Nimsoft SaaS Service Desk Essentials - presented at CA World 2011


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Your service desk might be the only IT resource guaranteed to touch everyone in your enterprise. Learn how Nimsoft Service Desk accelerates your responsiveness, efficiency, and alignment to your business. In this session, product experts from Nimsoft will discuss how you can benefit from using Nimsoft Service Desk by coordinating and accelerating incident response and proactive IT management—so you can increase end user satisfaction, reduce costs, and meet business objectives.

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Nimsoft SaaS Service Desk Essentials - presented at CA World 2011

  1. 1. Nimsoft Service Desk EssentialsGN006sNSandeep Soman - Product Management - November 16th 2011 @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 1 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  2. 2. abstractSandeep SomanNimsoft, Sr. Principal Product ManagerYour service desk might be the only IT resource guaranteed to toucheveryone in your enterprise. Learn how Nimsoft Service Desk acceleratesyour responsiveness, efficiency, and alignment to your business. In thissession, product experts from Nimsoft will discuss how you can benefitfrom using Nimsoft Service Desk by coordinating and accelerating incidentresponse and proactive IT management—so you can increase end usersatisfaction, reduce costs, and meet business objectives. @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 2 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  3. 3. agenda Market Segmentation Nimsoft Service Desk Overview Licensing Features/Benefits Questions @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 3 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  4. 4. market entry points Market 1 Very Large Replacing existing legacy on-premise service desk applications from Market 2 BMC Remedy, HP, IBM,etc Replacing existing on-premise entry level help desk applications from BMC Express, VMWare SD Mgr, FrontRange, Numara, etc. Small @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 4 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  5. 5. nimsoft service deskAn ITIL v3 complete service desk solution Best practices compliant » Real-world experience-based Service Provider ready Easy to buy, deploy and manage » Low TCO » Flexible pricing » SaaS or On Premise Complete offering @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 5 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  6. 6. part of nimsoft unified managerNimsoft extends solution to IT Management as a Service:Unified IT Management from the data center to the cloud Nimsoft Service Desk » Efficient, complete, best practices-based » Real-world proven » Ready now for Service Providers and Emerging Enterprises Nimsoft Unified Manager » Common user experience » Common architecture » Pay as you consume » Consume as you business requires @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 6 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  7. 7. @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 7 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  8. 8. best practices and experience Years of experience built in » Designed and built by a Service Provider Service Operations » Incident Management » Ability to start with standard » Problem Management configurations pre-loaded » Request Management » Event Management Service Transition » Change Management » Service Asset Configuration Management » Knowledge Management Service Design » Service Level Management » Availability Management @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 8 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  9. 9. nimsoft service desk: simple SaaS licensing License Types » Fixed (Named) License: Designed for the Individuals who work on the help desk full time » Floating (Concurrent) License: Designed for the individuals who work on the help desk part time and usually shared by multiple individuals » Self Service (End User): Free of charge. No license needed Includes: » Production & Staging instances with full ITIL based workflow » All infrastructure requirements such as hardware, software & backups » 24 X 7 Support via web, phone & email » Automatic upgrades while keeping client customizations @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 9 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  10. 10. benefits for your organization Configure don’t code Adaptable workflow » Workflow is 100% configurable allows you to meet your » No programming skills required specific business needs without custom code » Configuration not lost in upgrades Simple Pricing Model Simple » Pay per user implementation » Fixed or floating licenses shortens your time to value » Free end user access Cost Savings Seamless upgrades » Automated Free Upgrades make it possible to get the latest improvements » No Infrastructure Required without ripping apart your implementation @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 10 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  11. 11. benefits for your users Workflow focuses on actions » Tell Nimsoft Service Desk what to do, don’t guess based on status changes Tried and True Interface for Service Desk Agents » High Throughput, Multi-Window design - Keep individual Incidents, Change Requests, etc. open while working in other parts of the system » Easy to use Portal Web Interface » Available anywhere anytime Self Service available by Automatic incident web or e-mail creation lets you proactively address potential service interruptions @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 11 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  12. 12. customer success stories Scalability & Integrations » Global IT Services, Facilities, Compliance, Datacenter Operations - 1400 agents, 47,000 employees, ~50000 tickets/month, 60+ countries…integrated into desktop support, datacenter operations and global facilities Adoption » IT Services, Facilities and Vendor Management - 200 agents, 3000+ employees, 4000 tickets/month, 15 countries…Nimsoft Service Desk was the second most widely used application within first 4 months of deployment Lower TCO » IT Services & Compliance - 15 agents, 350 employees, 500 tickets…primary tool for managing PCI compliance controls Time to Value » Customer Service - 40 agents, supporting 35,000 external customers, 10,000 tickets/month… production in 4 weeks @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 12 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  13. 13. nimsoft service desk @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 13 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  14. 14. nimsoft service deskservice catalog & request Request management through Service Catalog yields efficiency » Self service and automated intake & routing reduce costs » Clear communication with the end users for more satisfaction » Use Service Catalog and templates for efficient user service requests Features » Single web portal for all requests with email option » Service catalog for standardization of normal requests » Automated classification and routing based on templates @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 14 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  15. 15. nimsoft service deskincident management Incident Management Boosts Service Levels » Increased Efficiency - Tight integration of Knowledge Management » Accelerated Resolution - Prebuilt incident templates increases 1st contact resolution & improves time to resolution. » Workflow that Enhances Efficiency and Quality - Ensure that analysts are able to follow the correct process and deliver expected service levels. Features » Incident Models to automate standard processes » Automatic routing based information » One-click actions for status changes @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 15 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  16. 16. nimsoft service deskincident management @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 16 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  17. 17. nimsoft service deskproblem management Problem Management Reduces Future Issues » Identify recurring or ongoing IT issues to keep business services running efficiently » Increase efficiency by linking multiple incidents to a single problem, including the workflow to close all related incidents Features » Initiate a pre-populated problem from incident » Associate multiple incidents to a single problem » Graphical view of related CIs to affected service » Add analysis on root cause, impact, and more » Add workaround, solutions, or known-error information @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 17 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  18. 18. nimsoft service deskchange management Change Management Helps You Be Agile » Make changes with minimal disruptions by using standardized procedures for highly efficient, rapid processing » Evaluate, prioritize, plan, test, document, approve and implement change requests through the organization. » Meet objectives for SOX, PCI, and other compliance requirements. Features » Initiate change requests from incidents or problems. » Electronic CAB » Decisions with comments via Web interface or email. » Automatically notify all change stakeholders » Identify assets/CIs and services that may be affected. » Schedule changes on change calendar. » Complete audit trail @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 18 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  19. 19. nimsoft service deskchange management @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 19 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  20. 20. nimsoft service deskconfiguration management Configuration Management Helps Quality Service » Centralized, comprehensive view of IT data » Associates affected groups with changes and outages » Define and manage relationships and dependencies for rapid diagnosis and accurate planning Features » Model and provide detailed information on all CIs » Graphical view of relationships » Associate CIs with changes and outages » Track history » Take discovery or import data to populate @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 20 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  21. 21. nimsoft service deskconfiguration management @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 21 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  22. 22. nimsoft service deskknowledge management Improves Efficiency » Information at your fingertips aids in resolving service issues in a timely and efficient manner based on proven experience. » Tight integration ensures quick and timely access. » Improved service quality by giving technicians and end users easy access to the knowledge base. Features » Search from ticket » 1-click creation from incident » Report on used knowledge » Auto classify tickets » Create FAQs and manage access » Bulk import of 3rd party knowledge @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 22 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  23. 23. nimsoft service deskservice level management Service Level Management is Key to Customer Satisfaction » Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by tracking your team’s performance against agreed upon service levels » Manage SLAs from end-to-end, including OLAs & UCs » Proactively manage service level objectives, including tracking compliance using automatic escalation and assignment rules Features » Report on service level adherence metrics » Configure multiple levels of escalation » Configure SLA rules by service, ticket attribute, or support group » Receive custom alerts when there is a potential SLA breach » Add SLA exceptions, including by business hours, holidays, reduced service times, maintenance windows, and more @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 23 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  24. 24. nimsoft service deskservice level management @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 24 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  25. 25. nimsoft service deskmeasuring customer satisfaction Service Feedback is a True Measure of Customer Satisfaction » Measure perception of Customers on how well services are delivered » Conduct survey when experience is still fresh in their minds » Leverage customer feedback as a continual improvement model to enhance service delivery & perception to Customers Features » Template based Surveys » Configure Surveys with no programming » Send survey every x tickets closed or y days between surveys » Responses automatically tabulated & presented in easy to read graphical format @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 25 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  26. 26. nimsoft service deskother features and components Full reporting and dashboards » 68 Configurable reports built in » Various dashboards in context » Includes customer satisfaction surveys Extensive APIs » Enable integrations to other NSM, discovery tools, etc. that fall within available technologies » Nimsoft Monitor integration built in via the Nimsoft Bus » Potential for portal extensions but not ‘in-screen pop’ in current release Built in workflow administration tools » No need for custom programing » Adaptable to business needs Multi-Tenant at the core » Configure for each customer’s business needs @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 26 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  27. 27. summarya few words to review Adaptable workflow Simple implementation allows you to meet your shortens your time to specific business needs value without custom code Seamless upgrades - get Real world proven ITIL the latest improvements and years of best without ripping apart practices built in your implementation @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 27 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  28. 28. Thank You!› Visit for more information, Nimsoft demos and more.› For any questions: @nimsoft & @sandeepsoman Page 28 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved