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Facts about safety belts

Facts about safety belts



Safety belt are really helpful. There are plenty of varieties of seat belts available in the market.

Safety belt are really helpful. There are plenty of varieties of seat belts available in the market.



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    Facts about safety belts Facts about safety belts Document Transcript

    • Facts about Safety BeltsEvery year, lots of people get involved in vehicularaccidents. This is the reason why a lot of countriesimpose the safety belt law which encourages peopleto use seat belts all the time. Seat belts provide thethin line between life and death and people whowear them are saved from the dangers in vehicularaccidents.Such danger involved in vehicular accidents includesbeing thrown at the dashboard during high impactaccidents. Moreover, seat belts can also preventpeople involved in car accidents from gettingwhiplash which is a condition wherein the muscleson the neck are stretched beyond normal tensionwhich often leads to the person experiencingexcruciating pain in the neck region.Wearing a safety belt reduces the risk of gettinginjured during the accident by as much as 50%.Moreover, 60% of vehicular accidents that involve
    • children are prevented by choosing the right seatbelt. There are different types of seat belts and oneof the most common is lap belts. As the nameimplies, lap belts are simple belts that you secure onyour lap. However, there are now seat belts thatcome with harness to also secure you in your chair.Seat belts are made from durable materials but itdoes not mean that they don’t wear out throughtime. They are made from a composite of materialsincluding fabric, polyester and nylon. Seat belts needto be replaced every three or five years to ensureyour safety. There are now lots of replacement seatbelts that are available in the market today but ifyou are comfortable with your old seat belt, thenyou can contact the manufacturer of your vehicleand as if they can assist you in finding the exactsame replacement seat belts for your car.A good safety belt should also come with a durablelatch which helps secure you in place. On the otherhand, it is also important to look for seat belts thatcome with latches that are easy to remove just incase you find yourself trapped inside your car. Alatch that is easy to retract can help save your life if
    • you are faced with an emergency situation and youneed to get out of your car as soon as possible.On the other hand, there are also different types ofseat belts for different types of passengers in yourcar. Thus, you should consider the type of seat belt ifyou have senior and young passengers in your car.