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  • 1. Nicole Testa
  • 2. 60,000 years ago > People started to speak5,000 years ago > People started to write600 years ago > People started to publish43 years ago > The Internet was born
  • 3. user generated media slides
  • 4. user generated media slides
  • 5. user generated media slides
  • 6. user generated media slides
  • 7. user generated media slides
  • 8. user generated media slides
  • 9. The Internet is changing …Soon all the information you ever encounteredin your life will be linked together in this systemacross countries, across continents.All languagesEvery library, Every song, Every movieEvery television show, sports game, news broadcastand book will be found somewhere on the World Wide Web
  • 10. Stuart Hall explains his idea of changing the predominant influence(Hall, Katz)“Hegemony is not a formation that incorporates everybody.It entails quite a different conception of how social forces andmovements, in their diversity, can be articulated into strategicalliances. To construct a new cultural order, you need not to reflect on an already-formed collective will, but to fashiona new one, to inaugurate a new historical project.”
  • 11. Convergence is the“flow of content across multiple media platforms,the cooperation between multiple media industries,and the migratory behavior of media audiences”media convergence is where “old and new media collide”and where “grassroots and corporate media intersect” “Worship at the Altar of Convergence,” Henry Jenkins
  • 12. ter Benjamin,e Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproducticusses Walter Benjamin, a convergence between the old,e contemplativeArt in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” “The Work of forms of art like unique paintings discusses a convergence between the old, sculpture contemplative forms of art or the new, faster-pace more and photography like unique paintings ia of the sculpture andHe sees thethe new, faster-paced as a n and cinema. photography or newer art form media of the cinema. He sees the newer art form as a newde of representation because of the technological mode of representation because of the technologicalances on whichwhich it depends—particularly the advances advanc advances on it depends—particularly the in mechanical reproducibility—as well as the fact that itmechanical reproducibility—as well as the fact that presents new ways of viewing and interacting with art. ents new ways of viewing and interacting with art
  • 13. user generated media slides
  • 14. iPod convergence cult.0
  • 15. user generated media slides
  • 16. A new dogmatism in media theory has shifted the focusfrom text to the audience. This ‘active audience’ insists that the audience is in control of themeaning of media products. Fiske
  • 17. user generated media slides
  • 18. user generated media slides
  • 19. digitization of media
  • 20. serving info
  • 21. evo: broadcast
  • 22. evo: interactive
  • 23. evo: social media
  • 24. work buy comsume die pic