Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor 6 - Webcast


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Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor 6 - Webcast

  1. 1. Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor 6 Simple, powerful IT Monitoring.Dan Birck Ken AdamsonSr. Principal Product Marketing Manager Sr. Director, Product Management
  2. 2. What is CA Nimsoft Monitor 6? The latest release of our flagship monitoring solution. New capabilities: – Network flow analysis – Faster deployments: Automated Deployment Engine + auto-discovery improvements – Easier to use: A new operator interface, the new Unified Service Manager (USM). – Immediate OOTB value + improved visualization: New executive level dashboards + device views
  3. 3. Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor for Flow Analysis A simple, powerful network flow analysis capability built on top of NM 6, which leverages industry-leading technology from CA Network Flow Analysis. Provides visibility and detailed historical analysis of network conversations between applications and hosts. Access to this information puts IT teams in a position to actively optimize network service delivery for cost and business impact. Provides new insights into network utilization for all Nimsoft customers. Provides an opportunity for our MSP customers to add flow analysis to your service catalog.
  4. 4. Why do you need flow analysis? How does it help? – Make more Informed infrastructure investments – Solve performance problems faster – Optimize the network infrastructure for application performance Questions it can answer: – Do you know all of the applications running on your network? – What are the application traffic patterns? – Which applications and hosts are consuming the most bandwidth? – When are my applications consuming too much bandwidth? – How much link capacity do I need in the future? – Is more bandwidth really the answer to my performance problems? – Is there malicious traffic impacting my network?
  5. 5. CA Nimsoft Monitor for Flow Analysis: Supported flows Netflow 5, 7, 9 IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) (Cisco, Sonicwall, Nortel) sFlow (HP, Foundry, Extreme, Enterasys, D-Link, Dell, Acatel- Lucent, Juniper, Force-10) J-Flow (Juniper) NetStream (HP/3Com, Huawei) Cflowd (Acatel-Lucent, Juniper) Rflow (Ericsson)
  6. 6. Deploy 50%+ faster New capability to ”push” Nimsoft agents out to servers in the network(s). No need to manually install onto OS. Dramatically decreases deployment times and TTR (time to revenue) for Service Providers.
  7. 7. Streamlined UINew ops view that containsalarm AND performance data, incontext.New grouping feature allowsyou to group devices you careabout.New search feature quickly findsdevices with common attributesto triage alarms or access deviceviews for troubleshooting.New inline performance graphof the metric behind an alarm,with the alarm overlaid on thehistory. Helps operators seewhat progressed up to the alarmcondition.
  8. 8. New Alarm Console Users can view all alarms, by group or from an individual device perspective. Alarms related to groups help identify issues across devices that support a critical business application and resolve issues faster. Enables you to report and group alarms by severity, type, host, custom fields and more. The graph is interactive with the list of alarms and intelligently filters alarms with a simple click.
  9. 9. Executive dashboards (out of the box)• View overall status of your applications, customers and services using the new out- of-box executive views.• Each badge can represent the availability and performance of a business service or customer.• Supports drill down into device detail views.
  10. 10. New device views • Provides a consolidated view of performance, availability and monitoring for servers or network devices • Provides a faster, leaner way to present large amounts of technical detail. • Provides easy access to PRD reports as well.
  11. 11. Performance Reports• Out of the box reports can be accessed directly from the new Device Views.
  12. 12. Early impressions from you – our customers.
  13. 13. Thank you Q&A
  14. 14. Legal DisclaimersThis presentation is confidential to Nimsoft and may not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party. This presentation wasbased on current information and resource allocations as of August, 2012 and is subject to change or withdrawal by Nimsoft atany time without notice.The information in this presentation is intended to outline Nimsoft’s general product direction. All information in thispresentation is for informational purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. Each feature or functionalityincluded in future releases is subject to change based on a number of factors, including but not limited to internal and externalbeta testing, development plan changes, and feedback from customers and users. Accordingly, the product may have differentfeatures and/or functionality than stated in this presentation. Nimsoft assumes no responsibility for the accuracy orcompleteness of the information.This presentation shall not serve to (i) affect the rights and/or obligations of Nimsoft or its licensees under any existing orfuture license agreement or services agreement relating to any Nimsoft software product; or (ii) amend any productdocumentation or specifications for any Nimsoft software product. The development, release and timing of any features orfunctionality described in this presentation remain at Nimsoft’s sole discretion. Notwithstanding anything in this presentation tothe contrary, upon the general availability of any future Nimsoft product release referenced in this presentation, Nimsoft maymake such release available to new licensees in the form of a regularly scheduled product release. Such release may be madeavailable to current licensees of the product who are active subscribers to Nimsoft maintenance and support, on a when and if-available basis. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this paragraph and any other information contained in thispresentation, the terms of this paragraph shall govern.Nimsoft confidential and proprietary. No unauthorized copying or distribution permitted.