Milton Delegation OPEN DATA Motion
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Milton Delegation OPEN DATA Motion



My presentation for the 10 min delegation on Open Data at the Milton, ON council meeting (Jan 30, 2012)

My presentation for the 10 min delegation on Open Data at the Milton, ON council meeting (Jan 30, 2012)



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  • Hi I’m NikGarkusha from OpenHalton
  • I’ll be sharing some thoughts on why Open Data is good for Milton
  • Government – as a Platform
  • Provide the foundation, others can build on it
  • Weather data - $1.5 B Private Industry in the US
  • EU research study for Public Sector Information (PSI) represents a mean value of $39B annually across the EU alone.
  • Cities across Canada deploying Open Data portals
  • Vancouver open data
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto Open Data
  • Smaller cities do it too – some very well, using existing web portals – some using open source software & low cost cloud services
  • How does all this make sense to Milton?
  • Potentially to dramatically improve services at a MINIMUM cost
  • Providing new / extra services to citizensTheinfamous VanTrash project that transformed into ReCollect – a service to remind you of your garbage & recycling days – across multiple devicesSends you SMS, email and even calls your phone
  • Improving on ways to find information about city’s facilities & services:Dog Park Finder in Ottawa – built by a local company for a Dog Blog in Ottawa
  • Improving ways to find information across several sources:Hamilton’s Dowsing – integrating data for swimming facilities
  • Improving ways to access transit Information:Toronto Transit – access to HUNDREDS of applications b/c of standard format (GTFS)
  • Lots of opportunity for Milton
  • Opportunity to cut costs.
  • Efficiencies for EXTERNAL requests (50% less requests as reported by Dave Wallace, CIO of Toronto)
  • Improving data exchange between gov’t agencies.
  • Ways to harness / crowd-source information gathering – about fixing municipal servicesSolutions like See-click-fix that are looking to solve that – bridging citizen- and gov’t-led services
  • Reduce call volume and number of inquiries about services: -- FALL/WINTERProviding information, directions, etc. on region’s services
  • Reduce call volume and number of inquiries about services: -- SPRING/SUMMERFacilities / Field information – from BURLINGTON PILOT
  • Cutting costs of providing up-to-date / essential information to citizens – like during the heatwave last SUMMERMilton Splash
  • Lots of way to save costs on printing more frequently / website updates / flyer creation – just make the data availableIt already exists – in maps & community guides.
  • First – let’s talk about Open Gov as a movement – it’s WW and it’s…
  • Provide data for citizens to engage with their local councilors with.Important topicsCivil Discourse
  • Talking about finding who your councilor is – another great opportunity to enhance that experience + connect citizens.
  • and our own OpenHalton project - It mashes up Council & City Ward informationand shows you this for an address in Guelph, London, Hamilton & Milton
  • This is where WARDREP (and many of the other apps) were built – local hackathons
  • City of nanaimo, opendatabc, nanaimo IT workers - part of Relying on citizen communities requires knowing how to:Empowering the culture of these communities (foster communities)

Milton Delegation OPEN DATA Motion Milton Delegation OPEN DATA Motion Presentation Transcript

  • weather
  • $39B
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • 100K 85K 62K
  • 1. improve services
  • 2. cut costs
  • 3. engage community
  • =Data =
  • Image Attributions:NIK GARKUSHA • OpenDataBC Hackathon: Jason Birch • • • • • • • • • twitter: @nik_g • • • • •