12 Technology Actions You Can Take Today...To ROCK 2012


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  • Recently, I met an amazing speaker named Craig who was very spontaneous onstage…I asked him after his presentation if he could give me some tips as I’m always looking to raise my game. He of course said sure…because he was looking for help with his social media marketing, and so we went to coffee later that day and traded knowledge. After an hour of me coaching him on social media….Craig shared some suggestions to help me be a more spontaneous speaker. And the end we gave each other a checklist of actions. Actions each of us could take to dive in to the skills we needed to learn. And trust me…his list for me was far worse than mine: his included actions like (1) wear a plastic booger while shopping at Nordstrom next time and (2) the next time I fly (which is this weekend) I should get my entire row to sing row, row, row your boat. Clearly these are things outside of my normal comfort zone. But that’s the point. To Craig, sending a tweet with a shortlink sounded like something you feed a bird. But in that moment both of us realized that in order to become more confident with the tools we wanted to learn we had to practice using them.Today…I’ll be sharing some key technology trends with you. More importantly I’ll be giving you some specific actions you can take to become more comfortable and confident using these emerging technologies to help your business.Alright…let’s get started…
  • Trend 1: Original content trumps all others!With more than 200,000,000 million blogs on the Web, the explosion of social networks like Facebook…everyone is understanding the value now of posting content online to market themselves and their business. But not everyone is showcasing their own value. The best way to stand out in 2012 and to differentiate yourself from the rest…is through original content. That means instead of sharing the article or video that has already been shared 100 times in your network…share something you created. Easier said that done…right?!Well then how about a couple of ACTIONS that will help create content on your own.
  • Start here…if you haven’t already. With a consistent message for the content you do create and share on the Web by having a content marketing strategy. Based on…
  • One piece of really good original content can take on a life of its own online. Blog, to facebook, to email, to even your offline print marketing.
  • TREND 2: Mobile…this is no surprise!Trendspotters have been touting mobile for years…so it should come as no surprise. But now we have reached a particular point in time where no only do we have amazing mobile devices like the iPhone…but we have coupled them with apps that make us more productive and help us communicate better than ever. With this device, I can call, text, email, Facebook, tweet, shoot and share photos, create video, access my files, and I even have an intelligent personal assistant named Siri…who can many of those tasks for me. (setting reminders, dictating text messages, initiating calls, getting weather and schedule updates) Okay she may not be highly intelligent, but she tries. But its not just work these mobile devices are aimed at…its our everyday life and everyday activities. Mobile shopping on smartphones rose from 74% in 2010 to 96% in 2011. Even my husband uses the Norstrom app…heck he shops Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble easily to find the best deals. Now what may surprise you is that there will be a rise in wearable mobile devices…as mobile computing continues to surge.Okay let’s not get overwhelmed here. If you haven’t gotten a smartphone it’s time.
  • One step at a time. Get the right device (iPhone). Get your apps on. And make sure your files are accessible from whatever devices you use in your business: desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone. You can do that with the free Dropbox app.
  • TREND 3: Add Social Media to your marketing mixIt’s not about WHY anymore its WHAT social media platform are you using to better communicate with your sphere. If you feel overwhelmed…try Facebook. And for those of you looking for bring it all together: your blog, Facebook page, youtube channel, linkedin profile, twitter, etc….you need….
  • A social dashboard…like Hootsuite. You can sync and manage all your networks. You can post and schedule content from one place. You can choose keywords and people to monitor (listen). When you share valuable content, be ready to respond to those who found it helpful (potential clients).
  • TREND 4: Develop YOUR Relationship ProtocolDo some people in your network make you sick? Some drive me crazy: The people that send me repeated farmville requests, people that post 20 times in one day, the people that are always asking questions and never have an answer, people that I used to know and didn’t like but I accepted their friend request anyway, and also people that I actually don’t know at all.I say unfriend them! More importantly…develop your own relationship protocol. Meaning give yourself some guidelines for who you friend, follow and connect with.
  • Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed with how many friends you have on Facebook. It’s gotten out of hand if you find yourself connected to 1000s…its just not possible to manage that many friendships. So either be okay with having different levels of friendships and get savvy when it comes to your privacy settings and lists. Or just simply start unfriending people quietly…10 a day. For Facebook, your friends can be converted into subscribers…meaning they will still see the posts you make public.
  • Now I don’t want you to think I’m the friend Nazi…so be sure to also connect with people that add VALUE to your life. An amazing speaker you meet at a conference (he he)…that doesn’t mean you friend every speaker or everyone at the conference. But someone who you can learn from and vice versa.
  • TREND 5: Facilitate online relationships “engage”Okay once you are friends with those you want to stay top of mind with online…it’s time to facilitate those relationships. Because if you’re not staying top of mind….who is? Plus isn’t that the goal of building relationships online…so you can take them offline. You have to interact to transact!
  • Next time you open Facebook remember “Like 3 Comment 4”Likes are like digital high fives…comments are relating to or adding your own experiences to whats being shared. Don’t be guilty of “thanks for sharing” or “nice post”
  • Whether you’re a broker who should be highlighting your agents’ success (for recruiting purposes) OR an agent whose client wants to pay it forward.
  • TREND 6: Demonstrate Your AdaptabilityHave you seen or know an agent that just holds an iPador it sits on the edge of their desk…but never REALLY uses it. The best way to show your clients you are that tech-savvy agent they are looking for…is by being one! By demonstrating your ability!
  • So make those iPads useful in your real estate business. There are so many ways you can do that!Add your listing presentation! Less is more. Additional tool. And rock some serious real estate resources that help you with your job! So the next time your previewing property with clients, and they select a home you don’t have already have info for…you can blow them away. For example, having a tool like RPR loaded on our iPad you can login and pull up that home’s entire history within seconds.
  • TREND 7: Go LOCO!It’s not about….telling people youre not home. It’s about showcasing your local community and the businesses and attractions that make it a great place to live. Yelp, foursquare,trulia…all give you the technology to checkin to your favorite local places.
  • So those of you on Foursquare right now…may have even checked in to todays event. This allows people connected to you know that you care enough about being an awesome realtor that you are working on your professional growth. Or if you live in Indian Wells…let others know this is a great vacation spot!At home, I am the mayor of my Starbucks…my hair salon, the alehouse I love to go on date nights, but also my gym and dry cleaner.
  • TREND 8: Start shooting…get uncomfortable!There was a time when using the phone or learning to write felt awkward. Taking photos and video is no different.
  • You take photos all the time to showcase listings. Many of you post these photos in Facebook and Twitter…like people will actually be interested. Well….they would…if you highlight the best feature of a home or TELL what it would be like to live there. Check out one of the many amazing photo apps that can enhance your smartphone photo quality…even turn your photos into art. Try Camera+ today.
  • While Google TV has been widely dubbed a flop, the company is planning on a full-fledged reboot in 2012 and is optimistic to say the least. Google-owned YouTube will undoubtedly be a default “channel” on all of those devices. At the same time, YouTube is investing heavily in premium programming, as well as designing user experiences for the big screen. When you combine these two forces — not to mention the prospect of an Apple TV and other emerging players in the “connected TV space” — YouTube is poised to disrupt the television landscape. So if you haven’t invested your time and energy into video…it’s time. Video elicits emotion like no other media…especially when used correctly. Use video to tell the story of your listings….your clients’ experiences…your experiences. But keep it short and simple! Don’t overthink video…stop waiting! Whip out those iPhones and start shooting today!
  • 12 Technology Actions You Can Take Today...To ROCK 2012

    1. 1. Presented byNicole Nicolay “@nik_nik”Co-Founder, AgentEvolution.com
    2. 2. TREND 1:Original content trumps all others!
    3. 3.  What do you have to offer What do your clients need from you Start a list….RIGHT NOW!
    4. 4.  Based on a client FAQ Keep your response short Add your own experience
    5. 5. TREND 2:Mobile….this is no surprise!
    6. 6.  Get your head & your files there Stay organized on all your devices
    7. 7. TREND 3:Add Social Media to Your Marketing Mix
    8. 8.  Manage all social platforms Target, monitor, & respond Schedule curated content “Hootlet”
    9. 9. TREND 4:Develop YOUR Relationship Protocol
    10. 10.  Trim the fat…or the people you don’t REALLY know Create guidelines for friend behaviors you accept & those you don’t Stick to your guns
    11. 11.  Who you can learn from Who can learn from you
    12. 12. TREND 5:Facilitate Online Relationships “ENGAGE”
    13. 13.  Like 3 posts on Facebook Comment on 4 Facebook posts that you can honestly “relate” to. (video, article, text, photo, etc.) FYI- “thanks for sharing” or “nice post” do not count as comments.
    14. 14.  Give first…ask later Brokers highlight agent success Agents highlight a colleague, your broker manager, lender, etc.
    15. 15. TREND 6:Demonstrate Your Adaptability
    16. 16.  Knowledge is power Delivery is key Add your listing presentation Add industry resources like RPR (Realtors Property Resource)
    17. 17. TREND 7:Go LOCO….Geo LOCO!
    18. 18.  Nobody knows your market like you do Checkin to your favorite local businesses Leave tips to showcase your local knowledge
    19. 19. TREND 8:“Get Uncomfortable” –With photos & videos!
    20. 20.  Highlight the best feature of a home Tell instead of sell Share it!
    21. 21.  For a listing, neighborhood, client, niche Tell a story, highlight a feature Roll with it!
    22. 22. 1. Identify your content marketing strategy2. Write a professional article3. Use Dropbox to access your files from the Cloud4. Start using a Social Dashboard “Hootsuite”5. Unfriend 3 people you don’t REALLY know6. Friend 3 new people you can learn from7. Like 3 Comment 48. Give 2 recommendations9. Make your iPad useful in your business10. Checkin to a local hotspot and leave a tip11. Download a photo app like Camera+12. Create a 30 second video
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