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TechWorld Iain Jawad presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Include in presentation a mention that the final report, in February, will also include actionable content in the form of contacts and links for each of the programmes and opportunities in an appendix
  • Transcript

    • 1. IAIN JAWAD
    • 2. 2
    • 3. Smart Cities of the Future in Asia: the Opportunities for UK Business Analysis and Comparison of 10 Markets in Asia Pacific as Growth Opportunities for UK Business - Interim FindingsSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 3
    • 4. Smart Cities - Smart Concepts A Smart Diamond to Define Smart Cities „S” Governance „S‟ Citizen „S‟ Business „S‟ City Planning „S‟ Buildings „S‟ Mobility „S‟ Energy „S‟ Information TechnologySmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 Source: Frost & Sullivan 4
    • 5. Smart Market Opportunity Convergence of Technology Will Lead to Convergence of Competition Energy Infrastructure • Renewable Energy • T&D Technology • Power Electronics • Substation Automation • Etc. … • AMI-Enabled Metering • Etc. …Information Technology Automation and Building• Wireless Communication • Monitoring and Sensing• Technology Integration • Connectivity of devices• Digital Technology • Smart Grid Integration• Analysis Software • Building Automation• Network Security • Demand-Side• IP Networks Management• Etc. … • Etc. … Smart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 Source: Frost & Sullivan 5
    • 6. Smart is the New GreenSmart …Cities Technology Infrastructure Energy Mobility Building Material Bandages Phones Meters Grids Clouds 6
    • 7. Selected Markets Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Singapore SeoulSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 7
    • 8. A Definition of a Smart City A large-scale urban development which aims to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability through the systematic integration of its planning, design, operations and management. This can cover everything from managing the assets and operation of the city to better provision of services and information to the inhabitants.Smart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 8
    • 9. Principal Challenges and Issues Increasing • Expanding populations are causing social issues such as traffic and populations people congestion and air pollution. • Regional economies are growing faster than the rest of the world which Growing economies is driving increased energy consumption. Lack of social • Construction of infrastructure (e.g. power generation, hospitals and infrastructure schools) is not coping with increasing demand. • Road and rail transportation is highly congested in the large Asian cities High congestion causing losses in terms of time and money. • Budgets and GDP growth in developing countries are not sufficient to Budget constraints build necessary infrastructure in time. Low broadband • Although high in Singapore and South Korea, the level of broadband penetration penetration is still low Malaysia and Indonesia.Smart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 9
    • 10. Selected Smart Applications Built Education Energy & Health Digital Transportation Environment Environment Environment Air conditioning E-learning (tele Smart grids Remote patient Wireless Road pricing control & virtual) monitoring connectivity systems Lighting control Smartphone Smart meters Telehealth & Mobile 3G Real time traffic learning telemedicine penetration information Waste control Remote learning Renewable Consumer health Smartphone EV infrastructure energies (smartphone) penetration Utility meters Child education Energy control & Hospital based Optical fibre Car navigation & management systems networks telematics Safety & security Senior education CO2 credits Personalised Remote control medicine In-building Batteries Approaches to networks wellness Rooftop Elderly care gardening (assisted living) Recyclable materialsSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 10
    • 11. Key Pillars of Smart Solutions • Greater awareness of sustainable building using environmentally Built friendly materials which consumes less energy and government efforts to Environment promote green building. Digital • Governments driving initiatives to set up high speed broadband. Environment • Education is very competitive and demand is increasing. Education • Demand for hard and soft infrastructure is high. Energy & • Energy consumption is increasing: Governments are encouraging green Environment and smart solutions such as renewable energy and smart grids. • Demand for healthcare growing with increasing populations and ageing Health societies especially in developed countries. • ICT driven solutions such as remote diagnosis are required. • Mass transit solutions e.g. trains, are in high demand. Transportation • Governments are also promoting green vehicles (EVs and hybrids).Smart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 11
    • 12. Commonalities and Differences Across the 4 Markets Researched So Far by Sector and Application Commonalities Sector Differences Building management systems and Singapore: rainwater harvesting Built Environment green building architecture programme S Korea: one of highest levels of BB High speed broadband Digital Environment penetration and speed in world Singapore: nationwide vocational Digitalisation in education Education plan Smart grid projects and renewable Singapore: micro grid test bed to Energy & Environment energies assess the reliability of power supply Tele-health, telemedicine and mobile S Korea: Wonjun Medical City Health healthcare relocates to outside Seoul New rail and rail extension and e- S Korea: electric car monitoring Transportation payment systems programmeSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 12
    • 13. Opportunities for UK Companies Hot Spots and Specific Opportunities Sector Current Status Smart Outlook Timelines Introduction of Increasing Built Environment rooftop landscaping involvement of public On-going and GIFM concept sector Jakarta Implementation of Scaling up and smart learning improvement of early Immediate to long Education through electronic child care and term media education centers Kuala Lumpur Smart grid to use Energy & Increase in total energy more Mid term Environment energy consumption efficiently Seoul Roll out of entry-base Distance-base ERP Transportation Electric Road Pricing Mid term using GPS system (ERP) with gantries SingaporeSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 13
    • 14. Example Opportunity Roof top landscaping and open areas in Jakarta • The concept of “rooftop landscaping” is relatively new in Jakarta and is still Key Challenge perceived as a means to improve the aesthetics of a building rather than boost its green performance and credentials • In 2007, the City promised a green face-lift in line with the 2010-2030 “Spatial Programme Master Plan”, which aims to modernise the urban landscape and increase coverage of open spaces from 9.3 percent to 30 percent. • The expansion of green spaces on the roof of buildings has been proved to lower Smart Environment the temperature of the city, absorbs pollutant gasses, reduces heat islands and solar radiation, and lower noise levels. • Specific opportunities exist for architectural consultants specialized in roof Opportunity structures and able to assess their ability to withstand the additional burden of landscaping and the associated constructions. • Jakarta City Park Agency, Jakarta City Planning Agency, Jakarta Public work Agency, Main Stakeholder Jakarta Agricultural Agency, Jakarta Regional Environment Impact Analysis Board Opportunity Timelines Size Technology Rooftop landscaping Immediate to long term Small due to initial stage LowSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 14
    • 15. Example Opportunity Smart learning with electronic media in Kuala Lumpur • There is a wide variation in the quality of education, particularly at the tertiary Key Challenge level. Best practice examples suggest that a way forward lies in the development of integrated networks of institutions across education value chain. • EPP 08: Building a health sciences education discipline cluster Programme • EPP 09: Building an advanced engineering, science and innovation discipline cluster • EPP 11: Launching “Educity@Iskandar” • Malaysia is rolling out advanced education systems and, at Iskandar Educity Smart Education developing a state-of-the-art multi-discipline “enclave”. • Advanced digital learning systems and solutions Opportunity • Business planning support and the design and build of infrastructure • Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Program Management office, Ministry of Main Stakeholder Science, Technology and Education Opportunity Timelines Size Technology Advance Learning System Mid term Large MediumSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 15
    • 16. Example Opportunity Smart grid deployment nationwide in Seoul • In South Korea, the authorities are struggling to control electricity demand and Key Challenge reduce the peak power requirement so are preparing the network for integration of technologies such as RE, EV and demand response. • A nationwide smart grid programme has been launched in three phases: Programme Development of a test bed in Jeju Island by 2012, the expansion into metropolitan cities by 2020, and completion of a nationwide system by 2030. • Grid automation is expected to benefit suppliers and consumers by enhancing Smart Grids reliability, enabling improved power management, facilitating smart transportation (EV) and integrating renewable energies into the grid. • A total of $7.18 billion will be invested in the nationwide smart grid by 2030. Opportunity Approximately, $358 million per year will be spent to 2016 with an additional $2.1 billion investment by 2020 and further investment up to 2030. • Ministry of Knowledge and Economy; Korea Smart Grid Institute; a total of 168 Main Stakeholder companies including KEPCO, SK, LG, KT, Samsung, Hyundai, GS Caltex Opportunity Timelines Size Technology Smart grid deployment Short, mid & long term High HighSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 16
    • 17. Example Opportunity Distance and time based road pricing in Singapore • Singapore was amongst the first cities globally to introduce a system of Electronic Key Challenge Road Pricing (ERP). Despite its relative success, the entry-base system is imperfect as it does not take into account actual usage or congestion caused. • The Ministry of Transport has proposed upgrading ERP I and replacing it with a Programme distance-based and therefore more equitable congestion charge (ERP II). • ERP II would make the make transportation system completely demand-based. Smart Transport • The Land Transport Authority is proposing to use satellite tracking to follow vehicles’ movements coupled with more efficient payment options and solutions. • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) systems: in-vehicle units and payment solutions; Opportunity navigation and dynamic route guidance systems; traffic monitoring solutions Main Stakeholder • The Land Transport Authority Opportunity Timelines Size Technology ERP II Immediate Medium MediumSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 17
    • 18. Summary and Key Takeaways • Smart cities are emerging as exciting new markets globally • Asia is particularly attractive for UK businesses providing smart solutions • This research will provide clear overview of these opportunities across the Built Environment, Digital Environment, Education, Energy & Environment, Health and Transportation segments and application areas • So far, we have covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea • Detailed coverage of these markets, as well as Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, will be available at “Explore Asia – a World of Opportunities for UK Companies” in February 2012 : Please go to : for more details • We would love to hear from you with any great case studiesSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 18
    • 19. Contact and Support Information • Please visit UKTI at Stand 126 for Principal UKTI Contact further information • Dominic Lyons • Commercial officers from Asia are UK Trade and Investment here to help you • Tel: 0207 215 3186 • Please pick up a copy of the project findings summary document • • You can use the QR code to locate this on the website • Alternatively, please visit Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 19
    • 20. TechWorld 17.11.2011 Smart Cities of the Future in AsiaSmart Cities of the Future in Asia 17/11/2011 20