Time Trax Attendance Software


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Time Trax Attendance Software

  2. 2. Software -Timetrax is a Comprehensive, Integrated, Modularized and User-friendly System. It is a ready to use system,which is useful in quick implementation and thus reducing the lead-time. Time Trax System can be linked to any HRMS software asper customers requirement. Being browser based system, Time Trax application run on the clients without any installations. Timetrax is a Plug-n-play software is easy to use and gives to the point support with relation to Operations, Human Resource, Financeand MIS.1. Eliminate inflated labor hours and buddy punching (using biometric time clock)2. Network (Ethernet) connection for quick and easy implementation without requiring the cost of a dedicated PC3. Quickly generate reports that provide better management and information on employee time tracking4. Reduces Costly payroll errors from inaccurate timecards and manually calculated employee hours.5. Significantly reduce time required to manually process employee time6. Total system control and data security.7. Reports generated within all modules are viewable on screen as well as exportable to MS Word or Acrobat PDF FilesModules of the Application:TIME MANAGEMENT: ACCESS CONTROL, EMPLOYEE EVENT TRACKING, SHIFT MANAGEMENT, HOLIDAYS & RAMADAN,MANAGEMENT, SHIFT ROASTER & TIME TRACKING,REPORTING
  3. 3. Timetrax is a comprehensive module developed to take care of the minute details of the Attendance of Staff frommultiple Locations.Salient Features1. Allows HR staff to easily review in-and-out punches by week or entire pay period2. Automatically captures and processes employee time (arrival, breaks in/out, lunch, and departure)3. Extensive data filtering (sorting, grouping); print to PDF4. Support for Shifts5. Support for multiple models of Time Attendance Machines6. Easy Export to other HR/Payroll Applications with options to export to Text, Excel, or direct linking.7. Completely parameterized reports8. Time and attendance system that is scalable to grow with your business1. Supports unlimited number of employee time clocks2. Supports unlimited number of employee punches per day3. Supports multiple locations (within the same network)
  5. 5. Biometric DeviceBiometric DeviceBiometric DeviceBiometric DeviceBiometric DeviceGPRSINTERNETBiometric Device
  6. 6. Head OfficeBranch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4ReportsServerBiometric Device
  7. 7. DATABASEIn and Out Data transferred toadministrationUNIT 1 UNIT 2 UNIT 3 UNIT 4 UNIT 5Time Attendant Devices at different sitesReports
  8. 8. Modules of Time Trax1. Company2. Shifts3. Departments4. Designation5. Location6. Holiday7. Ramadan Schedule8. Employee9. Device Master10. Groups11. Branch/Location12. Employee Category13. Employee14. Shifts (Timing Controls)15. Shift Roster for rotating shifts16. Synchronizer (for machine data sync)17. Email Alerts.HR & Payroll1. Leave Definition2. Leave Balances3. Leave Transactions4. Leave Balances Processing5. Attendance Editing6. Post Entry in the Application7. Recalculate Attendance
  9. 9. Reports from TimeTrax• Event Report• Multi Company Support• Masters Data Update with Codes• Day Shift• Night Shift• Split Shifts• Holidays• Ramadan Schedule• No. of employees supported• No. of devices Supported• Leaves Processing• Shifts Scheduling• Attendance Editing• Event Report• Absence Report• Lateness Report• Early leavers Report• Daily Attendance Report• Monthly Attendance Report• Employee Overtime Report• Leave Register• Monthly list of employees joined• Supervisor wise report• Location Wise Report• User Daily Login Report• Absence Report - Today• Daily Attendance Report - Today• Attendance Summary Report• Shift Allocation Report• Shift Assignment Report• Daily Activity Report• Audit Report• Break Details Report• In out details Report• Work Times Report• Work Activity Report• Exception Report - Missed Punch• Exception Report - Punched While Leave• Time Report• Email Alerts for late comers and early leavers• Email Alerts for disconnected devices• Attendance summary alerts• Department wise logins to users• Supervisor based logins• User groups administration• Over time approvals by HR
  10. 10. All reports of the application are…• Intelligently Controlled by policies• Comprehensive and are available• Department Wise• Group wise• Shift Wise• Location wise• Order By Employee Code or Employee Name• Department, Supervisor, Category, Location wise tracking of employees, withfacility to store history of transfer of employees between these heads.Master Reports from TimeTrax• List of Shift• List of Departments• List of Designation• List of Location• List of Employee
  11. 11. Send the Email toeach Employee theirAttendance ofPrevious month.Fetch all the Employeefrom database who haveEmail filled in aapplicationEmail AlertProgramWindowsSchedulerTime Trax - Email Alert
  12. 12. TimeTrax System Documentation has the following fixed features:1) Multi User.Being browser-based, this application can easily support multiple users.2) Access Anywhere.When installed on an internet server, this application can be accessed anywhere.3) User Security and Access Restrictionsa) Each user is unique and can carry multiple rights/access to varied sections of the software.b) You can restrict the access of a user within the software by giving him access to a given section of the same.c) Access to data and procedures can also be limited by restricting access to users for specific locations or employeegroups,d) For each user, each section you can specify the access right for viewing, adding, editing and deleting.4) Multi-parameter, user-defined, easy to use reports under each module, allowing customization to the client for eachoutput.5) Multi-level reporting allows you to view the same report at User, Department, Storage Location or Company level.6) History Management for data for each user, class, department, storage location, contract and company.7) Usage log with facility to view Access timings of the user and all entries made, edited, removed and viewed by a user.8) Complete Documentation in line with the .
  13. 13. Time Trax SoftwareSupported Hardware Devicesand many more….
  14. 14. The National Bureau of Statistics of the United Arab Emirateshas been established by the Federal Law No. 9 of 2009, toconduct its affairs and those legal transactions which arenecessary for performing its duties.Prologix has installed 15 devices all over uae. Time traxapplication generates the report from all these location andfurther this data is used to process the payrolls of all staffworking in all location. Reports are generated based in, out,event reports on the punching, absenteeism level is evaluatedbased on the information from tiem trax.
  15. 15. Dubai First was established in 2007 and is one of the leadingconsumer finance companies in the UAE specializing in liabilityand credit card products.Prologix has deployed time trax system, from where theygenerate attendance report for their respective branch fordifferent department. These reports are further evaluated toknow the productivity and efficiency level of each and everystaff on their payrolls.
  16. 16. REDHA AL-ANSARI EXCHANGE EST. is one of theleading exchange houses in the United Arab Emirates withbranches spreadout over various regions of the country.Prologix has Installed more than 30 NXT ID devices all acrossthe Emirates. These Branches are connected to the HeadOffice via VPN. Data is synchronized to the HO via VPNautomatically. All Attendance calculation is done centrally inTime Trax Application on the Central Server. Time ofDeployment was Two Months with complete Business processstudy on infrastructure and application requirement
  17. 17. Fujseng is one of the biggest construction company inFujairah. Three major branches with other temporarysites which is functional for fixed period depending uponthe project duration. Five Nxt id devices installed on sitewhere in all labor and management attendance areintegrated with the olive hrms. The data is synchronizedto the head office every day. Prologix has offered themthe HRMS solution along with time managementmodule. Attendance of labor and staff is calculatedautomatically after which payroll processing is donebased on the attendance date that has beensynchronized. This whole process is automated withoutany human intervention. All editing and modification inthe data is only done after the management approval.
  18. 18. GECO is a part of Al Batha Group a reputed business conglomerate in theUnited Arab Emirates. It is a well-diversified group with over 20companies managed by highly quality driven professionals.Al Batha Group is one of the largest private business groups in the UAE.The Group consists of 7 divisions comprising more that 20 autonomouscompanies in the diversified sectors.Nxtid units are installed in all 23 location in uae where in all the attendancedata is synchronized to time trax application. Time trax application isinstalled in their central office in deira. Time keeping and hr departmentusers are given different rights to access the data in time trax application.This data is used for processing payrolls of all companies.
  19. 19. The Transguard Group was established in 2001 and is part of theEmiratesGroup.Transguard’s is Event Security division has a team of 5000 staffin uae which includes, lower and high level officers providingsecurities to delegates and business celebrities.Prologix has deployed central T & A System in their head officein dafza where in all the officers, staff, management arepunching in their regular shifts. Payrolls are generated fromtheir hrms system after the attendance of the department aresynchronized and approved automatically. General report on in,out, late, absent, and overtime is calculated in the time traxapplication. Duration of the deployment was two months.
  20. 20. The Olayan Group® is a private, multinational enterprise madeup of more than 50 companies and affiliated businesses.Founded in 1947 by Suliman S. Olayan, Burger king, texaschicken are two franchises under their food division.Prologix has implemented time management system for theirdifferent outlets in the middle east. We provided hamster whichis connected to the pos system. These hamster devices arepassive attendance devices which stores attendance punch of thestaff on every outlet. Further these data re synchronized with thetime trax application which is installed in the central locationtheir head office. Data from time trax is submitted to the hr forpayroll processing.
  21. 21. System StudyRequirementProject Design PhaseBuild & Unit TestPhaseIntegrated Test PhaseTraining & Go-LivePhaseClose Out Phase