Day 2


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Day 2

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Day 2

  1. 1. IECPFall 2012Nikki Mattson
  2. 2. • Idioms• Syllabus and syllabus quiz• Simple sentence review + practice• Writing process : listing + outlining• Writing Assignment : Person I Admire
  3. 3. Work together with a partner to create another example sentence. Once you havefinished, write your sentence on the board and practice using the idiom in conversation.
  4. 4. • Orange: Subjects and verbs agree in number• Yellow: When the sentence begins with “there + be verb”, the subject follows the “be” verb. The subject and verb must still agree in number.• White: Some words are always singular (one). Some words are always plural (both). We can ignore the prepositional phrase (of my brothers) in cases where the subject is always singular or plural.• Green: Some words can be singular or plural (some). We must consider the prepositional phrase (of the money/of the students) when the subject can be either singular or plural.
  5. 5. • One + prepositional phrase (PP) + is + nounExamples:One (of my sisters) is a student.One (of my parents) is a doctor.• Both + PP + are + adjectiveExamples:Both (of the apples) are sweet.Both (of my friends) are smart.
  6. 6. • Some + PP + was + past participle.Examples:Some of my money was stolen.Some of my food was taken.• Some + PP + were + adjective.• Examples:• Some of my friends were angry.• Some of my chocolate was stale.
  7. 7. •
  8. 8.  Title: A Person W Has Made a Difference: My Grandmother ho Topic Sentence (Indirect) – My grandmother has positively influenced my life in two ways. OR Topic Sentence (Direct) – My grandmother has positively influenced my life by teaching me about how to have a sense of humor and how to cultivate beauty, both inside and out.  A. She has taught me the importance of a sense of humor through her behavior in both good times and hard times.  ◦ Practical jokes with her three sons ◦ Sense of humor when dealing with dementia  B. She also taught me how to develop beauty by teaching me about clothes and makeup as well as how to be kind to all people.  ◦ Make up and earring when I was 6 ◦ Taught me not to be bossy while coloring while I was a child  Concluding Sentence: Overall, my grandmother has had a very positive impact in my life by modeling a sense of humor and teaching me how to develop outward and inward beauty.
  9. 9. • Complete and TYPE “Admire” paragraph
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