Test Engineering


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A small presentation go alogn with my demo of a simple Selenium test called from PHP with Selenium RC.

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Test Engineering

  1. 1. Test Engineering Nigel Fernandes Software Design Engineer BookEazy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Why test ? 0 To find bugs 0 To verify the specifications 0 To know the limits of the system 0 Good developer karma
  3. 3. Types of Tests 0 Unit Tests 0 Functional Tests Automated 0 Stress Tests 0 Load Tests . ..and of course manual tests.
  4. 4. Who does the testing ? 0 Developer Testing 0 Software Quality Testing 0 Beta User Testing
  5. 5. It is really challenging ! 0 Writing good tests is hard. O Avoiding ‘Happy Path’tests is hard. 0 Avoiding Test Training is hard. 0 Budgeting for test development is hard 0 Maintaining tests is hard.
  6. 6. Why should you care? Design Code Testing 3‘ x / Time Estimate For Feature
  7. 7. What else? 0 Code quality and Bugs 0 Code enhancements O Specification and Requirement changes 0 Sometimes there's no other way
  8. 8. The magic of Selenium II Selenium uses Javascript and Iframes to embed a II test automation engine in your browser
  9. 9. Bits and Pieces O Selenium Core 0 Selenium RC (love this) 0 Selenium IDE (damn cool)
  10. 10. Selenium Architecture Selenium Remote Control Tre best web browser automation lrarrework in the wo"d. Seriously. Selenium Server LaU, .,. h . ,. ,, ~ Fireiox. (w. era the magic happe s) and K” ~y- Satan’ IE. Seleriwn Core 0“ "W! (HTML and Javascript) perl. ruby, pytron. java or 4 HTTP +- . net test scripts HTTP A Yew at-. eso'r*. e HTTP —a- web app! cation here HTTP Proxy (Cl ent ccnilruured)
  11. 11. Selenium Alternatives 0 Watir 0 WebDriver 0 Jmeter
  12. 12. Why Selenium rocks 0 Cross browser support is the best available 0 Scaleable. Architecture supports multi—browser parallelism 0 Javascript extendibility is just awesome 0 Selenium IDE for Firefox 0 Interactive Selenium RC 0 Down the line support
  13. 13. Bunch of URL’s O www. openqa. org O www. youtube. com [search for GTAC 2007] O tech. nige| .in O www. nige| .in O www. askAnayKamat. com Email me at nige/ @nigeI. in
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