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How To Become An Artist
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How To Become An Artist


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Art portfolio slideshow with fun inspirational comments

Art portfolio slideshow with fun inspirational comments

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  • 1. How to become…
    • an Artist
  • 2.  
  • 3. Let yourself play at least once a day
    • Find snail trails in the garden.
    • Laugh a lot.
    • Believe in miracles.
    • Lie on the grass and watch the clouds.
    • Be responsible for your happiness.
    • Free your creative spirit!
  • 4. Draw As Often As Possible
    • Carry a note book, pen or pencil with you where ever you go.
    • Each moment is an opportunity to open the window to something miraculous.
    • Each day has a life of it’s own, a unique energy, waiting to be channeled, so draw what you see.
    • Finding your own path generates an inner exitement that becomes the motivation for great creations.
  • 5. From pencil to paint
  • 6. Writing it down or drawing it - begins the reality.
  • 7. I know that creative thought is a process that can be learned, practiced and expanded.
    • To unblock your creative expression ;
    • Keep a journal to counteract the constant bombardment of negative thoughts and ideas .
    • Don’t be bound by outdated beliefs. Anxiety is a great enemy of our ability to improvise and create.
    • Get rid of your “inner sensor”
    • Any line , drawn with confidence , is art.
  • 8. There are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn & grow
  • 9. Study nature and animals, especially cats
    • Cats take long naps.
    • Cats know they’re beautiful.
    • Cats purr with pleasure.
    • Cats are curious.
    • Cats are flexible and have perfect balance.
  • 10. All great ideas need a human channel to bring them down to ea r th
    • I worr ied about what others would think about my ideas, now , I give myself permission not to be perfect.
    • I d o what I know how to do , then “act as if” I know how to do the rest.
  • 11. Miraculous amazing magical unique s erene precious truthful dreamy radiant daring angelic imaginative blessed brave energetic lovable insightful star-filled pioneering YOU
  • 12. If love is the perfume of life, then art is the make-up.
    • If it is applied correctly it accentuates natural beauty
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul…
    • … and you answer.
    • Star Riches