College Automation System use in Institutions


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College Automation System use in Institutions

  1. 1. College Automation System use in InstitutionsPresented By:- Name Roll No. Saurabh Naik 18 Shashank Nail 19 Paresh Patel 20 Abhijit Patil 21 Mrummayi Patil 22 Nilesh Patil 23 Trupti Patil 24 Varad Pitale 25 1
  2. 2. Selected Solution Proposed solution is to use an intranet and internet based application. Not only user friendly but also reduces lot of manual work Reduces scope for errors 2
  3. 3. Technology Involved Corporate portals are internal websites that provide proprietary information to employees Efficient content management Intranet based application which can be web enabled in future.. The server is combination of both application server and database server. 3
  4. 4. Technology Involvedcont ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system provide an integrated suite of information technology applications that support operations of enterprise Web portal-"super site" on the Internet that provides a comprehensive entry point for a huge array of resources and services Vortal -(vertical industry portal)provides information and resources for a particular industry 4
  5. 5. Application Area Application is vertical, in the sense it concentrates only on educational institute 5
  6. 6. Scope of Project This application can be used on any platform because it is basically designed in platform independent language. Flexible to enhance the application. Presently the application is used for an educational institute offering services of add/update details and generate reports. 6
  7. 7. System RequirementSpecification Hardware Requirements:  Processor (2.8Ghz)  Mother board  512MB RAM  LAN enabled Software Requirements  Windows Operating System  Internet Connection  Internet Explorer 7
  8. 8. Use Case Diagram 8
  9. 9. Class Diagram Users username : Varchar password : min 6 char Amend user details) User permissions Password protection Delete users Student admission details Admin studentname : Varchar ID No : Varchar Departments sex : Varchar Add details : Varchar Reports Computer: Varchar DOB : Date Edit/Delete : Varchar List of students : Varchar Business Admin : Varchar Letters issue: Varchar Fee due students : Varchar Accounts : Varchar Address : Varchar Finacial position : Varchar Exam results : Varchar Security : Varchar Nationality : Varchar Library details : Varchar Course work: Varchar course : Varchar Level : Varchar Application forms : Varchar Add Tutor details() Reference : Varchar Course work details() Handouts() Semester : Varchar Exam update() Course notes() Spl Arrngement : Varchar Result () Marketing material() Certification() Financial statistics() Resit exam() Bank details() Add/edit student details() Update student details() Company accounts() View reports() Deferred students() List of resit students() Student login Library books() Books borrowedl() StudentID : Varchar Password : Varchar Status() Tutors Username : Varchar Password : Varchar Minutes of meeting() Staff Development() 9
  10. 10. Module DescriptionThe Highlights of College Automation System: College Automation System is web based software. Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security. Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability. Single database management system. Performance analysis of the students or staffs. It is user-friendly College management software. It regulates the fee management process completely. The complex task of Report card generation is an extremely easy work using this Software. 10
  11. 11. Module Description (contd) Graphical analysis of the students and teachers performance. Complete automation of student administration. Facilitates budget preparation and financial planning. This software helps you manage financial accounting without any paper work. Automatically prepares all student letters, certificates and transcripts. Plastic photo Identity Card Creation. Complete Library Management System (optional) Inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability. Generates many types of reports to check student fee status, fees due time and date, installment and discount facility. Reports generates the list of students enrolled, The software is compatible on LAN as well as on WEB. 11
  12. 12. Modules Admission or Registration User adding/ Editing/Deleting Student administration Fee Management Letter print Reports Time scheduling Library Management Financial accounting Opinion poll and Feedback 12
  13. 13. System Architecture Client Web Server Database 13
  14. 14. Feasibility of the Application User-friendly features Easy to navigate environment Effective client-side validation Display of alerts Can be deployed on the WEB 14
  15. 15. Enhancements Intranet based  Internet -based 15
  16. 16. Enhancements Additional modules can be upgraded ○ Results ○ Online Admissions ○ Online Examination ○ Discussion Forum ○ Study Material 16
  17. 17. ConclusionApplication provides Easy access to information Maintains integrity of information Feedback helps for improvement Enhanced further to suit requirements 17
  18. 18. Example Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research In this institute implementation of College Automation System software . The software implemented was so user friendly where exact reports can be downloaded and printed according to the users needs. Their Effect on Expenses and Time, the both reduces. 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. Application’s ScreenshotLog in 20
  21. 21. Application’s Screenshot Home 21
  22. 22. Application’s Screenshot View reports 22
  23. 23. Application’s Screenshot Printing students letters online 23
  24. 24. Application’s Screenshot Enrolled student’s letter printing 24
  25. 25. Application’s Screenshot Creating new user 25
  26. 26. Application’s Screenshot Edit /Delete user 26
  27. 27. Application’s Screenshot Editing Users 27
  28. 28. Application’s Screenshot Deleting users 28
  29. 29. Application’s Screenshot Adding new courses 29
  30. 30. Application’s Screenshot Edit/delete courses 30
  31. 31. Application’s Screenshot Editing course 31
  32. 32. Application’s Screenshot Deleting Course 32
  33. 33. Application’s Screenshot View reports 33
  34. 34. Application’s Screenshot Show Student list 34
  35. 35. Application’s Screenshot Application for admission received 35
  36. 36. Application’s Screenshot Editing student details 36
  37. 37. Application’s Screenshot Student enrolled 37
  38. 38. Application’s Screenshot Deleting student 38
  39. 39. Application’s Screenshot Adding new student details 39
  40. 40. Application’s ScreenshotSearch enrolled students 40
  41. 41. Application’s Screenshot Logout 41