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Nicole Cherry Visual Resume
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Nicole Cherry Visual Resume


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Published in: Sports, Travel
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  • Introduction (Secret Agent Theme) Background image url:
  • Explain being a performer is like being a double agent (Withholding multiple talents)
  • I am a dancer and a singer. I try to expand my abilities between practice with my dance team in Florida and working on my music in the recording studio. All preparation to be a performer! Photos of dancing and singing are photos from my collection.
  • Background: Length of time I been dance in a technical class. (Since I was 9) Background Info: I have been singing on a serious level since I was 11. Going to studios in New York and recording songs with a singing group I was in. Show picture of you with the Shatay and Brittany (former group members) I gained many opportunities when I moved to Florida in 2007. Between acknowledging my love for performing as a dancer, then as a singer and being exposed to Full Sail Univserity. Nancy Duarte (Story)
  • Explaining background. My love for dance venture deeper than me just being a dancer. This is when I bring in a short story of I how I became a FOUNDER of a dance team ”Supremacy” located in Florida. Share a picture of the 2011-2012 team. (My photos) Nancy Duarte (Story)
  • Title Slide: Education w/ Visuals that pertain to Full Sail University Nancy Duarte (What is) Image Url:
  • Music Business major. As an artist I want to know the business and be able to pilot my career they way that I want it go. Nancy Duarte (What is) Image Url: Image Url:
  • The fact that I was a dance coach lead me to an opportunity of instructing at Atlantic Vibe Performance Academy…gaining experience as a dance instructor in a studio.
  • Experiences with performing on a stage as a vocalist. And venturing as a performer with a local music group called Coast Nation.
  • Express where I want my career to lead. I want to be a mainstream artist who embodies true entertainment in all aspects, as a vocalist, trained dancer, arranger, and songwriter.
  • My education helped my expand in NYC with a Public Relations company. I worked in the media department, regulating all of the clients social site feed. I also assisted with helping the company find venues for different events and outlets that would help them advertise these same events their clients hosted.
  • Emphasis that I do not want to make it the same way as everyone else. I want to gradually work my way into the industry as an artist. I want to climb my way to the top! Photo:
  • Plan to work as an intern and find an open door by working amongst people are a engulfed in this industry daily. Through Public Relations interning, recording studio interning, and record label interning. Ultimate
  • List skills that I portray that we lead me to nothing other than success. M.U.S.I.C. is my lingo! Emphasis Acronym
  • MOTIVATION: Like most people music has always kept me motivated and feeling like I can do anything (school, music, work) I want and be anything I want. Music pushes you to do that last sit-up! Photo:
  • STRUGGLE: Music has gotten me through all of the struggles that I have faced in life personal struggles, physical struggles, mental struggles etc. The Scream Url:
  • Integrity: All music has a meaning and there have been many songs that have made me reevaluate my integrity. My integrity keeps me pushing for success. Photo:
  • To be the ultimate performer is my ultimate goal! Share a posing shot of myself. (My Photo collection) Photos are from: Flickr and My personal Photo Collection
  • Transcript

    • 1. HI…My name is Cherry, NicoleCherry… I was born in NYC Moved to Jersey Then moved to Florida graduated from High School ( C/O 2010 ) Now I’m BACK HOME in NYC Photo is from my personal collections.
    • 2. Things I Love... Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 3. =DOUBLE AGENT
    • 4. Dancing one moment… Vocalizing the next!!! Photo By: Rob Andrews on Flickr Photos of myself are from my personal collections
    • 5. I have been trained in dancesince I was 4 years old. I have been singing since 6 years old. Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 6. Founder of My dance team In Florida Since 2007...Say hi to the 2011- 2012“SUPREMACY” Team! Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 7. Perfect Education Opportunity = Full Sail University Photo by: Orlando Mendez on Flickr
    • 8. Studying Music Business to propel my career to extreme success VSPhotos by: Mike Banks /InterContinental Abu Dhabi on Flick
    • 9. Dance Instructor at Atlantic Vibe Academy Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 10. Gaining experience as a Vocal Performer Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 11. Strong Vocalizing Extreme Dance Technique Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 12. Interning in NYC atBlackman & RakowitzPublic Relations Photos are from my personal collections.
    • 13. Gradually Climb To The… Top Photo by: Stefano Corso on Flickr
    • 14. Next Step:Intern #2 Photo by: Richard Newton on Flickr
    • 15. My Life’s Motto: M.U.S.I.C. Is what keeps me striving…
    • 16. MyMotivatIon Comes from The current music Scene
    • 17. Uniqueness & Photo By: Rev.Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (JCL) on Flickr
    • 18. My ability to both INTEGRATE With others & Enables me to expand
    • 19. Photos are from my personal collections.