Wait…Users intent Keyword ADI need a room Hotel Bled in Bled
    • 13. Sorry, but I’m looking for a hotel in Blednot LjubljanaDon’t really need furniture, just want tobook a room in BledReally??!! I need to search again?
    • 14. Keyword strategy Hiking Bled Hotel Lovec Bled Hotel Bled List of hotels Bled Sava Hotels and resorts Bled Grand hotel Toplice
    • 15. Keyword strategy Hiking Bled Hotel Lovec Bled Groups that advertisers often Hotel Bled forget List of hotels Bled Sava Hotels and resorts Bled Most common Grand hotel Toplice use
    • 16. Direct sales vs Search volume Direct sales Search volume Relevant Competition Relevant Relevant Brand Keywords Product/ Generic Keywords Category Intention service Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords
    • 17. …and why one can not focus only on “directsales” keywords…
    • 18. …more SEM Measure your results! SEM campaign is live…optimize it constantly Its not how much you pay per click…its how much you are willing to pay per action iPROM existing SEM accont review is FREE for TRAVEL ZOOM participants …new to this? Feel FREE to contact 
    • 19. Matjaž ButaraHead of Search Engine Marketing