Center dissemination-training course


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Center dissemination-training course

  1. 1. Reference number for Grundtvig Training Database: AT-2012-328-001 Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  2. 2. Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  3. 3.  Grundtvig aims to provide adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects. It also helps to tackle problems associated with Europe’s ageing population. It covers not only teachers, trainers, staff and organisations working in the sector, but also learners in adult education. These include relevant associations, counselling organisations, information services, policy-making bodies and others such as NGOs, enterprises, voluntary groups and research centres Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  4. 4.  The objective of this Action is to help improve the quality of lifelong learning by enabling persons working in the field of adult learning, in the broadest sense, or who are engaged in the in-service training of such persons, to undertake a training course in a country other than that in which they normally live or work. In this way, participants are encouraged to improve their practical teaching / coaching / counselling / management skills and to gain a broader understanding of adult learning in Europe. The course concerned must have a strong European focus in terms of the profile of trainers and participants Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  5. 5.  Grundtvig course VALORISE OR VAPORISE - THE ESSENTIAL aims to OF DISSEMINATION AND MARKETING IN EU PROJECTS support persons in the field of adult education who mostly have no education in marketing or product placement to improve their dissemination activities or create a basis to start working in European projects in general Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  6. 6. The course was structured in five modules that hadcombined theoretical input and practical exercise in theform of group work, role plays, case studies as well asfield trips and guest speakers representing differentrelated areas (e.g. printing company, TV studio, radio,graphic design, marketing, public relations, webdesign…).The working language was English Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  7. 7.  Italy Romania Spain Finland Sweden Croatia Germany Slovenia Turkey Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  8. 8.  Marketing and Dissemination ICT Dissemination Communication Social programme / Networking Linguistic and dissemination Challenge Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  9. 9. Dissemination plan of Dusty project Preparation ofproject newsletter Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  10. 10. Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  11. 11. Grant agreement
  12. 12.  Language skills improved New dissemination skills acquired New friends and new possible partners acquired Intercultural experience Exchenge of best practise Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771
  13. 13. Grant agreement 2012-2-IT2-GRU03-39771