OpenData: DevCamp Toronto 2011


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My OpenData / Open Gov presentation delivered at Toronto "DevCamp presented by Make Web Not War" October 2011

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  • Hi I’m Nik Garkusha
  • By Day – run Open Source strategy & Open Gov initiatives at Microsoft CanadaBy Night – I run a community organization OpenHalton, helping to bringOpen Data to the Halton RegionIn both of these world I spend a lot of time working on Open Government….
  • Government Data / Open DataGovernment as a Platform – how to enable the vision:
  • Lots of Transit Apps
  • Weather data - $1.5 B Private Industry in the US
  • Tons of developer opportunities – across all sorts of mediums & devices
  • 1:
  • Like the Open Hamilton’s recent hackfest to analyze financial contributions disclosuresOr Visualize School Crossing Guard & Pedestrian Accident Data on the same map
  • Or visualizeCrime in San Farncisco as 3D projections :Prostitution NarcoticsVandalism –Or the way I like to call it:Sex, Drugs and RockNRoll data in 3DDoug McCune /
  • Or London’s eatsure that mashes up Restaurant & Food Inspection information
  • I was part of the cross-Canada team of open data hackers that pulled together EMITTERA way to visualize industrial polluters & using Environment Canada data via Windows Azure APIs to pull information about MPs for that area
  • 2:
  • The infamous VanTrash project that transformed into ReCollect – a service to remind you of your garbage & recycling days – across multiple devicesSends you SMS, email and even calls your phone
  • VanPark – project for the Open Data “olympics” using Vancouver open data
  • Carson Lam project – UBC student built on TransLink data
  • OpenHamilton project
  • Evolution from DATA
  • To Data + Maps / visualization
  • To APIs – in the Cloud – lower barriers to deploy open Gov / open data solutions, efficiency, scale.The Cloud lends itself as a great hosting platform for open data, open standards, and development of open APIs (and therefore shared applications).
  • Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) is an open API from Microsoft that runs on Windows Azure. It is made available as free open-source code on Codeplex.Forked by City of Nanaimo to run on IIS / SQL Server
  • Leverage APIs to the data & back to providers: PDX API started by Max Ogden , using GeoCouch (spatial index enabled flavor of CouchDB)more generalized version CivicAPI Socrata,ESROGDI / oData APIsalso mixed: e.g. OpenDataPhilly: ESRI , PHL API, etc.Open Standards -> enable data to be consumed & rendered by various platforms, like DRUPAL (via OGDI Field Module) – Using XML / JSON to access, render, chart & map data
  • Example of how APIs can help take Citizen experience with park maps from this:
  • …to This: in less than 4 hours development timeUsing SIMILE EXHIBIT & json feed for parks data from Burlington (using OGDI)
  • OpenTurf – framework enabling developers to build cross-platform mobile/web applications using open dataEnables Citizens to interact with open data feeds --- 2 way interaction betweens citizens & gov’t
  • Together,APIs and Open Standards have the potential to enable the 2-way data exchangewith processes to both expose the open data feeds, andWorkflows to capture the feedback/meta-data/changes back from citizens Creating RICH ecosystem of citizen-ready applications which can be both COMMUNITY- BUILT & GOVERNMENT-BUILT (or a MIX)
  • And governments themselves like SF, Miami with their 311 services as example of 2-way interactionAllow you to visualize & submit service requests via web & mobileheyGov platform by ISC
  • All of this leads to a better CITIZEN experience: a connected experience
  • Read/Write Web – integrated collaborative map experienceRML (Reality Modeling Language) – allows to integrate Government -> Citizen experiences
  • …the building blocksOf the Open Gov Platform of the future – are here.As Developers – you can access this now.
  • OpenData: DevCamp Toronto 2011

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