Presentation splendid event agency 2013 (ENG)


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Presentation splendid event agency 2013 (ENG)

  1. 1. Information aboutSplendid event agency 2013 г.
  2. 2. Our companyWe are dynamic and energetic professionals specializing in event management. Our core activities:- Organizing gastronomic festival with the participation of renowned chefs of the world;- Recruitment in the field of HoReCa;- Organizing social events, attracting partners;- Various PR activities and support.We can develop and execute unusual and fresh ideas in line with your business
  3. 3. History of the companySplendid Event Agency was founded in 2008, we started fromorganization of tours of Chefs in the best restaurants in Moscowand St. Petersburg, and gradually the scope of the agencysextended, and we added recruitment of foreign and Russian cooksto the list of our services. We also began engage in PR-support ofthe company, the organization of secular and corporate events,tours of famous DJs and photographers. Among our clients -Novikov Group (restaurants Vogue Cafe, GQ Bar, Tatler Club),Ginza Project (restaurants The Garden, Balcony, Bono), OrientExpress Hotels, Trains & Cruises, Hotel Martinez Cannes, a clubfor the whole family "Ribambel" (Gallery "Seasons") and manyothers.
  4. 4. Recruiting (personnel search)Recruiting - one of the leading activities agency. Weselect chefs, management, accountants, designers andother staff in the area of HoReCa for restaurants andprivate homes. During five years, our agency hasdeveloped an extensive database of contacts. Our clientsinclude major networks - Novikov groups, GinzaProject, a separate restaurant projects and companiesand individuals.
  5. 5. PR supportRestaurants Scottish cell, Bellini, Osteria Olivetta, BeefBar, Vanil,Stork, Terrace (St. Petersburg), Amur (Khabarovsk), and manyothers trusted us the implementation of PR-campaigns.Preparation of the event includes the following activities: - Distribution of press releases on famous culinary and lifestylemedia, a popular on-line resources; - Placing advertisements in print and on-line publications; - Organization of a media lunch for the press; - The organization of individual visits of the gastronomicjournalists to the restaurant; - Cooperation with concierge services; - Selection of media partner for the event.
  6. 6. Gastronomic tourTours of the Chefs - another important area of the companySplendid agency, this is a unique opportunity for the Russianpublic to get acquainted with gastronomic delights of the bestworld restaurants. For restaurants and sponsors of theseevents - this is an excellent opportunity to attract visitors, andFor local staff it gives possibility to learn the new trends ingastronomy. We organized gastronomical tour with Michelinmeters Sean Hergatt, Jean-Christophe Novelli, MasahuruMorimoto, Juan Galvez, Francesco Spozito, Luke Manganand others.
  7. 7. Events for the hotelsWe conduct gastronomic events for hotels, which is very good PR-campaign and newway to attract visitors to the resorts.Our agency finds a partner for the hotel in Moscow - a popular restaurant. During theevent we organize Gala Dinner for VIP guests with prizes from the hotel, trade-dinnerwith business partners and the press lunch.Within the event provides:- Display the logo on all printed materials;- Brochures / flyers;- Translation of the video of the hotel on the large TV screen in the restaurant during thewhole week;- Press releases in the popular media;- Announcement / post event announcements in popular magazines and web-sites.
  8. 8. Executed Projects2008:Orient Express - La Residence Phou Vao (Laos) - Restaurant Vesna (Moscow)Orient Express - Hotel Ritz Madrid (Madrid) - Restaurant Vogue Cafe (Moscow)Orient Express - Hotel Cipriani (Venice) - Restaurant GQ Bar (Moscow)2009:Hotel Okura (Amsterdam) - Restaurant Nabi (Moscow)Hotel Martinez (Cannes) - Restaurant GQ Bar (Moscow)Orient Express - Hotel Cipriani (Venice) - Restaurant GINZA (St. Petersburg)2010:Hotel Martinez (Cannes) - Tatler Club restaurantHotel Reids Palace (Madeira) - BlackBerry Café (Moscow)Resort of Forte Village Resort (Sardinia) - Restaurant TOMMY D (Moscow)
  9. 9. Projects2011:Orient Express - Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare (Portofino) - Restaurant Tatler Club(Moscow)Hotel 5 * Marbella Club (Málaga) - Restaurant Beefbar (Moscow)Forte Village Resort (Sardinia) - Restaurant Stork (Moscow)Hotel Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel (Crete) - Restaurant Buono (Moscow)Orient Express - Hotel Cipriani (Venice) - restaurant Bistrot (Moscow)Hotel Capri Palace - restaurant Osteria Olivetta (Moscow)Hotel Maria Cristina - restaurant BUONO (Moscow)2012:Hotel Elounda Peninsul All Suite (Crete) - Restaurant Tatler club2013:Orient Express – Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare, Hotel Villa SantAndrea, Hotel VillaSan Michele - Vanil restaurant (Moscow)
  10. 10. Example of our events: Gastronomic festival with Star Cheffrom Hotel Martinez, Cannes in GQ Bar, Moscow June 2009 In June 2009, during 7 days, guests of the restaurant GQ Bar, Moscow had great opportunity to taste special menu from Christian Cinicropi - executive chef of the Hotel Martinez, awarded by 2 Michelin stars. Festival was supported by French Embassy in Russia and GQ Magazine
  11. 11. Example of our events: Gastronomic festival with Star Cheffrom Hotel Martinez, Cannes in GQ Bar, Moscow June 2009During gastronomic week there was 2 main activities - GalaDinner for VIP guests and lunch with degustation for mediaProgram of gala dinner: special menu from chef, lottery of theweekend in Hotel Martinez, sets of DJ Max Leonidas from HotelMartinez and Life Sax.Among guests of the gala dinner there were many celebrities:Ambassador of France in Moscow - Jean de Gliniasty, producerPavel Lungin, editor-in-chef of GQ magazine - Uskov Nikolay,singers– Irson Kudikova, and Izolda Ishhanishvili, artist –Konstantin Krukov, etc.
  12. 12. Example of our events: Gastronomic festival with Star Cheffrom Hotel Martinez, Cannes in GQ Bar, Moscow June 2009Festival was supported by following PR activities:• Outdoor ad in the center of Moscow• Promo flayers distributed in restaurants of Novikov group• Invitation cards for VIP guests of the restaurant and celebrities• Distributions of the press-realizes in all major media• Announcement about event on web-site of Novikov group• Announcement in the info sponsor of the event – GQ magazine
  13. 13. Hotel Martinez, Cannes - PR coverage in media (example ofour events, June 2009)We had the following PR coverage:- GQ- Vogue- Chefart- Vedomosti- Kommersant- Menu magazine- Marie Claire- OK- Afisha- RBC
  14. 14. Contacts:Elena Tsivileva,+7 (916) 901 46 60etsivileva@splendidagency.comNina Makogon,+7 (985) 134 41