Why your gest post is rejected and how to fix it


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Guest posting is one way of sending targeted traffic to your site and to build credibility. the following shows you what can go wrong and eventually make it rejected and how to fix it.

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Why your gest post is rejected and how to fix it

  1. 1. Why your guest post is rejected and how to fix it sandalili.com
  2. 2.  Guest posting is really a way of getting your post on expert blog especially if you’re a new blogger, for exposure, building credibility and in return makes you an authority in the niche you’re targeting.  For sometimes now I have been blogging and have use the method of guest posting to share my opinion, build relationship with other bloggers and to send traffic to my blog. In the past, 90% of the guest post I have published where rejected. Sandalili.com
  3. 3.  I must admit am not a savvy writer, but there are some that I think they should have been publish, but rather rejected. I have to go back to the basis to learn more on guest posting and it begins with visiting various sites that receive guest post.  Now I have learn the hard way and am offering you the following reasons why guest post are often rejected by expert blogs and the steps to need to follow in other to make your post accepted. Sandalili.com
  4. 4. Not following the guidelines  It’s a known fact that all blogs have their guidelines for submitting guest post. Most bloggers use to think the guidelines are the same for all blogs. This is simply saying when you have ten houses, the interior design is the same.  Fix it: visit various blog and read there guest post submission guidelines. Some will require you to write 1000 word article and other will require 500 words. Some will require you to attach the file, while others will prefer filing a form to do that. Sandalili.com
  5. 5.  What am I saying? Am trying to tell you that various blog have various ways of accepting guest post. Just take your time to know how. When you’re not clear about one, then you can contact the blogger for more clarification. Sandalili.com
  6. 6. Generic content  People keep writing old stuff on subjects that have     already been published. Things like: How to generate traffic with blog comment 10 ways to post on forums 5 ways to drive traffic with forums These are not new topics and most of the content contains virtually the same thing, with nothing new added to it. Sandalili.com
  7. 7.  Fix it: come out with new topics and new content. Instead of writing about “how to generate traffic with blog comment”, you can write about new trends in social media marketing. Never copy article titles instead create your own catchy interesting title and make your content not only unique but also new. Sandalili.com
  8. 8. Promoting affiliate product  No blog owner wants to promote an affiliate product directly from a guest post. In most of the blog I have post on, they will tell you clearly that they do not want affiliate link. But some will shy and pretend they didn’t see it and hope the blog owner will overlook it.  Fix it: it’s important to follow the rules. When publishing a post, it’s important to submit your blog URL and in the case where you don’t have a blog, you can submit your twitter or facebook.com url. This makes it even better. Sandalili.com