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Questionnaire pie chart results


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Questionnaire pie chart results

  1. 1. Nicole Tonge Media Questionnaire ResultsResultsI did a questionnaire to find an overall result for what people look for in a music magazine and whatwould encourage them to purchase one as well as what they would expect. I asked both males andfemales ranging from the age 10 to 50. These results will help me decide what style and genre to usein my magazine, also how often it would come out and what attracts them. Gender Male FemaleI asked more females to males, so I got more results for females which means I am more likely to doa music magazine which is aimed at females because I have most results for them. Age 1O-20 21-30 31-40 41-50Majority of the people who filled out my questionnaire were aged 10-20, this means that I havemost results for a younger audience; this would make it easier for me to create a magazine aimed atthe younger generation.
  2. 2. Nicole Tonge Media Questionnaire Results How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? £0.01-£2.00 £2.01-£3.00 £3.01-£4.00On my results no-one would be willing to pay £3.01-£4.00 so this is not a price I would consider formy magazine, majority of my results were that people were more willing to pay £0.01-£2.00 for amusic magazine, this is closely followed by people willing to pay £2.01-£3.00. How often would you like a music magazine to come out? Weekly Every 2 weeks MonthlyMy results showed me that an equal amount of people would like a music magazine to come outweekly and monthly, with not very many people wanting it to come out every 2 weeks. This means Ineed to decide which would be more popular, monthly or weekly. Would you buy a music magazine? Yes No
  3. 3. Nicole Tonge Media Questionnaire ResultsMajority of the people who filled out my questionnaire would buy a music magazine, which meansthere is space in the market for it to come out and be bought. What attracts you to a magazine? Layout Images Content Competitions Free stuffThe most popular thing which attracts people to a magazine is the content inside the magazine, thismeans my front cover will have to include information about the content so it attracts people, this isfollowed by free stuff which attracts people, and this means I will need to consider giving a free giftwith the first edition in my magazine. Favourite genres Dance House Indie Rap Dubstep Pop Motown RnB Rock ElectroThe most popular genres of people I questioned were dance and indie, these music genres are verypopular in modern day music, so I would consider doing my magazine based on one of these genres,these are followed my rap and pop for being the most popular.So overall my results have helped and influenced me to choose certain house styles and genres tofeature in my magazine to attract a younger audience as this was the majority of people whofeatured in my magazine. My results have also helped me get the basics of my plans complete, suchas how much it will cost and how often my magazine will come, this has been done by looking atwhat the people who answered my questionnaire wanted. Also I asked my participants whatinterested them in a magazine; therefore there results will help me decide the best things to featureon the cover to attract them to buy the magazine.