Selling and earning online without having any product
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Selling and earning online without having any product



Affiliate marketing is big business online. This is the act of selling other people’s product or service for a commission. In this short report, I will show you the steps and strategies to making at ...

Affiliate marketing is big business online. This is the act of selling other people’s product or service for a commission. In this short report, I will show you the steps and strategies to making at least five to six figure income online with affiliate marketing...



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Selling and earning online without having any product Selling and earning online without having any product Document Transcript

  • Y. Bako selling and earning online without having any product How to earn massive cash daily with affiliate marketing what smart affiliate do daily tomake five to six figure income
  • selling and earning online without having any product Today is the first day for the rest of your life Click here for more details Build vibrant and profitable business easily online. No expertise or browsing experience is needed
  • DISCLAIMER The information written within this document are for educational purposes only. However, every effort have being made to provide latest, accurate and up to date information. The author or publisher disclaims any professional loss or liability caused by reading and utilizingtheinformationherein. By reading these you have agreed that under no circumstances is these information responsible for your losseitherdirectorindirect. Readers to know that the author is not engaged in any legal,financialorprofessionaladvice. Copyright2013 No part of these book should be copied, reprinted or quotedwithouttheauthorspermission. Today is the first day for the rest of your life View slide
  • TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Whyaffiliatemarketing Choosingaproduct Theconcept Trafficgeneration Theactionplan resources 1 4 7 9 18 30 34 Today is the first day for the rest of your life View slide
  • important note What is contain in these short book is practical. In other words when you learn and don't take action, then you will not make anything. Take action, take action!!! Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Be the next super affiliate let’s start Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Thesebookiswrittentoshowyoutheexactmethodsto kick start your affiliate marketing and of cause start your own your own product promotion. Most part of these book will be on affiliate marketing-as everyday new affiliate marketers are burn and the steps involve can be appliedinyourownproductpromotion. Before going into the steps involved, let me quickly run through some things you need to be successful on- lineandthesecangoaloneway. Focus Though there are many ways and offers to make mo- ney online, it is advisable to follow one master it, befo- re moving to the next. Many people fail to make anything simply because they are not focus. They start somethingtoday,andtomorrowmovetoanother. Though there are many ways and offers to make money online, it is advisable to follow one master it, before moving to the next. Many people fail to make anything simply because they are not focus. They start somethingtoday,andtomorrowmovetoanother. Itisimportanttoprogramyourdaybeforegoingonline. If for instance, you spend 5 hours daily online, here shouldbehow your5hours onlinecanbeproductive. Checkyoure-mailinthefirsthourifanyand makeinstantreplytoimportantonce. Picktheproduct(s)youwanttopromote. Getyourmaterials Check the performance of your other product. Increasetraffictotheperformingones. introduction Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • These is a little tip that can give you focus and organiz- ationonyourpathtosuccessonline. Goalsetting Yogi Berra once said If you don't set goals, you can't regret not reaching them. Goal setting is paramount to your success. These also gives you direction and a target to aim and reach for. Your goal can be anything, but get the picture of that thing paste on the wall, pc and anything you know can remind you daily. To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it - BunkerHunt. Re-writing Re-write every information you got in your own hand writing or if you cannot do it by yourself, then you can outsourceyourmaterials. Outsourcing If you cannot write anything by yourself, there is alw-ya someone ready to do it for you-for a small amount of dollars.You can outsource, article writing, sale letter, ebookwriting,forumpostingandorarticlesubmission. One advantage of outsourcing, is it ease the pressure and ensures you the time to focus on other things- which often can be looking for other hot product or markettoexplore. Herearethepopularthingstooutsource: Articlewritingandsubmission. 2 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Graphicwork Salesletterorsalescopy Forumposting As mentioned earlier, if you're new and don't have money to outsourced,you can write the article or sales letter and when you start making a fortune, then start outsourcing. Buildabusinesssystem There are no such things as fast way to make money. Although many will online will then to tell you that.But what you think is fast might not be through-as most so call IDEAS don't work.Building a system gives you focus on your goal and once you achieve it, move to the othermarketandrepeatthesameprocess. Trafficgeneration This is the act of promoting your product online using various means. Here are some of the free effective meanswe'llexploreinthesebook: Articlemarketing Forumposting Web2.0 Blogcomment Readylet'sbegin….. 3 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • We'reintheageofinformationandmanyarecravingfor knowledge about something.The internet has given people the avenue to start their business at the comf-ort of their home.And one of these tested and trusted business is affiliate marketing.These type of marketing entails promoting other peoples product for commiss- ion-whichthesebookwillshowyouhow. Thesimplestepsinvolve: 1.Researchandpickaprofitablenichemarket 2.Choose a product in that market(a product with com- mission of$30andabove). 3.Create your blog and opt-in landing page to capture subscribere-mailsandsellyourproduct. 4.Drive traffic to your landing page using your various trafficsources. 5.Repeattheprocessbypickingotherproduct. 6.Start sending new tips, updates and non-promotional information to your subscribers to build strong relationshipandconfidence. 7.After sending at least 9 non-promotion information, youcansendapromotionalinformation. Pickingaprofitablemarket Thisisthestartingpointofyoursuccessinaffiliatema- rketing, youcanchooseeitherwhatyou'repassionate aboutorsomethingyouknowpeoplewant. However,inreality,peoplethentocontinueanything why affiliate marketing Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • even if there are set backs if they have passion for that thing. If you are new to affiliate marketing, just start with want you want ( what you're passionate ab out). Don'tworryaswe'llstillachieveouraim. So… If you're passionate about dogs, create your business aroundthatmarket If you're passionate about cars, create your business aroundthatmarket If you're passionate about books create your business aroundthatmarket. That'sthewholeconcept.. But if you don't have or not sure of anything you like, you cangoto theclickbank marketplace andsearch for any product you wish to promote. Note that, these method also applies to those with interest. A good product with gravity of 20 and above is almost certainly a marketwithoutquestion. Just navigate to the clickbank official website and visit themarketplace. The above screen shot is for business and investing ,which I choose to promote the infamous janitor system converts 70% easy with gravity of 144.50 whichisagoodmarket. 5 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Then do a search in other to know the searches the niche is receiving. Resources for your search Google tool yahoo tool you should be able to find: 1.What people are searching- a good niche will have at least 1000 searches daily and less than 50000 monthly 2.Find out what advertisers are paying for the pay per click advertizing-$1 and above is a good market. 3.What is the problem of the people and what they're willing to buy. 4.Provide the solutions 5.Look for high commission product and provide to the people . Note that not all niche market can make people buy even if It has high gravity and receives many searches (KEEP THAT IN MIND). xternal 6 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • choosing a product It is important to choose a product that will make your subscribers want to buy your product when next you provide your another one. You build your reputat-on that way. If you provide a junk to them, definitely your reputation will be destroyed. Make sure you cho-ose a productthatconvertwell.Thefollowingwaysaresomeof thewaystochoosealeadproduct. 1. Researchandknowtheproblemofpeoplewh- ichtheydesperatelyneedsolution. 2. Look for a decent information product that provide the solution. Look for the reviews on that producttoknowthegenuinessoftheproduct. 3. Read the sales letter to see whether it will convertsalesornot. 4. Check whether it has a decent affiliate commi- sion-whichshouldnotbeless$30. 5. Sign up to their newsletter if any to know how goodthey're. 6. Check if people are promoting the product especially, using adword campaign. Wait for at least 5 days to see whether the ad will still be displayed. If the ad still appear,it means they're probably making sales. And if they ads are not displayed, then the campaign Is unsuccessful. Thenlookandpickanotherproduct. 7. If you're satisfied with the above steps, then start putting your promotional strategy to build confidenceandtoselltheproduct. Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Howtochoosedigitalproductusingclickbank There are basically two ways to choose product using clickbankmarketplace: 1. Choosingbykeywordsearch This search is according to the market you're consid- ering here is child upbringing. Go to the clickbank market place and insert the keyword and click on the search. 2. Choosingthroughthemarketplace This search entails finding product you're considering via their category and sub-categories without entering a keyword. Although the entire steps are okay, choose a product thatcanpayyouhighcommissiononsale(%). 8 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • the concept Affiliatepromotionalconcept Thesearetheconceptthatcanensureyoursuccess: 1. Listbuilding. 2. Sellingyourleadproduct. 3. Buildingareputation,thatbuildrelationship. 4. Usebackendtosellproduct. 5. Repeattheprocessuntilsuccess. Listbuilding The easiest way to build a list is to set up an auto- responder. It is of important to use these service, if you want to be successful online. There are many available sitesthatprovidetheseservice.Mybestthreeincludes: 1. Getresponse: 2. Intellicontact: 3. Aweber: Many use this sites (especially aweber which is the most popular) to start their list building. Which ever one you choose to use, make sure you don't abuse it. With getresponce, your message can pass through filters whichcanbeanaddedadvantage. Navigate to any of the site and sign up or register. Once you have done that, create your opt-in page. This way you can capture your subscribers emails, sell your lead product, build relationship and trust-using your respondertodeliverseriesofmails. Theentireprocessworkthus: Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • 1. Prospect 2. Optinpage:wheretheprospectsubscribe. 3. Conformation email: auto-responder automatically sends a conformational email and prospect clicks on conformational link from email. 4. Download page: you're directed to the place where you can download your primary offer and bonus 5. Auto-responder 1: receives the first email about theprimaryoffer 6. Auto-responder 2: receives the second email abouttheprimaryoffer 7. Auto-responder 3: receives series of emails spread over a 60 day period of free tips and other promotionalmaterials. Anexampleisshownbelow: 10 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • blogging secrets:Exposed!!! Howtosetyourblogwithin30minutes The power of free blogs and the steps involve in thesetup. Thevariouswayofmonetizingyourblog How to write and post your content, that can improveyourblogrankingwithinminutes The techniques involve in traffic generation and how you too can do it and start generating 1000 andabovepeopletoyoursitewithin30minutes How to update your blog, automatically, with the bestcontentever. Simply fill in your name and email and check your mail withinfiveminute. these five blogging technique will show you how to start your blog and generate immeasurable income online (Ground breaking $97 for free if you act before midnight August 30,2010) inside you’ll discover... 11 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • These simple web page gives the details of what the free information is all about. These will not make the prospect look at the page as boring and or fill distra- cted.Hereiswhatwehavepresented: 1.Startwiththemostimportantbenefitofyourbook asheadline. The first headline is blogging secrets:Exposed! Which will attraction interest and attention. Then the second headline, also outlined benefits and in these case, two major benefit: blogging technique and immeasurable incomeonline. These headline have been made bold to stir people to read the remaining part of the page and to take appro- priateaction. 2.Includeaphoto These is important as these help boost peoples conf- idence and if you don't have any, you can get a royalty 3.Createasenseofquickaction Create a sense of urgency and people will definitely subscribe immediately. Since I've given them $97 for free. Which means if they come after the dateline- which is 30 august, 2010, then they have to buy the product at $97. And these a powerful way that trigger peopletotakeactionimmediately. 4.Thengivemoredetails Give more details of what people should expect in the free material. In some cases, People then to give just theheadlineandwheretosignup.Thatalsoworks,but 12 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • it really depends on the market you're targeting. For making money online niche,it's important to give more details-outlinethebenefits. 5.Givethendirectionofwhattodo Give your prospect the direction of what to do-how to sign up and receive the information.These can be done in twoways: A. Senttheprospectdirectlytothefreeinformation andyoubuildyourlist. B. Iftheprospectdoesn't likethe freematerial,you canreferhim totheotherpageandinthiscaseis the leadproductampromoting. Although both steps works, but it has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is far more than the disadvantage-as 90% of people will at least take action A or B since you have given them an option and you'll not regretit. Provideathankyoupage These is the page that the prospect is directed to after submittinghisdata-that isthe name&emailaddress. 13 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • The thank you page is not in anyway related to the bloggingpage. 1. The page reveals the actual offer-that is the lead product. The five minute given, is enough to make people read the offer. Chances are people will navigate the sales page and read the offer and of cause, can order it. Even if they don't order, you can follow them up providing them with information and tips. Create curiosity and providebenefitinfewsentences. SEO SEO made easy m ad e ea sy how how to to get get top top ranking ran kin g with wit h search sea rch engine engin e under und er 24 24 hours hou rs john mark john mark REVEALED: search engine optimization secrets that ranked you among the top ten in the search engine How to get top google ranking that pulls in massive traffic to your blog. Find out how… thank you!!! may 11,2010 you’ll receive your first bonus in 3 minutes 14 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • 2. Pre-sell page Theseisanotheroption, thatalso workedandgives youmaximumresultalso.Thepre-sellletterisawayof makingthe prospectdevelop interestof theproduct andtake actionthan theprospect reading thesales letterdirectly. These method will be perfectly okay to people who are good in writing sales copy. If you don't know how to do it, don'tworryIwillshowyouhow. Howtowriteapre-sellletter Though before writing a pre-sell letter, you need to read the sales letter of the product before writing your pre-sellletter. Herearethe stepsinvolvein writingapre-sellletter Theheadline Start with a powerful headline to stir up interest, by grabbing your prospects' attention. The headline is what will or will not make your prospect read your pre- sellletter.Startwithapowerfulheadline. Sellbenefits,notfeatures Sell the benefit of the product, not features. People want to know what they'll benefit from the product or from the feature. Features are usually hard to sell and canscarepeopleawayfromtheproduct. Providebonus You could provideabonus relevant tothe product 15 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • you're providing and these should be to the people who order your product via the affiliate link of your product. If you don't have any, you can visit nicheemp- ires.comtogetone. Calltoaction Create a sense of action by giving them time frame. This is a most if you want to be successful online. You could say,the bonus is only or people, who order online before midnight 30 August, 2010. Or you only have five daystogotoclaimyourbonus. 3. Directtolandingpage Theseultimatelydepends onwhatyou'repromoting.If you're promoting a lead product, then you can send the prospect to the sales page of the product. And if it is for providing the bonus alone, the prospect will exp-ect to getit'sconformationviathemail. UsingAuto-responder,thevarioustechniqueinvolve It's time to start your follow ups and build your relat- ionship with messages. You can do that by creating a series of effective mails using these method of email marketing. Buildtherelationship Building a strong relationship with your subscribers is not a day job, especially, if you're a newbie. That does not mean, that the subscriber will not buy your prod- uct in your first or second communication. Don't conti- nuethatwayas you'llirritate themandtheywilltag 16 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • youassomeoneaftermoneyalways. Building trust is the only way you can probably win your subscriber. Here is how you can build trust over a 50daysperiodwithyoursubscriber. Day1:sellyourleadproduct Day2:sellyourproduct Day5:howtostartinternetmarketing Day7: why I started internet marketing and how it has boostmymonthlyincome. Day10:tipsonarticlemarketing Day11:sellanotherproduct Day15:sellanotherproduct Day16: how I make my first $1500 dollars in 3 hours online. Andsoon…. Hope you understand the concept and what I mean. If you follow these strategy, you'll certainly build a strong relationshipinnotimewithyoursubscribers. Once the step is set the auto-responder will continue to do its work without any interfering and in the long term,youwillstartseeingtheresult. 17 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • These is going to be a long one and as a matter of fact, the most important step that you need to succeed. ca- use if you don't promote your product, no one will knowitexist. Herearesimple,buteffectivewaytogeneratepeopleto your blog. The good news is that the method is tota-lly freeandasmentionedeffective. Articlemarketing Never underestimate the power of article marketing. Submit articles with backlinks to your page. Your article shouldbe: 1. Highly informative, interesting and short-at least 300-500wordlongarticle. 2. Alwaysincludelinkattheauthorresourcebox 3. Submit original articles as some of the article directories,don'tacceptPLRorduplicatearticles. Articledirectorysites tomention,butafew. Traffic generation Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Anchortext Anchor text is the text that is used to link another page. The anchor text, is what you'll use at the end of your article-in other word, resource box. Here is a typ- calanchortext: <a href= >anchor test</a> Note that places like that base the importance of page base on the anchor text linking to andfromit. Importanceofarticlemarketing 1. You'llgettargetedtraffic 2. You'llgetmultiplelinkbacktoyourwebsite 3. Youcangettop10googleranking,easily 4. People can use your articles in there site and get instanttraffic 5. It'salwaysfree. 6. Youcangaincredibilityinnotime Startwriting Therearetwowaystokickstartyourarticlemarketing 1. Youcanwriteityourself 2. Youcanoutsource Youcanwriteityourself These needs speed. If you can write at least two short articles of about 300 word, then you're on tract. If you don'thave ideaorhaveidea, on what you wantto 19 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • want to write, then you can do some research on that subject. One place to do it is there youwillgetanytopicyouneed. Youcanoutsource If you don't want to write the article yourself, you can look for someone to write it for you-they're called freelancers. A 400 to 500 word article, can cause you about $5-which is a good price considering the traffic it will generate to you. Most internet marketers don't write article themselves, but outsource it.The following placesaregoodplacetooutsourceyour articles: Startingyourarticlemarketingcampaign 1. Startwithapowerfulheadline 2. Setupyourauto-responder 3. Test and make sure your campaign is making sales. 4. Knowthekeywordphrasesthatconvert 5. Evaluatethecompetition The best way to evaluate competition of your keyword phrases, is using google. The reason been that with google,youcanevaluatethecompetition.Forinstance,if your key phrase is weight loss strategies for men. Go to google and input weight loss strategies for men-type it withinvertedaroundit. 20 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Look at the search result of weight loss strategies for menandshow---resultintotal. Actually, any search phrase that is not above 35000 result, is good. Just go over and write your article incl- uding thesearchtermwithin thearticleandsubmititto either goarticles.comcom or andyou canturnuptobeamongthetop10searchresult. the competition here is 13,400 which is good niche to start with 21 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Article marketing is effective and exciting because it is freeandeffective. 6.Startwritingyourarticleusingthekeyword Start writing your article using your keyword you have evaluated the competition-which is “weight loss”. As said, your title most include the keyword you're targ- eting. Since our key phrase is “weight loss” I will not makemytitleasthus: 10weightlossformula butrather: 10 weight loss formula that will flush out 10 pounds in oneweekwithoutstarvingyourself. the idea, Is to write a headline that stand out. Hope you'rewithme. 7.Startwritingthearticlebody. Start writing your article repeating the keyword at least two to three times at the first second and end paragraph of your article. When writing your article, here are the thingstoconsider: - Your article is all about information. That should beyourfocus-toprovideusefulinformation. - Alwaystakeadvantageofyourresourcebox. Belowisatypicalexampleofanarticle: Nextpage. 22 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • How to find niche You want to write and publish an eBook, but you don't have or know the niche you're going to write on, that can make your eBook record massive sales. Now you don't have to worry anymore, because here are 5 ways not arrange in order of importance on how to get a hot niche for your eBook. 1. Subscribe to nicheaday and you will be getting new niche everyday send to you every day. It is important to have a dedicated email for nicheaday to avoid confusion. Visit: andsubscribe. 2. Use forum and see what the online community's problem is. if a particular topic has been viewed several times, just take note of the topic. Modify the same topic and post. If the number of views is as the original topic, know that it is a hot topic. Some of the best forums are; and . 3. Another great way to get a niche is by visiting sites like clickbank, Amazon and eBay. Just see what people are buying. If people are buying more of software knows that any niche about software people will buy. Please the following sites and see for yourself what I mean; , , . 4. You can also visit to get range of topics you can write on.Thegoodnewsisthat,thesitesareupdatedeverymonth. 5. Use article sites like ezinearticles and choose a subject, and then choose a top. This is also similar to that of forum as the number of views per page tells you how interested peopleareonthetopic.Visit: 6. Finally, visit: and you will see the trend of the hot topicspeoplearedesperatelylookingforsolutions. Findingtherightnichewilldefinitelymakeyourblogstandout. JohnAdamisthefounderofmakemoneyonlineblog, visitthesiteandseehowyoucanincreaseyourdailyincomewithjustclicks.Totakepartin thesixdaye-courseonbloggingforwealth, visit:<ahref= >makingmoneyatease</a> 23 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • 8.Articlesubmission Start submitting your article to article directories. It's better to submit one article to a single article directory, as some of the directory-like don't accept article in other sources. These can also lower your search engine ranking as both ezinearticles and thesearch enginewilltagyour articleasnotoriginal. Therearebasicallytwowaystosubmityourarticles: 1. Manuelsubmission This is when you submit your article yourself to the article site by yourself or have paid someone to do it for you. If you're new to internet marketing, here is my killerfive: 2. Submittoothersite These method, entails you to distribute your articles to other article directories to build more links to your site. Since with time, your article ranking will drop. redistri- butethearticlestobuildmorelinktoyourproduct. Dominateyourkeyword It is possible to have multiple article with the same keyword phrase-in other words, same article topic. By implication, you can have multiple account with any of thearticledirectories.HereiswhatImean: 24 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • You can have two or more article under the same key- word. For instance I have written an article with the keyword: how to make money with and havegeneratedalotofviewsandclickthroughs, then I will write another article with the same keyword and postitinmyother(different)articleaccount. Forummarketing This is another wonderful way to drive traffic to your affiliate product.Forum marketing is where people post or reply a thread-making link to your blog. These form of marketingisbothforshortandlongtermpur-poses. Like any other form of marketing, forum mark-eting has the followingadvantages: 1. Instanttrafficfromrecentpost 2. Easywaytobuildbacklinkstoyourwebsite 3. Youcanachievecredibilityinyourniche. Howtogetalongwithforumposting It may sound simple, but be careful not to be banned from the service. But for every product you want to promote, write and post at least 30-50 thread-making sure you do it one post at a time. Make sure your post containthefollowing: - Writeinformationthatareattractive,elseno onewillclickyoursignaturelink. - Add value to the forum you're posting and avoid spamming. Whenyoustartyourcampaign,makesureyoupost inforumsrelatedyourlink andincludeyoursigna- 25 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • ture their. If you don't know any forum related to your campaignornichemarket,thendoasearch. Some forum don't accept any signature link until you have at least 15 posting. Example of such forum is (but still register as you willlearnmanywaysofinternetmarketing). Videotraffic One powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, is by creating a video and upload it to video watching site. A popular site is where you upload videos andshareitwiththeyoutubecommunity. The problem with these method is youtube will shut- down your account, once your video content is copyri- ghted. But that does not mean you cannot use these method to drive traffic to your blog. If your video gene- rate enough views, you can receive favorite video ran- kings.Herearesomeplacestopostyourvideos: 26 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Here is a few sources listed below to upload your pr- omotional video, to multiple video watching site with oneclick: You can create videos using webcam, camtasia, adobe premiereand ulead.Ifyou cannot createone,then hereis howtogetoneortwovideoforyourself. Get to one of the video sites and search on video re- lated to your niche, that has over 20,000 views. Get in touch with the person that uploaded the video, as if you can use his video. If he agrees, then upload it again and in the information form,you fill in the keyword and your signature link. That is far I can go: visit: blogcomment Many do underestimate the power of blog comment, but it really works well. Visit blog related to your niche market and post comment. For instance, if you're pr- omoting “weight loss” product, do a search on “weight loss blog” at google and start making comment living the signature link their. That way you can build strong backlinks. If you can make 10 blog comment four times a week,youcanimproveyoursearchenginerank. Theseishowblogcommentworks: - Readthearticlefirst - Commentthewriterofthearticle 27 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • - Makeyourcomments - Includeapointifany,thatyoudon'tlike - Add another point you fill should be added(not neccessary) - Leave your signature linklink:John @ weight loss formula - Include a picture of yours or any thing to make it lookprofessional. Freeclassifiedad When it comes to classified ad, many think money is involve. But in these one, it is free. You can post free classified ad which will boost your sales in minutes. To do that, visit: and . These service are easy to use andinaslittleas 5minutes, your adwillbeexposed. Socialmediasite Never underestimate the use of social media site as they're effective way of traffic generation. When ever you have set up your promotion, visit the social media site and notify them-as always registration is free. Here aresomeofthesocialmediasites: Squidoo Propeller Hubpages 28 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Twitter Wetpaint Flickr Digg Delicious 29 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Gettingstarted It'stimeto getstarted. Letmequicklyshowyou howto start making at least $150 daily and increase your earning without spending a dime in marketing using theprinciplesshowedinthesebook. If you follow these step, you're sure to start making at least $150 daily and repeat the process to increase yourearnings. Herearethetechniqueinvolve: Technique#1:find5producttopromote You will need to find 5 hot product you want to pr- omote. Clickbank is a nice place to start. Go to click bank official site andchoosefiveproductwithgravityof at least 70 and high affiliate commission. Little com- mission, is not worth your time. Here is a screen shot of clickbank market place showing the two ways of choosingproduct The action plan Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • You choose either clicking on any of the category with blueorfindingproductusingyourkeyword(thered). Technique#2: Findthekeywordoftheproduct For each product you choose, find at least 30 keyword for each. Start writing your articles with the 30 keyw- ord. Which means, you should be able to write 150 articles-30foreachproduct. Here is a keyword research for diet solution program which I intent to explore and to pick 30 keyword. The searchisdonewithgooglekeywordresearchtool Remember any keyword research with less than 35000 and not above 50,000 a month should be the one to considermost. Technique#3:Writethearticle Start writing the articles always remember that speed is part of it. With speed, you can write 5 articles in 60 minutes(onehour). 31 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Make your article exciting and your resource box inter- esting,thatwillmakeyourreaderwanttoclickthelink. Create your landing pages and submit your articles to ezinearticles.comorgoarticles.commanually. Technique#3:Doubleyourcampaign After your article submissions, you should know which product is doing really well. Then double your campa- ign. To double your campaign, you need to create an- other account with the article submission site. Write another article with the same keyword and choose new keyword too and write. For the product that is workingwriteatleast50 articles. Technique#4:Repeattheprocess Replicate the process by choosing other process for another four weeks and you will start making at least $150 daily. When you repeat the process, you'll start makingatleast$300dollarsdaily. 32 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Finally You have learn the steps and learning without taking appropriate action will not make you any money. Start today and start earning. One of the foundation of lea- rning is when you repeat what you learn over and over untilyouhave knownmasteritandmakingmoneyoutit, willbethemeasureofyourmastery. 33 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Wheretochoosedigitalproduct listbuilding outsourcing articledirectories videouploadingsites RESOURCES Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • web2.0 Squidoo Propeller Hubpages Twitter Wetpaint Flickr Digg Delicious freeclassifiedads 35 Today is the first day for the rest of your life
  • Today is the first day for the rest of your life Click here for more details Build vibrant and profitable business easily online. No expertise or browsing experience is needed
  • Today is the first day for the rest of your life