Muyang Farm Engineering - Feeding and Raising System


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MUYANG could customized for customer needs to provide a variety of modern livestock farming systems, such as cage raising, flatting raising, pig raising systems and so on.

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Muyang Farm Engineering - Feeding and Raising System

  2. 2. Muyang1st Industrial Park 2013 Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., Ltd. 2003 Hanjiang Grain Machinery Works 1996 1967 MUYANG HISTORY Muyang Sci-tech Industrial Park
  3. 3. Where we go Vision: Mission: Value: To be the global leader in Creating value for customers Help customers leading and success machinery manufacturing, and going for employees’ · Hard Work and Dedication · Integrity plant engineering and dreams and Commitment · Quick Response technical services and Rapid Execution · Collaboration and Teamwork· Innovation and Improvement
  4. 4. MUYANG BUSINESS Feed Milling:animal feed / aqua feed / pet food / premix processing machines and plants Grain Storage:steel silo, conveying system, drying system We help Feed the future Animal Farming:animal houses, feeding Farm-to-table industry chain systems, farm environmental systems FoodProcessing:oil & fat processing, grain milling Others:biomass equipment, steel structure building, plant automation, robotic machines, spare parts Integrated technical solutions and services
  5. 5. Animal Farming System  Incubation system Automatic hatchery is available, with auto waste treatment, tray cleaning. auto counting and conveying till packing system and complete environment control system.
  6. 6. Animal farming system  Poultry raising Acquisition of Chengdu Ningshi to strengthen capability on farming system for poultry & livestock Providing professional and complete solution, including: 1.Breeder/broiler/layer/pullet cage/flat houses design and construction; 2.Environmental systems; 3. Egg central collecting and packing system
  7. 7.  Pig farming system Pig Raising Engineering Fattening system Gestation System Farrowing System
  8. 8.  Slaughtering system Defeather Screw chiller For poultry meat process, with capacity up to 6000 birds/h. Manual eviscerating and cutting. Pre cooling, cold storage and ice making system are available. Bleeding
  9. 9. Breeder/Broiler Flat Raising Muyang professionally provides solutions for chain feeding system for breeders and screw tube conveyor for broiler, the whole systems include but not exclude: • Manual or auto- laying nest, plastic slat; • Drinking and feeding system; • ventilation and controlling system. • Egg box for breeder The driving chain equipped controller Chain feeding system Wood and metal laying box for your choice Even and accurate distance between grills
  10. 10. Cage raising system Flat Raising Layer/Breeder/Broiler Muyang professionally provides solutions for “A” type and “H” type for breeder, pullet, layer and broiler cage system. The whole system concludes cage ,feeding, drinking, ventilation and controlling system. Raising quantity from 5000 to 70,000 birds, with simply or full automatic operation system “A” type pullet raising equipment “A” type breeder and layer raising equipment “H” type pullet raising equipment “H” type breeder and layer raising equipment
  11. 11. All-stair-type cage raising system Simple structure of chicken house and cage, with manual feeding, manual egg collecting and manual manure removing operation. Low investment and faster delivery. Auto egg collecting and manure removing are available.
  12. 12. A-type cage raising system A-type cage raising system with auto feeding, egg collecting and manure removing system. Simple structure, low budget investment with a bit higher raising efficiency than stair-type.
  13. 13. H-type cage raising system H-type cage system, with auto feeding, central egg collecting, manure removing and environment control system, up to 6 tiers hot dip galvanized cage with reliable operation.
  14. 14. Breeder/Broiler cage raising system • New products with efficient raising function and high standard management • With reasonable front net distance and male breeder own feeding spot . Avoid any hurt to its comb. • Broiler cage raising, provide up to 60,000 birds per house
  15. 15. Feeding system • Muyang professionally provides solutions for pan feeding system Male breeder feed pan for broilers and Breeder, • 养鸡设备 system delivers feed through auger, including main feed This feeding line and sub-feed line. • Height adjustable for the feeding line for different day of chicken. Female feed pan Screw feeding system Broiler feed pan
  16. 16. Drinking System Drinking System • Muyang professionally provides solutions for auto-drinking system for poultry, the whole system also concludes filter, Medical pump, nipple or bell shape drinker and pressure regulator. Increase life rate Easy installation of the drinking line, and adjustable of height for different stage chicken. Height regulator Nipple Pressure regulator Medical pump •
  17. 17. Egg Collecting System 猪场系统的解决方案 • The egg collection system includes egg guiding device, egg collecting • Egg conveying belt Imported from Italy is running smoothly with lower rate of broken • equipment, buffer device, conveying device, sprocket gear, lifting chain etc. • Less labor required. Egg collecting equipment Egg grading Egg collection conveyor
  18. 18. Manure Handling System Muyang professionally provides solutions for manure removing equipment, the whole system concludes vertical and crosswise manure remover, and manure belt conveyor to truck. We provide manure processing system as well by our sister company Simple auto dragging system for A type Scraper Manure Removal System Outside Manure Removal System Belt Manure Removal System
  19. 19. Drinking system The drinking system consists of PE tune and water pipeline made of stainless steel, delivering best environment for pig growth. Medicine injecting system is available.
  20. 20. Ventilation system Penning system Sufficient ventilation protecting the pig farming environment Ventilation variability
  21. 21. Muyang Fans • Designed according to fluid mechanics for the outlook, to ensure its minimum damping coefficient • FRP for out cover for anti corrosion for longer lifespan. • All other parts are made of anti corrosion material or treatment to fulfill pig farming applicaiton. • 56 type frame motor is adopt to enhance the fan efficient and no increasing of motor temperature • Water proof of motor to avoid moisture approaching the main shaft. • FRP fan impeller to ensure no deformation occurred. for 8/24 type fan • Stainless steel impeller for 54 type FRP fan with 2 mm thick to keep the best performance all the time. • 6 stainless steel impeller for galvanized fan for different application. Direct/belt driving fan Motor for type 48/56 Water proof device FRP impeller
  22. 22. Heating system Double vane tube Extruded aluminum heating radiator, abrazined surface Penning system Floor heating Water flash to clean without contamination Heating panel and pipe Electric or hot water heating system are available for the whole pig house.
  23. 23. Manure cleaning system Whole system design for the manure treatment is very important. Good design shall save more water and increasing water using efficiency, as well as protecting the environment better. Here we shall have 3 main system design for manure treatment • Water rinsing system • Water submerging system • Drying manure cleaning system ......
  24. 24. Water Submerging System
  25. 25. MUYANG GROUP Integrated Solution Provider email: