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End of year review/preview

End of year review/preview






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  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010
  • Over the next two years, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will increasingly collide in the markets for mobile phones and tablets, mobile apps, social networking, and more.
  • The explosive growth of smartphones, home wifi, laptops and tablets has provided the framework for widespread social TV
  • Google Maps usage is 40% mobileLocation and contextual discoveryGoogle expects searches from mobile to exceed searches from PCs in 2013 – though that might happen sooner.Location-based services, including new releases of Maps for mobile, check-ins, deals and augmented reality, are evolving into quintessentially Google products. The world of "contextual discovery" – organising information, reviews and deals around a given location – is the local play on Google's longest-standing ambition.
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2010

End of year review/preview End of year review/preview Presentation Transcript

  • Online MediaA review of 2011 and predictions for 2012(before the December 21st apocalypse)Nigel GwilliamConsultant Head of DigitalIPA
  • What I’ll be talking about—The current Search market (according to a non-specialist)—5 big things that happened this year—5 predictions for 2012
  • Search Marketing Review (from a non-search specialist)
  • The Big Picture: IPA Bellwether
  • Search & Internet Marketing(much more positive)
  • You’re in a good place!IPA Bellwether: 3Q2011 vs 2Q2011
  • “The Bellwether Report reveals a strengthening of marketing budgets in Q3, particularly in the internet and search channels, in a cautious economic environment as brands focus on defending market share and in some instances driving sales growth forward. Digital and search investment continues to grow as brands take cautious shelter in channels that provide measurable return on investment. ” Chris Whitelaw IPA Search Group Chairman, President, I Spy
  • SEM attracting budget shifts from where? (US)
  • Trends & Technologies impacting SEM (US Agencies)
  • Check out this presentation I saw in SXSW!— Mobile search… … is different … is local & local is growing exponentially at 50% per year (in the US) … is social … needs mobile UX
  • Marketers rate their SEM knowledge… Source: IAB National Search Marketing Barometer, 2010
  • 5 big things that happened this year
  • NUMBER 1— A new epoch: the mobile web
  • “A smartphone today would havebeen the most powerful computerin the world in 1985 ” Horace Dediu, former Nokia ExecutiveIn fact, todays phones have about the same raw processing poweras a laptop from 10 years ago. And every year they close the gap. Source: The Guardian
  • Smartphones surpass feature phones
  • Smartphone sales beat PC sales in 2011
  • NUMBER 2— The Stupid EU Cookie Law
  • … in 2 ½ minutes
  • IPA advice for agencies— Tell clients there is no need to panic— BUT don’t do nothing— Audit the use of cookies— Classify cookie usage— Increase prominence of information— And for OBA…
  • NUMBER 3— The rise of Real Time Bidding
  • The most infamous chart of 2011
  • Spend to quadruple this year “By 2015, more than one in four display ad dollars will be spent via real-time bidding” International Data Corporation
  • NUMBER 4— Therise of Facebook as an advertising medium
  • Facebook steps up Estimated Ad Revenue (£m)300250200150100 50 0 2010 2011 2012 “Facebook now accounts for the majority of net online display growth in the UK.” Ian Maude, Enders
  • NUMBER 5—Google changes— Mobile search prioritises mobile content— Removes natural search analytics (for signed in Google account holders)?
  • 5 predictions for 2012
  • NUMBER 1—The Great Tech War of 2012
  • NUMBER 2— Forget 3D TV, 2012 is all aboutSocial TV & Connected TV
  • Social TV: The Second Screen
  • Wifi – unleashes laptops (and smartphones) Source: Percentage HH, Touchpoints 3 (2010) vs Touchpoints 2 (2008)
  • Re-linearization of TV“ linear TV, far from being dead, is actually making a resurgence ” Chloe Sladden, Twitter
  • Connected TV— “The integration of the internet and Web 2.0 features into modern television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and these television sets / set-top boxes.” Source: Wikipedia
  • Online video— accelerating growth set to continue
  • NUMBER 3—Local explosion
  • Local Explosion— 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local info— 61% have called, 59% visited after a search— 90% act within 24 hours Source: Google
  • Location, location, locationThe mobile phone acts as a cursorthat connects the digital andphysical worlds
  • NUMBER 4—Privacy Push-Back
  • EU Data Privacy Directive “Overly strict, static and bureaucratic data-protection rules will have a detrimental impact on Europe’s economy” said 11 industry associations, including the Business Software Alliance, which counts Microsoft among its members, and IAB Europe, which has Google and Yahoo! Inc. on its roster.
  • NUMBER 5—Tick, tick, BOOM
  • The Ad Environment Time Bomb
  • A summary in buzzwords— Google v Facebook v Apple v Amazon Tech War— Real time— So(cial) Lo(cal) Mo(bile)— Social, Connected TV— Privacy push-back— Danger UXB