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Technologies for Teacher Training
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Technologies for Teacher Training


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My presentation on technology for integration into mainstream teacher training.

My presentation on technology for integration into mainstream teacher training.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Technologies for Teacher Training Nik Peachey Learning Technology Consultant, Trainer , Writer NikPeachey@Mac.Com
  • 2. Nik Peachey Learning Technology Consultant, Trainer , WriterAssociate Trainer - Bell Educational Trust Lecturer - University of Westminster20 Years World Wide Experience in ELT PRINCE 2 Project Manager M.Ed Tech ELT CELTA Trainer DELTA Trainer ICT Trainer NikPeachey@Mac.Com
  • 3. Bell Teacher Campus The ideas presented here were developed whilst working at the Bell Teacher Campus in the summer of 2011NikPeachey@Mac.Com
  • 4. “More than a decade into the 21st century and we are still keeping learners and teachers prisoners of the analog past by enforcing outdated mandates that ban andblock them from using the digital resources of their world.” Lisa Nielsen, the author of "Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning" and "The Innovative Educator" blog
  • 5. Isn’t it time technologyentered main stream ELT teacher education?
  • 6. Problems• Perception - Edtech as separate discipline• Digital literacy of trainers• Appropriate environment• Cost
  • 7. The classroom? • Not this!
  • 8. The classroom? • Wireless connectivity • Power • Internet enabled devices • Air, light, space, colour, comfort • Data projector?
  • 9. Core tools for working paperless in a digital environment
  • 10. Create a back channel
  • 11. Create a back channel• Increase engagement + participation• Enable knowledge sharing• Easy link sharing• A class record• Help do away with paper
  • 12. Learning journals
  • 13. Learning journals• Easy to access• Private, but easy to share• Easy to comment on• Date stamped• Lasting
  • 14. Video learning journals!m8kaaabNikPeachey@Mac.Com
  • 15. Video learning journals• Easy to use• Quicker to update• Emotionally connected• Build into materials• Mobile app
  • 16. Web based presentations
  • 17. Web based presentations• Easier to share• Add multimedia• Add to online resources (flipped classroom)• Embed in blogs for crowdsourcing
  • 18. Crowdsource opinion
  • 19. Crowdsource opinion• Collective knowledge sharing• Exploring issues in depth• Collaborative• Structured online discourse• Embed into online course materials
  • 20. Develop virtual communication http://wiggio.comNikPeachey@Mac.Com
  • 21. Virtual communication• Extend outside the classroom• Share links resources and materials• Collaborative• Create a community / network• Mobile app
  • 22. Curate knowledge
  • 23. Curate Knowledge• A virtual resource• Streamline information• Share the best information• Synergy
  • 24. Online portfolio
  • 25. Online portfolio• Post by email• Publish anything!• Share online• Enable collaboration• Mobile app
  • 26. Digital assignments
  • 27. Digital assignments• Develop digital literacy skills• Make citing sources easy• Enable multimedia assignments• Create multimedia materials• Easy to edit and update
  • 28. Social bookmarking
  • 29. Social bookmarking• Accessible links and resources• Shareable links• Create theme based stacks• Share knowledge
  • 30. Digital worksheets
  • 31. Digital worksheets• Digital marking• Add annotated images• Add audio to presentations• Create short webinars
  • 32. Be available
  • 33. Be available• Build closer engagement• Support trainees• Build a FAQ knowledge bank
  • 34. Further Reading: UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers – Version 2.0 10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses 10 Tools for Increasing Engagement in Online Courses Flipped Classroom Defined The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality Learning Technology “News and research from around the web”
  • 35. Thanks for listening Download this presentation from Nik Peachey Learning Technology Consultant, Trainer , Writer NikPeachey@Mac.Com