Implementation Of National Curriculum in Pakistan
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  • NimraNajeeb Gull


  • 1. Implementation of EnglishCurriculum at Pre-Primary levelCopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 2. Introduction• Globally, the multifaceted development of theEnglish language is unmatched. Statistics show that1.5 billion people were competent and/or fluent inEnglish in the early 2000s. Considering this, theofficial status of English in Pakistan requires seriousmodificationsCopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 3. ECE Policy• There was no public policy, commitment andinvestment in Early Childhood Education tilllate 1990s. It was for the first time thatNational Education Policy (1998-2010)mentioned ECE and called for reintroductionof Pre-Primary Class as a formal class inPrimary Schools, extending primary educationto a six-year programme.CopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 4. Policy and Designed Curriculum• Though the HEC of Pakistan and ECE are doingits job of formulating policies quitesatisfactorily, things start to go awry when itcomes to implementation. There is a missedconnection between the constitutionallydefined status of English and the HEC & ECEdefinition. The Question arises that who areimplementing them and who are not ???CopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 5. Pitfalls Of Implementation:There are several obstacles affecting the qualityand effectiveness of curriculum developmentprocess in Pakistan.• Lack of subject area expert.• Textbook often do not reflect the curriculum.• Lack of follow-up of actual curriculumimplementation in classroom practice.• Curriculum often different from the officialcurriculum documentation.CopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 6. We need to:• Development of scheme of studies.• Development of syllabus of English.• Development of textbook, instructionalmaterial.• Approval of textual material.• Teacher training.CopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull
  • 7. CopyRights Nimra Najeeb Gull