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Social studies sba

  1. 1. TASK 1An Investigation in St.Andrew College on why students bleach their skin 1. Why do students of ST.Andrew College bleach their skin 2. What are the effects bleaching has on their skin 3. What can be done by the school to curb and prevent students from bleaching
  2. 2. TASK 2 RationaleThe researcher finds the topic on bleaching to be very interested becauseBleaching have become very popular to young teens. The researcher would like to know why people bleach their skin,where do thesechemicals or products develop from .because doing this topic on bleaching will enlightyoung teenage kids to be wise not to bleach their skin and my knowledge on this topicwill be enhanced.
  3. 3. TASK 3
  4. 4. QuestionaireThe researcher has chosen to use 15 printed Questionaire as a method of investigation.Advantages of using printed Questionaires1. It is confidentialbecause names are not required2. It is easy to answer3. It is a reliable sourceDisadvantages of using printed Questionaires 1. Expensive to print 2. Persons maybe unable to read, so therefore Questionaires is not answer 3. It is easily destroyed
  5. 5. TASK 4 Instrument used to collect data1. Sex o Male o Female2. Age group o 15-19 o 20-24 o 25-29 o 30-and over3. Where do you reside o Inner city o Garison o Residential area o Rural area
  6. 6. 4. What is your employment o Student o Unemployment o Employed o Self employed5. Why is bleaching a fashion o To look good when going out o Because its very popular among young teens o To get lighter complection o All the above6. Why do students bleach their skin o Lack self confdence o For fashion o Lack self esteem o To look attractive7. How can bleaching affect the body o Causes discolouration o Causes black spots o Causes thining of the skin o Prone to sunburn and pealing of the skin
  7. 7. 8. What do, you do to keep the skin conplection o Wear stocking o Wear extra clothes o Use sunscreen o Others9. What type of product they use to bleach their skin o Creams o Soaps o Pills/injections o Home made product10. Where do student purchase these pruducts o Downtown o Street vendor o Pharmacies o On the black market11. What can be done by the school to curb and prevent students from bleaching o Have programs talk about bleaching o Give students counciling about bleahing o Discusion on how it will affect the skin o All the above
  8. 8. 12. What should the government doing to help stop the situation o Take pharmacies permit for selling these products o Charge people that are caught selling the products o Band it fro coming into the country o All the above13. What are some of the positive effects of bleaching o Build self esteem o More recognition o Complection changes o Others14. What are some of the negative effects of bleaching o Lack of education o Self hatred o The availability o All the above15. Who is allowed to bleach? o Persons with general fungalinfection on the skin o Persons with scabies o Persons with ezema o None of the above