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Gk quiz 22_sep11_day3
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Gk quiz 22_sep11_day3


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Quiz
    Vittarth – The Finance Club
  • 2. Who founded the famous Wall Street Journal?
    A) Charles Dow and Edward Jones
    B) Peter Dimond
    C) George Marshall
    D) Dale Moortensen
    Answer: A) Charles Dow and Edward Jones
  • 3. Which Financial Services giant is known as the Thundering Herd?
    A) Goldman Sachs
    B) JP Morgan Chase
    C) Merill Lynch
    D) Lehman Brothers
    Answer: C) Merill Lynch
  • 4. What term became popular after the newspaper report of Watergate Scandal in the year 1973?
    A) Money Laundering
    B) Havala
    C) Money Hoarding
    D) Red Herring
    Answer: A) Money Laundering
  • 5. Name the person who introduced the 'Double Entry' book keeping concept?
    A) Lucas Pacioli
    B) Henry Fayol
    C) Richard stone
    D) Franco Modigliani
    Answer: A) Lucas Pacioli
  • 6. Name the term used for depreciating a company's intangible assets?
    A) Amortization
    B) Depreciation
    C) Nominalization
    D) None of the Above
    Answer: A) Amortization
  • 7. This term is derived from the Greek word 'Oikanomia' means "House Management". What is it?
    A) Finance
    B) Hotel Management
    C) Economics
    D) None of the above
    Answer: C) Economics
  • 8. Name the first Indian woman CEO of a Foreign Bank?
    A) TariniVaidya
    B) NainaLalKidwai
    C) IndraNooyi
    D) ChandaKochhar
    Answer: A) TariniVaidya
  • 9. He is the pioneer in mutual fund industry and often referred as the Father of Index Fund investing. He created the first S&P 500 Index fund. Identify this famous person?
    A) John Bogle
    B) James Tobin
    C) Lawrence Klein
    D) Herbert Simon
    Answer: A) John Bogle
  • 10. Name India's largest Mutual Fund scheme which had a troublesome run and make the investors unhappy?
    A) US-64 UTI
    B) Open Ended Scheme
    C) Index Scheme
    D) US-69 UTI
    Answer: A) US-64 UTI
  • 11. Name this famous personality who founded Pratichi Trust with the use of his Nobel Prize money?
    A) AmartyaSen
    B) HargobindKhurana
    C) V S Naipaul
    D) VenkatramanRamakrishnan
    Answer: A) AmartyaSen
  • 12. Currency trivia. In India where is the Paper for the currency manufactured?
    A) Security Paper Mill,Hoshangabad, MP
    B) Currency Paper Mill, Khadagvasla
    C) Imperial Paper Industry, Pimpri
    D) None
    Answer: A) Security Paper Mill
  • 13. What do you call when a firm's actual bank balance is greater than the balance shown in the firm's book?
    A) Payment Float
    B) Overfull State
    C) Flooding Phenomenon
    D) High Tide Firm
    Answer: A) Payment Float
  • 14. Which word was derived from the French word Bougette meaning 'Little Bag'?
    ** Chocolate Question
    Answer: Budget
  • 15. What is known as the working balance in foreign currency maintained by a bank in Country X with its correspondent bank in Country Y to facilitate delivery or receipt of currencies?
    A) Vostro Account
    B) Nostro Account
    C) Alien Account
    D) None
    Answer: B) Nostro Account
  • 16. In 1921 the three Presidency Banks in India named Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were amalgamated to form which other Bank?
    A) Bank of Baroda
    B) Reserve Bank of India
    C) State Bank of India
    D) Central Bank
    Answer: C) State Bank of India
  • 17. Which is India's first Credit Rating Agency set up jointly by LIC, GIC, UTI, ICICI and Asian Development Bank in January 1988?
    B) ORG Marg
    C) Nielson
    D) CNX
    Answer: A) CRISIL
  • 18. What does NASDAQ stands for?
    A) National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
    B) National Association for Software Dealing in Automated Quotations
    C) National Association in Security Dealing by Automated Quotation
    D) National Association of Software Dealers Automated Quotations
    Answer: A
  • 19. Which exchange sports the tagline ' The world Invests in us‘
    A) LSE
    B) NYSE
    C) DowJones
    D) BSE
    Answer: B) NYSE
  • 20. The first Stock Market in the world?
    A) NYSE, USA
    B) Antwerp, Belgium
    C) BSE, India
    D) Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan
    Answer: B) Antwerp, Belgium
  • 21. Who is the newly appointed IMF chief?
    A) ChrisitneLagarde
    B) Pascal Lamy
    C) Jeff Immelt
    D) Strauss Kahn
    Answer: A) Christine Lagarde
  • 22. Write the name of the country and stock exchanges whose flag has been displayed.
  • 23. Answers:
    Brazil: Bovespa
    Germany: DAX/ Deutsche Borse
    Hong Kong: Hang Seng/ Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • 24. Kindly identify the gentleman, and the position he holds.
    Answer: Ben Bernarke, Chief , Federal Bank
  • 25. Kindly identify the gentleman and the name of the organization of which he is the chairman.
    Answer: N C Jha, Chairman, Coal India Ltd.
  • 26. Kindly identify the gentleman and the name of the regulatory body he heads.
    Answer: U K Sinha, SEBI Chief