Design Portfolio 2012


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Professional, Intern and Student work

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Design Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. Nicole SteinerPortfolio2006-2011
  2. 2. GRPS – Aberdeen Elementary School Cafeteria RemodelJunior Interior Designer Work Client: Grand Rapids Public Schools Challenge: Redesign the school cafeteria at Aberdeen Elementary to be more energizing for students. Responsibilities: Space plan and rendering. Program: AutoCAD; Hand rendering Interior Design
  3. 3. Charlotte High School Concept PlanJunior Interior Designer Work Client: Charlotte High School Challenge: Concept design for new Administration and Guidance Office additions at Charlotte High School. Responsibilities: Space plan options and block rendering. Program: AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop Interior Design
  4. 4. Flatrock Community SchoolsInterior Design Internship WorkBarnes Elementary Classroom layout Bobcean Kindergarten Classroom layout Client: Flatrock Community Schools Challenge: Design a more functional classroom layout and select furniture and finishes for the elementary classrooms at Barnes, Bobcean and Simpson Schools in Flatrock MI. Responsibilities: Space plan; Furniture and finish selection. Program: AutoCAD Interior Design
  5. 5. Graphic DesignInterior Design Internship Work Client: Thomas A. Duke Company Challenge: Design a green tagline to be used by a contracting company on sustainable projects. Program: Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design
  6. 6. Studio GallerySenior Level Design Studio Challenge: Design a mixed-use building for downtown Birmingham, MI to include a community art center, retail space, and residential units. Solution: Studio Gallery Community Art Center provides various classes to engage the Birmingham Community in the composition of different types of art. Different screening devices are used to diffuse light during the day, and in the evening exterior beacons landmark the gallery from a distance. Programs: AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Google SketchUP, Kerkythea Lighting Program Studio Gallery
  7. 7. The main and second levels of Studio Gallery offer public spaces inviting members of the community to interact with one another, as well as local and national artists. The street levelboasts a two story curtain wall to allow maximum natural light into the gallery and café spaces. The third and fourth levels house work/live units for artists. Studio Gallery
  8. 8. Classrooms, gallery space and residential units all receive abundant amounts of natural light which provides residents, students and guests with inspiring views both in and outside StudioGallery. Interior screens help control light in classroom spaces and residential units. Studio Gallery
  9. 9. Hobbs+Black Architectural Firm RenovationJunior Level Design Studio Main Level Floor Plan West Section Elevation Challenge: Propose a design for the renovation and eventual employee expansion of Hobbs+Black Architectural Firm in Ann Arbor, MI. The design must include a stained glass window discovered during a previous renovation in the former worship space. Solution: The design incorporates the old aesthetics of the structure with modern finishes and colors reminding clients and employees of the companies past while looking ahead to its future. Programs: AutoCAD, AutoCAD CAP, Adobe Photoshop Hobbs+Black Architectural Firm Renovation
  10. 10. Lower Level Floor Plan Workstation 3D View Workstations are finished with a traditional cherry veneer surface on the exterior side of the panel and a cool blue gray tackable surface on the interior. Hobbs+Black Architectural Firm Renovation
  11. 11. Journey Path Women’s Health and Wellness CenterSenior Level Design Studio Challenge: Design a women’s health and wellness center for women of all ages in Kentwood, MI. The center must include traditional physician facilities as well as exercise and spa facilities. Solution: Journey Path provides care for women in a stress free environment. A natural color pallet creates a calming atmosphere for patients, guests, and staff. Programs: AutoCAD, Google SketchUP, Adobe Photoshop Journey Path Women’s Health and Wellness Center
  12. 12. Upon entering Journey Path patients are guided to various services within by an overhead way finding path. Wooden ceiling elements assist patients in the discovery ofphysician care, exercise and spa treatment areas. Journey Path Women’s Health and Wellness Center
  13. 13. Red Dragon Eco-LodgeJunior Level Design Studio Challenge: Design a hospitality destination in the small village of Dang Jia Shan located in the Losses Plateau, China. The residents of the village hope to educate visitors and promote their cave dwelling lifestyle as an exciting vacation option for travelers from western cultures. A small amount of annual rainfall must also be considered for irrigation and restroom facilities. Solution: Minimum new construction will take place on site. Cave dwellings no longer used by villagers will be converted into guestrooms, dining facilities, and a cultural activity center. Restroom facilities will incorporate eco-friendly toilets and a rainwater collection system to be used to irrigate the crops planted by the village. Programs: AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop Red Dragon Eco-Lodge
  14. 14. The guest rooms at the Red Dragon maintain the original length and width of the traditional cave dwellings. Vibrant textiles draw attention to the fireplace which heats the rooms andcreates a comfortable centerpiece. Minimum modern amenities have been introduced in to promote interaction among guests and local villagers as well as the surrounding landscape. Red Dragon Eco-Lodge
  15. 15. Graphic DesignStudent Work Challenge: Design a logo for ImagiPlay, a children’s museum located in an urban area. Program: Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design
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