Nimsoft Helps Fortior Global Launch Tiered Support Services


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Fortior Global implemented Nimsoft Service Desk to facilitate the definition of three service levels using customizable customer-facing portals that provide self-service, reporting, and tracking features.

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Nimsoft Helps Fortior Global Launch Tiered Support Services

  1. 1. Fortior GlobalNimsoft Helps Fortior Global Launch Tiered Support Services By providing direct, customized support contractsChallenge to customers, Fortior Global creates a robust new∞ Create new support services revenue stream offerings to match customer- specific needs. Background Fortior Global, an integrated project controls solution provider, is the largest∞ Deliver support services over the Australian provider of training, support, implementation and highly skilled industry cloud to geographically dispersed practitioners for project control systems and services. The company develops clients. integrated project controls for hundreds of projects in Australia and around the∞ Provide customized portals with world working with more than 1,300 organizations. self-service capabilities and insight into support requests. Recently, Fortior Global launched a new tiered support services offering to provide enhanced service levels for customers. These service levels include FG Basic,∞ Connect support services to FG Plus, and FG Premium. To facilitate these new levels of service, the company searchable knowledge base. turned to Nimsoft and its on-demand, cloud-based service desk solution for the delivery and commoditization of the three service levels.Solution Challenge Fortior Global was looking to create a new tiered service offering that enabledFortior Global implemented Nimsoft customers to select the level of support according to their needs. For “Plus”Service Desk to facilitate the customers, the new service included access to an “Ask the Experts” feature, wheredefinition of three service levels using customers could submit questions on topics or products within their supportcustomizable customer-facing portals agreements. “Premium” customers would have additional capabilities, such asthat provide self-service, reporting, access to a comprehensive self-service knowledge base.and tracking features. “We have always provided ourResults customers with support, training, “We needed a service desk solution∞ Improved the consistency, services and solutions,” to support instant knowledge efficiency and quality of service and said Paul Butterworth, reduced costs through self-service General Manager, processes, one that was simple and automation. Fortior Global. “Now to use and accessible to our∞ Added nearly 50 new direct support we are offering them customers, regardless of location.” contracts to increase revenue the chance to work together and benefit —Paul Butterworth stream without the need to involve from each other’s General Manager third-party contacts—an increase experience by evolving Fortior Global of 150%. the most powerful∞ Grew number of Premium services and unique Project customers by 25% per month. Controls Knowledge Base in the industry.”
  2. 2. Nimsoft Case StudyButterworth’s team had been using legacy finance and ERP increased efficiency at the service desk. After the user enterssoftware for incident tracking; however, as it created its new the request, the Request Management module uses the built-service levels, a service desk solution that could support in, configurable workflows to automatically route all tickets toinstant knowledge processes was necessary. With clients the appropriate group or technician, based on a combinationspread across Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, Fortior of the requester’s information, ticket information, or time ofGlobal needed a cloud-based solution. creation.“Our clients were looking for more efficient and mature A Knowledge Management module compiles optimal, vettedproject systems, including training, support and staff,” said information and makes it readily available to resolve serviceButterworth. “We needed a service desk solution to support issues. Knowledge base articles can be queried from ticketsinstant knowledge processes, through the global search functionone that was simple to use and to assist technicians in resolvingaccessible to our customers, “We have had 150% growth in issues or conflicts. FG Premiumregardless of location.” clients can use the Knowledge Base direct premium support contracts, as a resource for FAQs, how-toAlthough Fortior Global’s none of which could be delivered procedures, run books, and more.previous service desk solution without the Nimsoft solution.” Fortior Global customers accesswas also cloud-based, it lacked their portal for all interactions,the capabilities the team needed. —Paul Butterworth whether they’re using “Ask the“We looked at several solutions, General Manager Expert” services, The Knowledgeand chose Nimsoft for its ease of Fortior Global Base, or simply reporting a serviceuse and deployment, flexibility, issue.and on-demand delivery model,”he said. FG Premium customers gain access to project controls, such asSolution planning, scheduling, cost and risk, with the ability to easilyFortior Global selected Nimsoft Service Desk, a SaaS search and quickly find answers to general questions. Withsolution with built-in ITIL®-based best practices and the tightly integrated incident and knowledge managementability to adapt the workflow to the specific needs of the modules, analysts can rapidly and effectively resolve without the high cost and complexity associated The predefined templates and action-based workflows withinwith traditional code-based customization. The flexible and Nimsoft Service Desk help confirm correct processes areconfigurable solution can be automatically upgraded enabling followed and reduce the need for extensive training or hiringcompanies like Fortior Global to quickly gain value. of highly skilled administrators.Fortior Global was able to implement Nimsoft Service Desk Resultsand deploy new tiered services with extensive reporting and With Nimsoft Support Desk, Fortior Global can now sign directtraffic tracking capabilities less than six weeks from the time of support contracts, providing an increased support revenuepurchase. By applying service levels to the fulfillment process, stream for the company without the need to involve third-while improving processing efficiency and reducing costs party contacts. Fortior Global can also sell access to self-through self-service and automation, Fortior Global has been service capabilities as part of its FG Premium service to increase the consistency and quality of its service. “Nimsoft has enabled us to clearly define our support levels,With its intuitive end-user interface, Nimsoft Service Desk so we can match our service levels to the needs of ourmakes it easy for end users to help themselves or submit customers,” said Butterworth. “We’ve increased our directrequests for service management, either online or via email. support contracts by 150% at a rate of about 10 contracts perA Service Catalog module uses ticket templates as the basis month and our FG Premium business is growing by 25% perfor the customer facing service request catalog, allowing for month.”2 | Case Study: Fortior Global
  3. 3. Nimsoft Case StudyAccess to highly valuable project contracts, none of which couldcontrols and Knowledge Base “Our existing support contracts be delivered without the Nimsoftarticles over the cloud saves solution.” are in the millions of dollars,Fortior Global time and moneyprocessing service requests, and with Nimsoft Service Desk Fortior Global will be introducing facilitating our new offerings, we additional capabilities for customersand helps increase customer to save them time and money, andsatisfaction. expect that number will continue provide even more capabilities.“Our existing support contracts to grow year over year.” “We’re continually investing inare in the millions of dollars, solutions that provide value to —Paul Butterworthand with Nimsoft Service Desk our clients and enable us to grow General Managerfacilitating our new offerings, we revenue streams,” said Butterworth. Fortior Globalexpect that number will continue “Nimsoft will help us continue toto grow year over year”, said optimize our service offerings nowButterworth. “We have had 150% and into the future.”growth in direct premium supportAbout NimsoftNimsoft provides leading IT Management-as-a-Service solutions within the CA Technologies portfolio. Companies and serviceproviders of all sizes use Nimsoft to rapidly and easily implement essential monitoring and service desk capabilities necessary tomanage today’s dynamic computing environments. Learn more at North America United Kingdom Australia Singapore Headquarters +44 (0) 845 456 7091 +61 (0)2 8898 2943 +65 64328600 U.S. toll free: 1 877 SLA MGMT (752 Norway & Northern Brazil New Delhi 6468) 1 408 796 3400 Europe +5511 5503 6243 +(91 11) 6656 6667 +47 22 62 71 60 Email: Mexico City Mumbai Web: Germany +52 (55) 5387 5406 +(91 22) 66413800 +49 (0)89 – 99 61 90 60 Copyright © 2012 CA. All Rights Reserved. One CA Plaza, Islandia, N.Y. 11749. Nimsoft is a trademark or registered trademark of Nimsoft LLC. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.