Why Modern Brainstorming Fails! - Nigel Collin CEO, Thinkativity

Why Modern Brainstorming Fails! - Nigel Collin CEO, Thinkativity



In a changing and competitive world, generating ideas the way we did 50 years ago simply doesn't work. To create viable ideas you need to leave the boardroom, open your mind and explore possibilities. ...

In a changing and competitive world, generating ideas the way we did 50 years ago simply doesn't work. To create viable ideas you need to leave the boardroom, open your mind and explore possibilities. This session will fuel your creative mind, so you can generate fresh and disruptive ideas that drive business growth.

Discover why brainstorming should never be a stand-alone event.
Discover the myths about creativity in business and destroy them forever.
Learn practical strategies to explore possibilities and create bankable ideas.



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Why Modern Brainstorming Fails! - Nigel Collin CEO, Thinkativity Why Modern Brainstorming Fails! - Nigel Collin CEO, Thinkativity Presentation Transcript

  • Why Modern Brainstorming Fails! The Art and Science of Bankable Ideas By Nigel Collin - CEO Thinkativity
  • Ideas make money www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Successful and profitable organisations are ideas-based ones. e   AirBN t o   h e l p   a v e r a g B a y ’ s   i d e a   ted   rentin   began   as Ta m m y   M eir   9inances   crea g   a $Mill   a   spare   n   idea  tw ustralian ’s   budget   th   Millions   o f   ions   o A T   -­‐   now   w orth world room   and   friends   h MY   BUDGE w John  Ilhan’s   idea  of  selling  phones   for  $5   to  ide   is   n ad ow   w   of   r dollars  a  yea gain   customers   is   now   CRAZY   JOHNS   -­‐   orth   worth  $Millions   to   the   An   idea   to   sell   computers   directly ns public  made  Michael  DELL  $Billio   via  back  li nks   web David a   of   sea rching  the   o   f r i e n d s     McC The  ide g l e   a n d   tw door   on oo to   do nell’s   ide c r e a t e d   G peopl or   lea a   of   es e  $Mi lliona d   to   AVON sellin g   per $Billionair The   idea   of   bumping   two   phones   ires  i   mak fume together  created  Bump  and  made   David   n  the   ing   o   proce ther   Lieb  a  multi  $Millionaire ss   -­‐   Alex  Tew’s   idea   to  sell   one   pixel   for   $1   on   ctors   on   the   road f   p lacing   re9le lions his  website  made  him  a  $Millionaire The   idea   o  Percy  Shaw  $Mil rally   CATE YES  -­‐  earned The   idea   of   ANGRY   BIRDS   has   lite made  $Millions Apple’s  idea  for  iTunes  made   $Billions   and   ct   g   t he   perfe Aus changed  the  music  industry f   duplicatin S   we   know   w tralian   Cochlear   Kroc ’s   idea   o McDONALD orth  $Mi llions   ear   plan t   is   a   ide Ray d   the   a   now   syste m   create ons li and  m ade  $Bil Your  business  here?d www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Ideas are sexy A single idea can drive growth, outpace competition, fuel innovation, improve performance and boost profits. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Ideas drive change www.thinkativity.com.au
  • I saw this on a billboard in New Zealand By the time you finish readingthis the world will have changed
  • Pro9it  from  change We live in a world of great change. We shouldn’t be alarmed by that because it has always changed. However...what we should be alarmed about is the fact that we are still generating ideas the same way we did 50 years ago!Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • We’re sitting in grey drabboardrooms asking our people‘what have you got?’ when weneed ideas.But generating bankable ideas isa process not a project.Brainstorming should never be astand-alone affair because thatonly results in adequate, safeideas. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • And your competitors are generating adequate, safe ideas.Your ideas need to be better than theirs! Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • There are two types of thinkersHelicopters Vending Machines www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Helicopter Thinkers are those people who look at a problem from many different perspectives. They hover high and see the big picture. zoom in close to see all the detail. See thechallenge from many different points of view and as a result see endless possibilities. Thanks to Alan Fletcher for the analogy www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Vending Machine Thinkers push thebuttons and out come the same old  ideas, just wrapped a little differently.  In their quest to win a client, get aproject completed, or find a creativesolution quickly, many companiessettle for the vending machine ideas. Profitable ideas happen when youthink like a Helicopter. Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Myth  BustingThere are three myths preventing usfrom generating profitable ideas. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Myth  #1:  Ponytails  and  LattesThe first myth is this. Outstanding ideas arethe sole domain of highly creative people.Not true because the next bankableidea in your business can come fromanyone on any level.When you label who is and whoisn’t creative you limit the poolof brilliant ideas www.thinkativity.com.au
  •        Myth  #2:  I  got  nothing!Fact:Most people don’t think they are very good at coming up with ideas.Also not true because once you understand theprocess you’ll be amazed at the quality of your ideas.20 years on the ideas front-line has taught me that likeanything it’s simply a matter of learning and applying. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Myth  #3:  There’s  no  method Not true. There is a definitestructure to generating profitable ideas. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • The  great  balancing  actThat structure needs to be a balanceof science and art as well as a balancebetween culture and process. Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • You need the right balance of... 1. The right culture to inspire bankable ideasValue of an idea 0 2. The right process to generate bankable ideas 10 Culture Process 0 www.thinkativity.com.au
  • The wrong balance and theValue of an idea 0 Culture dilutes the value of ideas 10 0 Process www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Value of an idea 0 Process 10 0 Culture And you’ll only get vending machines solutions.www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Sadly...Only 53% oforganisations have53/ 31a culture in place to Only 31% ofstimulate ideas organisations have a process in place to generate ideas www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Three  things  to  consider The System1. Cultivate2. Ideate3. Activate www.thinkativity.com.au
  • cultivate www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Let’s face it ideas don’t work 9 to 5.They arrive when you least expect Timethem because they need to evolve. Give yourself time to think. Allocate 10 or 20 minutes a day of thinking time. Amazing! www.thinkativity.com.au
  • SpaceYour physicalenvironment greatlyinfluences your creativemindsetIf you get stuck for ideaschange your immediatesurroundings.Never underestimate thepower of ‘space’. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • CollaborationCreating profitable ideas is a collaborative affair.Are you collaborating outside your immediate team?Are you collaborating outside your business or industry?Are you collaborating with a diverse range of people? www.thinkativity.com.au
  • You must create an environment where people feel safe to put ideas on the table without fear or ridicule. You need to give your people permission to take creative risks. Permission  to  Risk
  • Play Play allows us to discover things and open our minds to what’s possible. Allow yourself and your people to play and loosen up creatively. That’s when great ideas are found! As John Cleese put it, ‘if you want creative workers, give them enough time to play’. 28 www.thinkativity.com.au
  • ideate www.thinkativity.com.au
  • The Ideas Funnel TMClarify your purpose. Objectives & ParametersExplore possibilities, dreambig and helicopter think. Helicopter thinkingFilter and evaluate ideas. The filter Bankable ideas Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Let’s look at the key parts of the ideas funnel www.thinkativity.com.au
  • One of the biggest mistakes people Objectives  make when brainstorming is they’renot really sure what it is they arecoming up with ideas for.Great ideas without direction are notgreat ideas. Certainly not profitable,so clarity is key. This is the sciencepart. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • ParametersYou also need to setparameters. The boundariesand rules to work within.Most people think havingboundaries and constraintsinhibits creative flow. Not sobecause the opposite is true. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • This is the ‘Art’ part. This is the Helicopter  Thinking part of the process where you let your creative mind loose, explore possibilities, let the ideas fly, head off in tangents and go where no creative creative mind has gone before.www.thinkativity.com.au
  • The  Filter Once you’ve explored possibilities and have a good range of ideas you need to filter which of those ideas are viable. More science. Warning!!! Don’t evaluate your ideas during the thinking part or you will kill them. This is what brainstorming was invented to do and most people get it wrong!Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • activate www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Testing Interrogate your ideas. Do they stand up? Are they viable? Practical? What’s wrong with them and can it be fixed? If you need to then place them idea back through the funnel, re-test and reinvent them.Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Ideas need to be heard if they are to Pitchinghave a place in the world. So planyour pitch. You need to get the ownership from your stakeholders because without their support it’s almost impossible to get an idea off the ground. www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Final  thoughts Ideas make money. Profitable ideas, don’t come by chance, they come by design.You need to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment for profitable ideas to thrive.You also need a process that allows you to explore possibilities and funnel those possibilities towards bankable outcomes. Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Get the full e-bookLike what your see?For your free extended version in pdf formatJust just click here Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au
  • Get in TouchIf you’d like Nigel to speak at your nextconference, or ask a question about how wecan help facilitate bankable ideas for yourbusiness, just get in touch. We’d love to hearfrom youP: +61-2-98886200E: support@thinkativity.com.auW: www.thinkativity.com.au Follow us on facebook www.thinkativity.com.au